christmas lights show

I work at a craft store, this is a phone call that happened over the holidays
Me: “Hello”
Customer: “Hi, I was wondering if you have any pink Christmas lights.”
Me: “I’m sorry but we don’t sell those.”
C: “My neighbor’s daughter has cancer and the whole neighborhood is putting up pink Christmas lights to show our support.”
Me: “I’m very sorry to hear that. That’s a very nice thing for you guys to do.”
C: “Do you have them now?”

Left Out - Nightwing x Reader

Requested by Anon - a cute Christmas fanfic about nightwing x reader and how she felt left out on Christmas and he made her feel happy

You hid in the shadows as the party bustled in front of you. It was Christmas Eve and the team had thrown a Christmas party. Everyone seemed to be having fun except you.

Pulling your sweater tightly around you, you watched everyone have a good time. Loneliness ate at your heart as you saw the younger members of the team laugh at some inside joke.

It wasn’t really your choice to hide in the shadows. Everything in you wanted to go join the party, but you couldn’t. Socializing had never been your thing, and frankly you were bad at it. Since you had joined the team only a few weeks ago, and had only been on one mission so far, you really didn’t know anyone.

Of course, it didn’t help that your lack of social skills made you come off as standoffish. Tears of frustration stung your eyes, mad at yourself for not making a better impression. You tried so hard to make this different than school or summer camp, but it didn’t work and you were alone.

“It’s time to open gifts,” M’gann announced as she floated around to distribute the Secret Santa gifts. You had heard about the Secret Santa only after it had happened. It hurt, but you understood. Why should you be included when it appeared you didn’t want to be?  A tear slipped down your cheek as your heart begged to be included.

You silently left the room while wiping the rogue tear. Heading towards the zeta tubes, you tried to comfort yourself by thinking about a movie you could watch when you got home. Something that would temporarily make you forget the loneliness eating away at your heart.

“Wait, (Y/N),” a voice suddenly called out from behind you. You flinched as the sound of running footsteps. Taking a deep breath, you turned around to find Nightwing, dressed in civvies, jogging to you. “Are you leaving already?”

“Yes,” you mumbled, keeping your head down to hide your face. He stopped in front of you, taking in a deep breath.

His sunglasses covered his eyes as he studied you as if looking into your soul. “Well, we were just about to pass out presents. Don’t you want to get your present?” You bit your lip as more tears stung your eyes.

Fighting to hold them back, you turned away from him. You let out a bitter laugh. “I know there is no present for me in there.”

“And how do you know that?” Nightwing teased, his voice light and kind. He stepped around you allowing him to lay a charming smile on you. You glanced at him quickly before looking away when you saw he noticed your teary eyes. He frowned slightly.

“I didn’t participate in the Secret Santa,” you said softly. “They drew names before I joined the team.”

Nightwing sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, I heard about that. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you replied automatically. You were used to these kinds of apologizes by now. A tear slipped down your cheek making you jump to wipe it away before Nightwing saw. Unfortunately, you were too slow.

“No, it’s not okay,” Nightwing soothed as he laid his gloved hand on your cheek. The touch was so kind, you felt dam burst inside of you. More tears fell down your cheeks as a sob escaped your lips. You went to turn away from him, but Nightwing simply drew you into a gentle embrace.

He held you for a long time, letting you cry into his chest. When you finally got control of yourself, you pulled away from him, ducking your head down in embarrassment. Your face burned as you wiped your face on your sleeve.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled softly. He gently took your hand, giving it a squeeze.

“It’s alright,” he soothed, sensing your embarrassment. You both fell silent for a moment. Nightwing pursed his lips before digging in his pocket to pull out a small wrapped package. “I got you something.”

You blinked, taking the package. “But…but…”

“Shh, just open it.” Staring at the package in amazement, you ripped open the package. You mentally prepared yourself for a trick, nobody had ever been this kind to you before. Opening the box, you gasped when you saw a simple sliver chain.

“How…How did you know?” you asked, eyes widen in wonder as you held up the chain. You couldn’t believe this was happening to you.

Nightwing chuckled. “I saw your necklace break during training last week.” He watched as you took out the charm out of your pocket and threaded it through the chain. You tried to put the necklace on, but you couldn’t get the catch. “Here, let me,” Nightwing offered, taking the necklace from you.

You turned around, smiling when you felt the necklace settle around your neck once again. It wasn’t until it broke that you realize how much you missed it.

“Thank you,” you said, turning to face him. You watched him shyly, fingering the necklace. Nightwing grinned at you before clearing his throat.

“So,” he began, glancing at the zeta tubes before looking back to you. A warm feeling grew in your gut when you were under his gaze. “I know about this Christmas light show happening tonight in Gotham, do you want to go with me?”

Your mouth dropped open in surprise. This all seemed surreal, you were waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Umm, don’t you have to stay at the party?” You watched him, preparing for his answer.

Nightwing smirked at you, your heart skipping a beat. “No, I doubt if they’ve even noticed I was gone.” He held out his arm, bowing to you. “Shall we go, my lady?”

Your cheeks heated up as you slowly took his arm. He smiled at you with a charm that weakened your knees before guiding you towards the zeta tubes. Taking a secretive glance at the handsome man beside you, you found the lonely ache in your heart lessened.

New Position

Requests: “Can i get a klaus and face sitting fic? -Besos 😘😘”

Klaus crawled between your legs with his crooked grin on his lips. His necklaces tickled your stomach but the one that made the most contact was his dog tag, it hung loosely on the drooping chain. Your face was red and you balanced yourself on your elbows, his lips meeting yours, making your toes curl and your stomach flutter.

“I um-” You swallowed and he rested his forehead against yours. This would only be your second time, he had taken your virginity a week ago and this would literally be your second time with him. You’d been dating for six months and you felt it was time to give yourself to him, and now Klaus promised something you might like.  

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Happy Holidays! Hope you’re having wonderful time!

astraltactician  asked:

How about Christmas with the Quartet Night guys (either scenarios or headcanons, whichever you prefer~)?

Reiji Kotobuki

  • Much expected of Reiji, he likes to spend an exciting Christmas with his s/o
  • He’ll take them out to a fancy dinner, and take them in his car to see christmas lights
  • He LOVES driving around and seeing the houses that do a full out light up house
  • He wouldn’t go crazy with a present, but instead pick out something small and meaningful to him and his s/o
  • You can bet he will put on a santa outfit to get his s/o to sit on his lap
  • He also loves to make a gingerbread house with his s/o, even if he eats most of the candy and icing before it can make it on the house
  • Gets him and his s/o matching christmas onesies

Ranmaru Kurosaki

  • He isn’t huge on holidays, so he would rather spend Christmas at home with his s/o
  • Will probably cuddle up with his s/o and drink hot cocoa as they watch Christmas movies
  • His favourite is Elf
  • He insists that they don’t exchange presents, but he ends up getting his s/o something anyways
  • insists Christmas is a hoax to make companies money but will buy Christmas cake/ decorations if his s/o really enjoys them

Ai Mikaze

  • His first time really celebrating Christmas is with his s/o, since being an android he never found the need to before
  • He doesn’t really understand what the fuss is about, but after he realizes his s/o is looking forward to it he spends HOURS researching everything about Christmas
  • Ai’s Christmas tree is literal perfection. He has strobe Christmas lights and he even calculated the perfect places to put the bulbs
  • Will not be outdone with his lights outside either. He has to one up literally every house he sees
  • Wants to spend his Christmas the ‘traditional’ way. And by traditional meaning waking his s/o up at 5am on Christmas morning to open presents under the tree.


  • Christmas is his holiday, and he will not hesitate to go all out
  • Takes his s/o on a carriage ride on Christmas eve, most likely through a park that is holding some sort of Christmas event (light shows, ice sculptures)
  • Gets his s/o an ornament with their picture
  • Wants to see his s/o in a santa dress
  • LOVES all of the Christmas pastries and sweets and orders a crap ton for him and his s/o
  • Sets up a super fancy Christmas dinner, and completes it by serenading his s/o

I just wanted to… I don’t know. I guess now’s a bad time, you’ve got company so…

                                                       No. No, no, no. Come in.