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Vampire-Fairy Au Masterlist!

Okay so for the Anon that asked  where they could find the other Vampire- Fairy Au post! I was up all night searching and i’m pretty sure i found them all (minus like one or two that are lost T_T) so here’s a masterlist!  

I wanna give a big shout out to @suga-tae who reblogged most of the original post i had made! I was able to find them on their blog and it helped making this list so much easier! 

If there’s another Au i’ve done and you would like a masterlist for that too please let me know and i’ll try to make it happen! ^.^



Very first set of headcanons to ever mention Vampire Yoongi/ Fairy Tae!

More Domestic shit ft NSFW and SFW!

A little more back story to how Taehyung and Yoongi met!

Playful domestic HC + a look at Taehyung’s wings!

Explaining the colors to Taehyung’s wings + More fluffy HC!

Jealous Taehyung HC+ fairy tricks!

Jealous Yoongi HC+ a little lesson on vampire symbols!

What happens when a fairy catches a cold + poor witch Jin losing a hat

Yoongi missing the sunshine+ Moonlight fluff

Taehyung’s abilities to talk to flowers + fluffy vampire bf Yoongi

Flowers think Yoongi is cute + The vampire symbol for life

Yoongi being more conscious over flowers thanks to Taehyung

Taehyung disturbing Yoongi during a hunt~~



Taehyung + the werewolf attack 

Taehyung learning the fire fairy power + supporting bf vampire Yoongi

Domestic dream sharing + cookies

Halloween + Taehyung showing off his wings

Having to say goodnight, but not goodbye.


Fairy Taehyung art

A modern Au headcanon

🎄 Festive & frolicking Christmas sisterhood socials! 🎄

Tis the season for celebrating the holidays with your sisterhood. Plan a merry, merry event and share holiday cheer with your sorority! 


  • Anything But Clothes Holiday Party {bows, tinsel}
  • Gingerbread House Decorating
  • UGLY Ornament Exchange 
  • Ornament Decorating
  • Trimming the Chapter Tree
  • Caroling on Greek Row
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater Party
  • Holiday Brunch with Alums
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Christmas Movie Marathon
  • Night Before Christmas Slumber Party
  • Christmas Trivia Game Night 
  • Snowman Building Contest
  • Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  • Gift Wrapping Party
  • Attend a Holiday Play or Musical Together
  • Attend a Christmas Festival or Craft Bazaar 
  • Visit an Amusement Park with Holiday Decorations 
  • Elf Costume Party
  • Play Name That Christmas Carol 
  • Santa’s Christmas Breakfast {with a visit from St Nick}
  • Decorate Christmas Cards
  • Peppermint Theme Party
  • Bonfire, S'mores and Caroling
  • Holiday Cupcake Decorating
  • Wreath Decorating 
  • Sorority House & Dorm Christmas Door Decorating 
  • Craft Fancy Paper Snowflakes
  • Paint Christmas Picture Frames 
  • Cookie Decorating 
  • Read Classic Christmas Stories
  • Victorian Christmas Theme
  • Ceramics Studio Painting Party
  • Nutcracker Tea Party
  • Ice Skating or Sledding & Hot Chocolate 
  • Christmas Bingo Night
  • Outdoor Reindeer Games
  • Christmas Sing-A-Long
  • Christmas Lights & Decor Scavenger Hunt
  • Holiday Minute To Win It Tournament
  • Whoville PJ Party
  • String Popcorn & Cranberry Garlands
  • Holiday Open House for Alums & Panhellenic
  • Campus Candy Cane Hunt
  • Mocktails & Mistletoe Party
  • Polar Express Hot Cocoa & Dessert Bar
  • Make & Jar Mint Sugar Scrub
  • Mason Jar Decorating & Crafting
  • Craft Holiday Snow Globes
  • Make Flavored Popcorn Balls
  • Decorate Christmas Stockings
  • Write Letters to Santa
  • Craft Christmas Gift Tags 
  • Chocolate Dip Pretzels and Peppermind Sticks
  • Red & Green Dinner {all food & drink red & green}
  • Assemble Gift Baskets for Greeks on Campus
  • Nighttime Gingerbread Pancake Breakfast
  • Play Christmas Pictionary and Charades 
  • Make DIY Gumdrop Topiaries 
  • Make & Jar Peppermint Body Butter