christmas legend

WELL, I’ve been enlightened to the beautiful miracle that is Korrasami month??? Who could’ve guessed? Get ready for a lovely month of sketchy fluff for everyone’s favorite power couple…


Request:  Hi I was wondering if I could please get a rip hunter Christmas imagine please? Maybe reader gets him involved in a game or decorating? If you could do that then great, but if not I understand that you’re super busy and I love your blog btw



“Pretty please.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Ugly please?”

A look of absolute disbelief is the only response Rip has at your words, his eyebrows raised as his head tilts downwards, as if he almost wanted to ask what on earth you meant.

“Well pretty please didn’t work,” you justify with a shrug.

“You are not decorating my office, Y/N,” Rip shakes his head, attempting to focus on the page he had begun reading some time ago.

“I’m not saying I should do it,” you sigh, pushing yourself up onto his desk next to him. “I’m saying we should decorate it. Make it a bit more festive, show that you are actually a human… you are a human, right?”

“Go away, Y/N,” Rip sighs heavily, “I need to finish reading this.”

“Fine,” you reply somewhat deflated. “Maybe Mick will let me decorate his room. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the mistletoe,” you muse to yourself. It wasn’t your first choice of a potential mistletoe kiss, but at least the arsonist would be slightly less stubborn than the captain.

As you move to leave a tight grip gathers on your wrist, keeping you where you stood. With a silent questioning gaze, you look from your wrist to Rip who sat there in shock, as if unable to explain his own actions.

“You’re going to put mistletoe in Mick’s room?” he asks, his voice quiet and cold.

“Well, if you won’t let it go up here, yeah, I guess…”

“You do realise,” Rip begins, letting your wrist go as he rubs at his temple, his exhaustion shining through once more. “If you put it there he will most certainly demand a kiss from you.”

Shrugging carelessly you look to him as if to ask what that would matter. “Rip, I am going to get a mistletoe kiss one way or another, if that means kissing Rory, fine.”

Before he knows what he is doing, Rip is standing with yet another sigh as he glances around the room he had spent so very long making perfect. “You can decorate my office.”


Early Christmas present from my lovely (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧roommate ( @letiziajoi )
Look at this Chibi Korra. She’s so tiny and sassy.