christmas kids crafts

Okay, I know everyone’s coming up with ideas for PTA characters for the PTA Sans thing, but here’s one I haven’t seen yet: What if one of the moms on the PTA was a Muslim?  Let’s call her Maryam.  Linda would probably be like “Honey, do you have to wear that scarf thingie on your head?  It makes me uncomfortable.”  And Maryam can feel everybody silently judging her every time radical terrorists do something.  When Linda’s like “We should have the kids do Christmas crafts in class again,” Maryam has to be the one that’s like “Not everybody celebrates Christmas, you know.”  When Maryam tries to bring some sweets she grew up with to the bake sale, like baklava or qatayef, the other parents judge her ‘cause it’s not a “traditional” dessert like brownies or lemon squares. And Sans would totally stick up for her because, in a way, the monsters in the Underground judged the whole human race because of the actions of a few of them, and that was a total disaster.  So, when he sees the same thing being done to Maryam, he just flips his lid.


This year I am making a special Christmas box for my little niece who is 18 months old. I had great fun picking out these ‘stocking fillers’ so I thought I would show them here in case anyone else is looking for ideas for their little one’s Christmas. I chose:

1) Craft items; glitter card for cutting and glueing, crayons for drawing and coloured chalks for drawing on the patio outside-it washes off!
2) Food items; I wanted some small fun things but to keep it mostly healthy, so I bought glitter jelly (which mummy can portion out), smoothie tubes, a fruit smoothie sachet, three little Christmas chocolate treats, chocolate coins (because you’ve gotta at Christmas!), an organic fruit bar and natural fruit gummies
3) Bathtime fun; a shaped flannel which rehydrated to full size, a cute new toothbrush, soap foam which you can sculpt, a lion-shaped bath mirror, bath colours, bath sprinkles and bath fizzers!

Hope she likes them and has some fun!