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A/N: So guys don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cinnamon roll!Jeff but like last night I couldn’t help but imagine Badboy!Jeff. And I’m like always in a Christmas mood and i felt like I’d forget this by Christmas so just think of it as Christmas came early. Oh and let me know if you want to be tagged

Warnings: Badboy!Jeff, FLUFF

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badboy!Jeff would have a soft side reserved only for you because you helped him with math after school and were always so nice to him despite all the rumors around school. so one day he goes out and buys you a gift for Christmas and on Christmas eve he goes over to your house in the freezing cold and lays a small package on your doorstep and rings the doorbell and then runs away as fast as his numb legs would let him and you’d look around outside before seeing the sloppily wrapped gift with your name scribbled in a boy’s writing and take it inside. you slowly unwrap it to see that someone had bought you a beautiful black dress with a little note attached that said “meet me tomorrow night at that nice restaurant near the school? x Jeff

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Hopping back on Tumblr for the briefest moment because I made this lovely holiday card for CrimTim.

Please take special notice of Far Right Tim’s eyes.  I tried to make them beautiful and demonic

MK 35 thoughts

Kid is severely injured. It looks like a gastrointestinal perforation if it got deep enough (he literally fell on the case..). And that can become life-threatening really quick without immediate attention (the chills, the fever, the nausea, the infection help him) I’m glad he’s sitting/lying down because even the slightest shifting movement must be excruciating. 

I don’t know how the hell he was waltzing around the first half of the chapter, acting like his insides weren’t trying to spill out. He was trying to climb pillars??? Damn it Kaito stop it. (it’s ok there’s protagonist armor so he’ll be just fine..) Well with him injured, it was like Christmas came early for me… ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

We got some Aoko/Kid shenanigans at least. Her poking him with a selfie stick as they walked was amusing. Then there’s Kid trying to use her to check for traps, intentional or not. They’re definitely low-key snarky assholes to each other. Wish they showed more of it (well, if Kid wasn’t dying lol) 

Back with Nakamori and gang (why are they so incompetent ;u;) I don’t trust that nun lady why isn’t anyone questioning her…Are Kid and Aoko really in a white room on a moving truck? How does that work? I think they fell out of the truck in 34? Well this was clearly not Kid’s doing so this Arizato owner (whose work sounds suspiciously close to Samizu Kichiemon’s) is the one behind this. 

I’m proud of Aoko for solving this stuff by herself while Kid is pretty much useless. She even half carries him (and drops him lmaoo) I’m glad for this spotlight on Aoko. I just wish it wasn’t so rushed. There’s barely any suspense. Hopefully the keyhole challenge will be more difficult. 

If we’re doing this Desperate Revival style, might as well have Kid pass out before he can tell Aoko he figured out the final hint/challenge. He could say some cryptic hint that helps her while garnering her suspicion. 

My guess would be after Aoko solves it, they get to enter another room where the culprit confronts them (Arizato? Nun lady???) They’re caught off guard because they didn’t plan for Aoko to be a part of this. They might know something about Kid’s identity or something along those lines and say things that will not be good for Kid. Aoko (or Kid) will do something to catch the bad guys/get away (Aoko please whack them with the selfie stick, I beg of you) 

But with all the suspicion racked up, Aoko might just pull at Kid’s face and realize that’s not a mask.  

Then we’re all in fuck lake city. 

Or gosho-listically, Kid’s going to wake up just in time and haul ass out of there before Aoko pulls his face. He might get help from Jii/Hakuba/Akako/Corbeau/Toichi’s not so dead soul. Take your pick. 

Interestingly Gosho’s also having Aoko show a sympathetic side towards Kid. She realized that Kid protected her during that fall and got injured.  So another option could be after everything happens, Aoko helps Kid get away as a one time favor. (And any more chapters after this will have her feeling guilty) 

So….I’m just glad for a crazy MK chapter again :’D


Clint Barton had enough.

The Avengers tower was… nice, it really was, but there was a limit. There were boundaries. There were lines that simply cannot be crossed.

Barton’s peanut butter was one of them.

“I don’t ask for much in the goddamn house,” he muttered angrily as he stomped out of the kitchen. “I deal with Widow’s taunts and teases, I deal with Thor’s laugh, I deal with Tony’s assholery-”

He kicked the sitting room door open, startling Thor and Falcon, who were in the middle of their arm wrestle, and Bruce, who seemed to be talking nerd with Tony. Steve leaned against the railing of the stairs, looking perplexed at his tablet.

“Hey Hawke-” Tony frowned a little at Clint’s face, which closely resembled Hulk’s when he was about to smash something. “Everything okay, buddy?”

“You know,” Clint continued, louder this time, “I’m actually a really great guy. No, I really am.”

He pointed at Bruce. “I don’t tell you when you stink to high heaven, do I? No. I keep it to myself. Mainly because I don’t want to die, but also because I respect you, Bruce, and I respect your space.”

Bruce narrowed his eyes slightly. “I don’t-”

Hawkeye continued his onslaught. “And you-” He pointed at Steve. “You see me judging you when you cry over Brokeback Mountain? Do you?”

Steve stared at Clint, a little stunned. “I, eh-”

“No, I don’t. Why is that, Captain Dorito?”

“Erm, because-”

Because I respect your goddamn space and privacy.”

Steve looked at Tony, whose face lit up like Christmas just came early. Steve started to shake his head.

“No, Tony, none of that is-”

But Clint moved on, his accusatory finger pointing at Thor.

“Aaand you, Norgewian goddess, do I tell you to use a little less conditioner so that you won’t blind me in battle? Do I?”

Thor gave Clint a genuinely perplexed look. “Look, Archer, I have no idea-”

“Oh, you don’t, do ya? We can smell the peaches a mile away, sunshine. Don’t deny it. But I’ve never held it against you. Ever. Because frankly your hair is beautiful when it shines. But that is besides the point. I respect you. I don’t even use the conditioner even though I really really want to. I respect your things, goddammit.”

Thor’s frowned deepened. “Barton-”

“What’s got your feathers all ruffled, Hawkeye?” Tony asked, and Clint narrowed his eyes at him.

“What’s got my feathers ruffled, tincan, is the fact that I cannot catch a break in this place. I don’t ask for much, you know. All I want, is for people to leave my food alone. More specifically, my peanut butter. That’s all. That. Is. Literally. It.”

Hawkeye put his hands behind his back and started pacing.

“So I am out, doing the Hawkeye business, very stressful stuff as you can imagine-”

(He was actually doing target practise with Deadpool, but they didn’t need to know)

“- And I come back, and all I want is a standard PB&J sandwich. With MY PB. That I buy. Especially for me. And what do I find in the fridge?”

Steve raised a finger. “Let me guess. No peanut butter.”

“No peanut butter!” Barton echoed indignantly. “One of you people took my peanut butter, and so help me God if I find out who it was, they better start crying for their mother.”

He glared at all the people in the room, sparing and extra long glance at Thor, who shrugged his innocence.

“Wasn’t me, I’m afraid.”

He scowled accusingly at Steve, who shook his head. Tony raised his hands innocently.

Bruce frowned. “I’m allergic. Do I really smell?”

Tony leaned in. “Hulk does.”

Bruce’s frown deepened.

Clint pointed at Sam, who started shaking his head vehemently.

“Okay, then who-”

Just then, footsteps echoed behind him, and Black Widow walked up, spoon in her mouth and a jar of peanut butter in her hand.

“Has anyone seen-” Natasha looked at Hawkeye, then down at the jar in her hand, then back at Hawkeye, and slowly started backing away.

Clint’s eyes widened. “You?”

Natasha started shaking her head, holding out the spoon and jar in front of her, backpedalling fiercely. “Now Clint, don’t do anything you’ll regret. Superspy, remember?”

She heard a low growl, and Clint started after her, and she turned, sprinting at full speed.

I need to write a fic where AvAc’s Hank Pym and Voltron’s Slav meet up. They have near-identical lines regarding alternate universes, but the delivery is exactly the opposite of the other and honestly it would be hilarious.

“In 83% of dimensions, this course of action leads our horrible, agonizing deaths!”

Who said it? Who knows! But Slav is terrified while Hank Pym looks like Christmas just came early, which it might have, if space-time glitched out again.

Maybe they both said it, but Pym is grinning unnervingly and doing the little AvAc bouncy fist-pumping thing while Slav is shivering and using Shiro as a security blanket again.

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Alexa's new photo shoot are so awesome! She's just so beautiful!!! 😍😍😍 #LittleMissBliss #FiveFeetofFury

Ikr! Christmas came early for us Bliss fans!! I absolutely love this photoshoot!  ♡ ♡

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Gosh I love your writing! Is "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" For nurserydex okay?

Thank you! 

Dex isn’t even really sure what they’re fighting about. All he knows is that he’s mad. He’s so fucking pissed at Nursey that he doesn’t know how to form sentences properly. Which is why he hears himself shout, “If your stupid face wasn’t so fucking perfect then maybe you’d be able to think straight–”

He freezes in place.

Problem one – he just told Nursey he’s got a perfect face.

Problem two – Nursey is gaping at him, those stupid sage green eyes huge like Christmas just came early and it came bearing a previously unknown and well authenticated Shakespeare text.

“Okay, one?” Nursey says, stepping right into Dex’s personal space so that Dex has no choice but to look him in the eye. Well, unless he wants to stare at his lips. “I’m never straight.”

Dex swallows. It’s more of a gulp really.

“Can we just pretend I didn’t say that?” Dex asks.

“And two,” Nursey says. He takes another step closer and Dex can actually feel him breathing and that’s not okay. Except that it’s too okay and Dex likes it too much. “You think my face is perfect, so I give you permission to touch it.”

“Why would I want to touch your face?” Dex asks. Sometimes he’s okay with being a chronic blusher.

This is not one of those times.

“Because short of fondling yourself it’s the only time you’ll get to touch perfection,” Nursey says with a ridiculously stupid grin on his ridiculously stupid face.

Dex starts to roll his eyes and then registers what Nursey had just said.

“Wait,” he says.

Nursey waits.

“Did you just…” Dex starts. Nursey nods. He leans closer into Dex’s space, his eyes flicking down to Dex’s lips.

“Kiss me, Dex,” Nursey whispers.

Dex does. He promptly loses his train of thought, several others derail, and the conductor of the last gives up in a huff.

“Hang on,” Dex says, pulling back. He can’t go far because Nursey’s hands are stuffed down his back pockets. “I just remembered why we were fighting!”

“It’ll be okay,” Nursey requests, pulling him forward again and kissing him. “The theoretical Winter Screw date I was trying to set you up with was me.”

“Oh,” Dex says. He supposes he can live with that.

I was just thinking about the Max and Alec scene. I don’t know if you guys remember, but in the books, no one ever really had time for Max. He was only there for a short period of time and it was basically the big kids saying “get off our table we have more important things to deal with.” And Max really idolized Jace, but the books never really talked about him having a close relationship with Alec.

Now, look at the show. Alec looked like Christmas came early when he saw Max and Max just seemed so happy to see his big brother and he tried to show off to Alec and Izzy. This is the way a family is supposed to work. They’re supposed to love each other, and big siblings look out for their little siblings and little siblings think their big siblings are the world. It’s not all some angst ridden whirlpool of jealousy and “more pressing issues.”

Honestly, I just think the show is improving on a lot of things and it just makes me so happy to know that the Lightwoods are finally getting the sibling relationships they deserve.


Christmas came early this year—LCD Soundsystem just dropped a new track