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A/N: So guys don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cinnamon roll!Jeff but like last night I couldn’t help but imagine Badboy!Jeff. And I’m like always in a Christmas mood and i felt like I’d forget this by Christmas so just think of it as Christmas came early. Oh and let me know if you want to be tagged

Warnings: Badboy!Jeff, FLUFF

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badboy!Jeff would have a soft side reserved only for you because you helped him with math after school and were always so nice to him despite all the rumors around school. so one day he goes out and buys you a gift for Christmas and on Christmas eve he goes over to your house in the freezing cold and lays a small package on your doorstep and rings the doorbell and then runs away as fast as his numb legs would let him and you’d look around outside before seeing the sloppily wrapped gift with your name scribbled in a boy’s writing and take it inside. you slowly unwrap it to see that someone had bought you a beautiful black dress with a little note attached that said “meet me tomorrow night at that nice restaurant near the school? x Jeff

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Hopping back on Tumblr for the briefest moment because I made this lovely holiday card for CrimTim.

Please take special notice of Far Right Tim’s eyes.  I tried to make them beautiful and demonic

Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’: Review

For the last few months leading up to this album’s release, I’ve been referring to this album as “Passion, Pain & Slay Me” and after listening to this album, it did exactly just that. With all the anticipation surrounding this album, with Cudi calling out some of the biggest names in the industry, namely Drake and Kanye West, only to later check himself into rehab for suicidal thoughts, this album definitely lives up to the hype and with all the push backs this albums has faced against Cudi’s control, it was definitely well worth the wait…I’ve been a fan of Cudi’s since the first Man On The Moon album and I have to say that after hearing this album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ is now my new favorite Cudi album second to “Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven”. With every album Cudi releases, he only seems to get better and better and prove that he is ten times ahead of everyone when it comes down to pure artistry which is why I could never label Kid Cudi as just a rapper or ever consider his music as just hip hop. Since his debut, Cudi has always been unique and unafraid to express himself in ways that others might shy away from and that is why I’ve truly grown to adore him inside and out. With every song on this album, you can hear the passion and the pain in his voice as he raps and sings through all of his songs, with his trademark hums and moans that will make the hearts of any true Kid Cudi fans implode just as it did mine. Christmas definitely came early for the Cudfam this year and Cudi is definitely playing the role of Santa Claus in a three piece suit and he’s looking so cute.

After playing the album for the umpteenth time, most of my opinions have not changed but have only expanded my love for them even further so I made a few small updates and those updates are highlighted in bold.

 Act 1: Tuned

1. Frequency

Like many other Kid Cudi fans, I initially heard this song over the summer when he released this on his soundcloud page. I loved it then and I love it even more now after hearing it in collection with the full project.

2. Swim in the Light

I love the ways Cudi sings on this record as it definitely takes you on a trip. Cudi reminds his fans that you can’t self-medicate your pain because it never goes away but that you must instead look for better ways to cope.  With everything Cudi was going through this year, you can definitely see the state of mind he was in and hear the pain in his voice. It’s songs like this on my dark days that I really appreciate because Cudi always knows the right things to say, even if it doesn’t always help himself.

3. Releaser

Initially, not one of my favorites on the first listen but after listening to it again, there’s this hypnotizing sound I hear in this song that I don’t know how to explain that makes me fall in love with it every single time I hear it. It’s very meditating like if that makes any sense at all; kind of like the calm you hear right before a big storm. There’s parts of the song where Cudi sings in French, continuing right where he left on Travis Scott’s song “Through The Late Night” that sound  almost as if he’s summoning spells as I’ve heard quite a few people say and it’s absolutely beautiful. I looked up the lyrics to the song and what he said translates to, “I love you very much; you’re funny and dark.” Which ironically are the same reasons I’ve grown to love Cudi myself.

4. By Design (feat. Andre Benjamin)

This song is one of my absolute favorites. This song absolutely fucked me up in the best way possible. The melody shifts and the way beat switches absolutely drives me crazy and then when Andre comes in on his verses and on the bridge of the song, I absolutely fucking lose it. These two working together is truly like a match made on a speedin’ bullet to heaven and I can’t get enough of it.

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5. All In

The other song released initially on Cudi’s soundcloud over the spring. When I first heard this song, I was in love with it. The bass knocks heavy and it’s one of those songs I took with me to the park to sit along the water and vibe out too. It’s a very carefree song that’s basically about just going with the flow and that whatever happens, happens which is a motto I’ve grown to live by.

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Act 2: Prophecy

 6. ILLusions

I loved this song. The way it builds up, is truly amazing. It may start off kind of slow but it truly takes you on a magical journey which is exactly what I’m sure Cudi was trying to do. There’s a lot of synths and cinematic like sounds that come in and out of the record that truly build this song into something incredible and as the song ends, there’s the part where his voice does this stutter effect that drives me absolutely crazy every time I hear it. It’s placed there so perfectly that I found myself looking for it in parts of the song where it wasn’t and would wish that it was.

7. Rose Golden (feat. Willow Smith)

When I first found out that Cudi and Willow were working together on a song I was legit so excited because they both are two of my favorite people in the world and this song definitely does not disappoint.  It lived up to everything I could have imagined it would be and more. Cudi and Willow’s voices mesh together so well that it’s absolutely hypnotic and as their voices lay over each other through out different part of the song, it truly becomes a magical moment that deserves all the praise and then some.

8. Baptized In Fire (feat. Travis Scott)

Cudi took his shot in the trap music scene on this record and shows that Cudi could very easily body any rapper out today as he raps his bars so effortlessly smooth that not one could touch him even if they tried to. Even though some of the words his spits are simple, he executes them in a way that can’t be replicated and as Travis Scott adds his vocals to the fold, it takes this song even higher that all of his doubters had better take notice. Cudi clearly has a lot of fire to spread around and on this track he does just that.

9. Flight at First Sight / Advanced (feat. Pharrell Williams)

Oh my my my, where do I even begin with this song? When I first heard this, I honestly didn’t know what to expect but as the song progresses, it goes from this sound reminiscent to Timbaland to Cudi spitting bars like wildfire that completely hits you off guard. As Kevin Hart would say in this situation, “No, no… I WASN’T READY!” Especially when the “Advanced” part of the record comes in. Between the way he says the word down, the way he raps so effortlessly smooth and how the song ends in classic Cudi fashion with him humming over the beat, it is absolutely way too much to handle.

10. Does It

This was the song that killed me and at the same time gave me an erection and made me nut. The way he sings on this record absolutely drives me wild for some reason. It gives me chills and makes me twitch and beg for him to stop as if he was fucking me senseless. Excuse the vulgar imagery but he really really fucked me up with this one. Literally. It makes me want to scream and pull out every single strand of hair on my head.  One of the most hype-filled songs on the record.

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Act 3: Niveaux de l'Amour

 11. Dance 4 Eternity

This song adding on to how the last song made me feel, was like the morning after sleeping with someone you love and being so in love that you want to be with them forever. I love the way he plays with the double entendre of wanting to see his lover’s body wet as you can clearly tell that he’s referring to two different things. He sings of the special moment when you find someone that you can just be yourself with because when you don’t trust a lot of people , finding love like that is rare and Cudi let’s his lover know that it is well appreciated. It’s as if Cudi makes songs like this directly for me because I long for a relationship like that too so I can definitely understand why a moment like this is so special.

12. Distant Fantasies

This song goes back to Cudi’s aggressive side as it shows how love can sometimes take a turn for the worst when someone directly or indirectly does something to hurt you. A feeling that many, including myself can all relate to very well. Cudi gets even so descriptive as to describe some of  the old ways in which he and his former lover used to have sex that shocked even me at some points because I’m not used to Cudi ever directly speaking about his sex life and how he gets down in the bedroom. Sure he’s made quite a few references through the years about various groups of people giving him head but this was on a whole new level that definitely made this song an eye turner for me.

13. Wounds

I absolutely love the way this song opens up. Cudi sings ever so passionately, that you can hear the pain in his voice that truly touched my soul. Cudi fearlessly uses his voice in new ways that are truly impressing and you can definitely tell how much he’s grown as an artist on this song. He sings about how he‘s going to sew his own wounds and after everything that Cudi has been through this year, this song was truly necessary as it shows that even though we may have our dark days, we can still get up and fight again.

14. Mature Nature

Cudi takes us on another journey with this song through nature and space. This is the type of the song that you learn to look for on a Cudi record. His references to heaven are very familiar to Cudi fans who had followed his journey since day one and there are a bunch of space sounds on this song that the man on the moon himself has been known for.

15. Kitchen

I love this song. For personal reasons, I think this is my favorite song on the whole record as it hits way too close to home for me. This song warns his potential lover that he loves hard and if you can’t handle that than to stay away from him which resonates with me so well. It’s the reason why I’ve been afraid to date anyone because I’m afraid of being consumed by it because I love very hard that sometimes I can become blind and clearly Scott feels the same way as shown on this song. He even goes as far to explain how annoyances with the situation he’s in and this is why I love Cudi so much because he gets me like no one else does. I originally thought that he was calling himself one strong lover in the chorus and even though that also may be true, he instead was saying he was punch-drunk love annoyed, referring to Adam Sandler’s character in the movie of the same name and I really appreciate when an artist can be open with their emotions like he is on this song as it shows us that he’s human just like the rest of us and he’s in no way perfect in any shape or form.

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Act 4: It’s Bright and Heaven Is Warm

 16. Cosmic Warrior

What I love about this song, like many others on this record is how this song builds up. A lot of songs on this record have a beginning a middle and an end, so no matter how the song starts you can’t always expect it to end in the same way and with this song, it showcases that even more which truly makes you fall in love with it.

17. The Guide (feat. Andre Benjamin)

The second collaboration between Cudi and Andre Benjamin where Cudi briefly again visits the sounds of current trap music. The song was built from the heels of a woman walking across the floor who by the middle of the song you learn to discover that she’s the guide this song is referring to, especially when Andre constantly asks her throughout the song where she’s going. After hearing this and “By Design” it truly makes me want a collaborative project from them both as Cudi and Andre truly complement each other very well in ways that I would have never expected.

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 18. The Commander

This songs complements my feelings towards the end of this album of me not wanting it to end as it starts off by saying, no no no no noooooo. It takes you on the last final journey of the album and if you’re like me, you truly weren’t ready for it to be over. It reminds of something I probably would have heard on one of his previous albums as this song is a classic Cudi track that his core fans will love just as much as I do for this exact reason. It reminded me of one of the reasons I fell in love with Scott to begin with because his style is so different from everyone else that it puts his in a box all by himself that no one else can compare to. One of the things I’ve learned as a Cudi fan is that you pretty much have to take Cudi’s albums for what they are and not for what they’re not because if you try to compare his work to this album or that album you’re undoubtedly going to be disappointed because they’re not the same as this or that but the thing is…they aren’t supposed to be and that’s why I love him as an artist because he’s not afraid of change but throughout it all he‘s still in touch with himself and this song shows that.

19. Surfin’ (feat. Pharrell Williams)

I fucking love this song. I loved it when Cudi gifted it to us in spite of his album being delayed over the summer and it definitely held me over. It speaks of staying true to yourself and riding your own wave of sorts, and not being concerned with what anyone else is doing which I fucking love because I’ve been riding the same wave all year long. What I was not ready for however was the end of this song. To put it short it absolutely fucked me up and as I told @mescoti earlier, I want that part of this song played at my funeral when they lower me into the ground.

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 Overall, this project was truly amazing beyond words and I can’t wait to see what Cudi has in store for us next. Cudi is truly out of this world and there’s not a rapper out there who could match him on any level as Cudi is always ten steps ahead of everyone in the game and no one will ever be able to catch up. As Pharrell sings on the last song, they better get up off of his wave because his adversaries clearly can’t see him and with this album he proves that they never could…

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MK 35 thoughts

Kid is severely injured. It looks like a gastrointestinal perforation if it got deep enough (he literally fell on the case..). And that can become life-threatening really quick without immediate attention (the chills, the fever, the nausea, the infection help him) I’m glad he’s sitting/lying down because even the slightest shifting movement must be excruciating. 

I don’t know how the hell he was waltzing around the first half of the chapter, acting like his insides weren’t trying to spill out. He was trying to climb pillars??? Damn it Kaito stop it. (it’s ok there’s protagonist armor so he’ll be just fine..) Well with him injured, it was like Christmas came early for me… ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

We got some Aoko/Kid shenanigans at least. Her poking him with a selfie stick as they walked was amusing. Then there’s Kid trying to use her to check for traps, intentional or not. They’re definitely low-key snarky assholes to each other. Wish they showed more of it (well, if Kid wasn’t dying lol) 

Back with Nakamori and gang (why are they so incompetent ;u;) I don’t trust that nun lady why isn’t anyone questioning her…Are Kid and Aoko really in a white room on a moving truck? How does that work? I think they fell out of the truck in 34? Well this was clearly not Kid’s doing so this Arizato owner (whose work sounds suspiciously close to Samizu Kichiemon’s) is the one behind this. 

I’m proud of Aoko for solving this stuff by herself while Kid is pretty much useless. She even half carries him (and drops him lmaoo) I’m glad for this spotlight on Aoko. I just wish it wasn’t so rushed. There’s barely any suspense. Hopefully the keyhole challenge will be more difficult. 

If we’re doing this Desperate Revival style, might as well have Kid pass out before he can tell Aoko he figured out the final hint/challenge. He could say some cryptic hint that helps her while garnering her suspicion. 

My guess would be after Aoko solves it, they get to enter another room where the culprit confronts them (Arizato? Nun lady???) They’re caught off guard because they didn’t plan for Aoko to be a part of this. They might know something about Kid’s identity or something along those lines and say things that will not be good for Kid. Aoko (or Kid) will do something to catch the bad guys/get away (Aoko please whack them with the selfie stick, I beg of you) 

But with all the suspicion racked up, Aoko might just pull at Kid’s face and realize that’s not a mask.  

Then we’re all in fuck lake city. 

Or gosho-listically, Kid’s going to wake up just in time and haul ass out of there before Aoko pulls his face. He might get help from Jii/Hakuba/Akako/Corbeau/Toichi’s not so dead soul. Take your pick. 

Interestingly Gosho’s also having Aoko show a sympathetic side towards Kid. She realized that Kid protected her during that fall and got injured.  So another option could be after everything happens, Aoko helps Kid get away as a one time favor. (And any more chapters after this will have her feeling guilty) 

So….I’m just glad for a crazy MK chapter again :’D



Clint Barton had enough.

The Avengers tower was… nice, it really was, but there was a limit. There were boundaries. There were lines that simply cannot be crossed.

Barton’s peanut butter was one of them.

“I don’t ask for much in the goddamn house,” he muttered angrily as he stomped out of the kitchen. “I deal with Widow’s taunts and teases, I deal with Thor’s laugh, I deal with Tony’s assholery-”

He kicked the sitting room door open, startling Thor and Falcon, who were in the middle of their arm wrestle, and Bruce, who seemed to be talking nerd with Tony. Steve leaned against the railing of the stairs, looking perplexed at his tablet.

“Hey Hawke-” Tony frowned a little at Clint’s face, which closely resembled Hulk’s when he was about to smash something. “Everything okay, buddy?”

“You know,” Clint continued, louder this time, “I’m actually a really great guy. No, I really am.”

He pointed at Bruce. “I don’t tell you when you stink to high heaven, do I? No. I keep it to myself. Mainly because I don’t want to die, but also because I respect you, Bruce, and I respect your space.”

Bruce narrowed his eyes slightly. “I don’t-”

Hawkeye continued his onslaught. “And you-” He pointed at Steve. “You see me judging you when you cry over Brokeback Mountain? Do you?”

Steve stared at Clint, a little stunned. “I, eh-”

“No, I don’t. Why is that, Captain Dorito?”

“Erm, because-”

Because I respect your goddamn space and privacy.”

Steve looked at Tony, whose face lit up like Christmas just came early. Steve started to shake his head.

“No, Tony, none of that is-”

But Clint moved on, his accusatory finger pointing at Thor.

“Aaand you, Norgewian goddess, do I tell you to use a little less conditioner so that you won’t blind me in battle? Do I?”

Thor gave Clint a genuinely perplexed look. “Look, Archer, I have no idea-”

“Oh, you don’t, do ya? We can smell the peaches a mile away, sunshine. Don’t deny it. But I’ve never held it against you. Ever. Because frankly your hair is beautiful when it shines. But that is besides the point. I respect you. I don’t even use the conditioner even though I really really want to. I respect your things, goddammit.”

Thor’s frowned deepened. “Barton-”

“What’s got your feathers all ruffled, Hawkeye?” Tony asked, and Clint narrowed his eyes at him.

“What’s got my feathers ruffled, tincan, is the fact that I cannot catch a break in this place. I don’t ask for much, you know. All I want, is for people to leave my food alone. More specifically, my peanut butter. That’s all. That. Is. Literally. It.”

Hawkeye put his hands behind his back and started pacing.

“So I am out, doing the Hawkeye business, very stressful stuff as you can imagine-”

(He was actually doing target practise with Deadpool, but they didn’t need to know)

“- And I come back, and all I want is a standard PB&J sandwich. With MY PB. That I buy. Especially for me. And what do I find in the fridge?”

Steve raised a finger. “Let me guess. No peanut butter.”

“No peanut butter!” Barton echoed indignantly. “One of you people took my peanut butter, and so help me God if I find out who it was, they better start crying for their mother.”

He glared at all the people in the room, sparing and extra long glance at Thor, who shrugged his innocence.

“Wasn’t me, I’m afraid.”

He scowled accusingly at Steve, who shook his head. Tony raised his hands innocently.

Bruce frowned. “I’m allergic. Do I really smell?”

Tony leaned in. “Hulk does.”

Bruce’s frown deepened.

Clint pointed at Sam, who started shaking his head vehemently.

“Okay, then who-”

Just then, footsteps echoed behind him, and Black Widow walked up, spoon in her mouth and a jar of peanut butter in her hand.

“Has anyone seen-” Natasha looked at Hawkeye, then down at the jar in her hand, then back at Hawkeye, and slowly started backing away.

Clint’s eyes widened. “You?”

Natasha started shaking her head, holding out the spoon and jar in front of her, backpedalling fiercely. “Now Clint, don’t do anything you’ll regret. Superspy, remember?”

She heard a low growl, and Clint started after her, and she turned, sprinting at full speed.

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Gosh I love your writing! Is "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" For nurserydex okay?

Thank you! 

Dex isn’t even really sure what they’re fighting about. All he knows is that he’s mad. He’s so fucking pissed at Nursey that he doesn’t know how to form sentences properly. Which is why he hears himself shout, “If your stupid face wasn’t so fucking perfect then maybe you’d be able to think straight–”

He freezes in place.

Problem one – he just told Nursey he’s got a perfect face.

Problem two – Nursey is gaping at him, those stupid sage green eyes huge like Christmas just came early and it came bearing a previously unknown and well authenticated Shakespeare text.

“Okay, one?” Nursey says, stepping right into Dex’s personal space so that Dex has no choice but to look him in the eye. Well, unless he wants to stare at his lips. “I’m never straight.”

Dex swallows. It’s more of a gulp really.

“Can we just pretend I didn’t say that?” Dex asks.

“And two,” Nursey says. He takes another step closer and Dex can actually feel him breathing and that’s not okay. Except that it’s too okay and Dex likes it too much. “You think my face is perfect, so I give you permission to touch it.”

“Why would I want to touch your face?” Dex asks. Sometimes he’s okay with being a chronic blusher.

This is not one of those times.

“Because short of fondling yourself it’s the only time you’ll get to touch perfection,” Nursey says with a ridiculously stupid grin on his ridiculously stupid face.

Dex starts to roll his eyes and then registers what Nursey had just said.

“Wait,” he says.

Nursey waits.

“Did you just…” Dex starts. Nursey nods. He leans closer into Dex’s space, his eyes flicking down to Dex’s lips.

“Kiss me, Dex,” Nursey whispers.

Dex does. He promptly loses his train of thought, several others derail, and the conductor of the last gives up in a huff.

“Hang on,” Dex says, pulling back. He can’t go far because Nursey’s hands are stuffed down his back pockets. “I just remembered why we were fighting!”

“It’ll be okay,” Nursey requests, pulling him forward again and kissing him. “The theoretical Winter Screw date I was trying to set you up with was me.”

“Oh,” Dex says. He supposes he can live with that.

I was just thinking about the Max and Alec scene. I don’t know if you guys remember, but in the books, no one ever really had time for Max. He was only there for a short period of time and it was basically the big kids saying “get off our table we have more important things to deal with.” And Max really idolized Jace, but the books never really talked about him having a close relationship with Alec.

Now, look at the show. Alec looked like Christmas came early when he saw Max and Max just seemed so happy to see his big brother and he tried to show off to Alec and Izzy. This is the way a family is supposed to work. They’re supposed to love each other, and big siblings look out for their little siblings and little siblings think their big siblings are the world. It’s not all some angst ridden whirlpool of jealousy and “more pressing issues.”

Honestly, I just think the show is improving on a lot of things and it just makes me so happy to know that the Lightwoods are finally getting the sibling relationships they deserve.

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With that recent plot bunny thing What if like Stiles lives down the hall from Peter, they're the only 2 tenants on that floor. No one can stand Peter, creepy. Instead of Stiles begin locked out in undies, what if he was locked out naked and with a little towel. He was expecting a toy to be delivered and was excited. It got delivered and he ran to get it once the guy left. ANd now, like hes got his dildo and naked butt in the hallway. Just as Peter gets home. Its like Christmas came early



Peter was halfheartedly arguing with his sister via text while he climbed the stairs to his fifth floor apartment. The elevator was out of order again — the third time in as many days — and Talia was trying to talk him out of flat out paying for a brand new elevator to be installed. He glanced up when he heard the loud thundering of footsteps racing down the steps and flattened himself against the wall in time for someone to rush past him, jumping down the stairs by threes. Peter stared after for a second, certain that he’d just seen an awful lot of skin, and then he slowly resumed his more sedate ascension. 

He was barely in his home for a minute before he heard a slew of imaginative cursing from the hallway. It piqued his interest. The fifth floor was usually quite silent, what with Peter having happily driven away most of his neighbors through sheer force of will. The only other tenant was new, and though Peter had yet to see him face to face, he’d heard him chattering on the phone easily and often enough to know his name


Ah, well. It was as good a time as any for Peter to frighten off his neighbor so that he could achieve his ideal peace and quiet.

Peter cracked his knuckles, squared his shoulders, and swung open his apartment door so suddenly that Stiles let out a startled screech. Peter took in a deep breath, prepared to bellow, and then stopped.

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Christmas came early this year—LCD Soundsystem just dropped a new track