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I have this head canon that for Christmas or something, all of the Amis who live too far to travel to their families or have none or have severed ties all get together and have the biggest feast ever and most of them try to cook something, but really R just ends up cooking everything ever bc wow can he cook and everyone else being so appreciative because they can't cook for shit.

Grantaire had never gotten a good réveillon growing up, so now he’s determined to make every year incredibly lavish to make up for it. he wants the réveillons he saw on TV growing up, so there’s oysters, turkey, roast chestnuts, a cream soup, lobster, the most expensive wine they can afford. some years there’s escargot for tradition’s sake, and one year he cooked a goose.

by this time everyone knows to just leave him to it, but every year without fail, he has to chase Jehan and Enjolras out of the kitchen.

Enjolras is always insisting that it’s unfair for Grantaire to have to do everything, so he has to help. every year he’ll come into the kitchen and defiantly demand to help and every year Grantaire ends up laughing so hard at the offer that Combeferre has to come rescue him. he let Enjolras help the first Christmas they did this because he’s always been a sucker for a pair of pretty blue eyes, but never again

Jehan is not allowed to help because he’ll try to make increasingly bizarre concoctions or worse; once he tried to lace the  bûche de Noël with a very small dose of a mild poison because murder plots on Christmas are so very Romantic. at worst they all would have gotten ill, but Grantaire managed to catch him before he could slip it in and barred him from the kitchen from there on. 

he spends the entire day frantically preparing the meal, but it’s a good frantic; he thrives on chaos, on Christmas Eve most of all, and everyone starts showing up about early evening to help set up. Grantaire owns an actual formal dining table for celebrations such as these, (it spends the majority of the year pressed against the wall, acting as a desk, bookshelf, and tv stand all in one), and they pull it into the center of the room, put on the table cloth that Joly and Jehan made (it’s a mix of many patterns, all incredibly loud; hot pink polka dots and neon blue checker mark; there’s a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle patch about halfway down), bring out the heavy brass candlesticks that Cosette’s father lets her borrow once every year for Christmas. 

at about ten they start the meal, and everything devolves into chaos, but it’s fun chaos; everyone’s yelling and laughing and Christmas music is playing in the background. they all eat far too much, and when they reach midnight, they welcome in Christmas day with champagne, bûche de Noël, and Christmas tree-shaped jello shots courtesy of Joly.

everyone ends up wearing a Christmas sweater or a Santa hat and they pass around presents and sing Christmas carols. the table is pushed into the kitchen and the sofa against the wall. they start off dancing or playing board games, but someone always breaks out Grantaire’s nerf guns and they all end up mock fighting. its loud and boisterous and wonderful; the neighbors bang on the walls more often than not to get them to quiet down. 

finally they collect all the pillows and blankets in the apartment, along with the ones they brought themselves, and end up all cuddled together on the floor watching Christmas movie reruns; they start off with the fun and funny ones, but by the time they get around to It’s a Wonderful Life, everyone’s asleep.

they’ll wake up the next morning with sore backs and a lot of work to do, but it won’t matter, because even though none of them were able to go home for Christmas, they all spent it with their family.

Episode Review S8E01: Deep Breath - "I'm not your boyfriend."

Title: “Deep Breath”

Written by: Steven Moffat

Season: reboot Season 8

Episode: 1

Feminist grade: B

Overall grade: B+

“Everybody take five.”

Make no mistake, ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon, this new era of Doctor Who is being carried solidly on the shoulders of Peter Capaldi. Attack eyebrows or no attack eyebrows, the man can play complexity. It isn’t easy to simultaneously show intelligence and befuddlement, as this episode demands, but he has done it.

Warning: like all my reviews, here be spoilers!

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