christmas is the best time of year to be with your loved ones

I woke up to the news that Debbie Reynolds had passed away, which just adds another layer of tragedy to the loss of Carrie Fisher, her daughter. However, while we’re suffering right now as fans, I don’t think our grief can even begin to touch upon what Carrie’s daughter, Billie, must be feeling right now. I can’t fathom the pain of losing your mother and grandmother within a day of each other, especially so close to Christmas. 

Billie is only 24 years old, and is dealing with things that no one her age should have to face. I’m sending her love and best wishes, and hope she’s surrounded by love and support at this awful time - I just hope the media have enough respect to leave her alone and give her time to grieve in peace with her remaining family.

Last Christmas

based on the song: Last Christmas by Wham! Enjoy the first Christmas song one-shot my lovelies. Let me know what you guys think :) 

Warnings: language 

Last Christmas

I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away.

This year

To save me from tears

I’ll give it to someone special.

The thought of being in the same room with James Buchanan Barnes was making you feel nauseous. It had been so long since the two of you had seen each other that you didn’t know how to react to him. 

It was almost exactly a year since you saw him. Since the last time the two of you spoke face to face. 

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Ignore The Mistletoe

Summary: It’s your annual Christmas party that you host for your friends every year, but this time around things are feeling a bit different. Will you ever build up the courage to tell one of your best friends that you’re in love with him? Some coaxing from your friends help you make a decision.

Words: 1,378 (1,479 including song lyrics)

Jared x Reader

Song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (cover by Jensen Ackles from Jason Mann’s “Christmas With Friends” album)

Warnings: none

Notes: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​‘s “Kari’s Christmas Quickie Challenge.” I realized I haven’t written like, any Jared, so I thought I’d give this a shot. Let me know what you think! And Merry Christmas! 🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄

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“Why does Frosty the Snowman look like a demon?”

You rolled your eyes, smirking at Jensen’s remark. “Because that stupid show of yours has convinced you that all things magical are demonic. Even sweet children’s show characters.”

Jensen pursed his lips and scrunched his eyebrows. “Nah, it’s the eyes. Coal? Black?” He took a sip of his eggnog. “And I’m not convinced of anything. Not a stupid show,” he mumbled into his mug.

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For everyone who celebrates Christmas or takes part in the festivities, here is a post devoted to the in the closet or unsupported LGBTQIA+ people.
For all the trans and nonbinary people who will not have their pronouns respected.
For all the people who are terrified to invite their partner over for dinner, or have to hide the gifts they’ve received from them.
For all the people who have to put up with any phobic comments or slurs.
For anyone who is struggling this time of year, you are strong and you can make it through this.
Each and every one of you is valid, deserving of love, deserving of respect, and I hope one day you will all be in a place where you feel supported and happy every day.
No matter how hard it gets, you can make it through.
If anyone needs support, our inbox is always open and we’ll do our best to brighten up your day.
Make it through December everyone, we know you can do it.
-Your gay dads,
Cas and Kai 💜

How to Ruin the Holidays - a While You Were Sleeping AU, ch. 1 (1/3)

CS AU: Kids, this is the story of how Killian Jones ruined Christmas, Emma Swan ruined New Year’s Eve and how they fell in love in between.

Because I have no restrain, as @sambethe and @nowforruin can attest to. 

Dedicated to the wonderful @blessed-but-distressed, a small little thing from me to her, so she could remember how cherished and treasured she is this holiday season.

This is unbeated, so please excuse all mistakes and terrible grammar that might come your way. 


Chapter 1

The best time of Killian’s day, Mondays to Fridays, was between 8.01am and 8.15am, when she would pass through his booth on the way to the train. Blond hair, slender figure cut in beautiful tailored suits, mastering a power walk with her high heels, standing on the platform checking her phone or the newspaper as she waited for her train. A complete vision.  

His princess.

One day, he will finally find the courage to talk to her. And it would be perfect, just like fairytales.

But as he hid his missing hand from view and got lost into her eyes while she handed him her token, he knew today was not that day.

Perhaps tomorrow. Or the next.

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My Hero - James McAvoy x Reader

Prompt: can you do one with the are you flirting with me prompt from that list you posted with james mcavoy? maybe you guys meet at a party or something???

A/N: Yess! Love McAvoy! - this was originally part of the Christmas thing i was doing but I missed the posting day, then it was going to be posted New Years Eve but I hadn’t finished it so… here it is! Hope you like it!

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It was New Year’s Eve; once again you were planning to spend it at home, alone. That was the way you liked it, your friends didn’t seem to understand even though you had told them countless times. You just couldn’t work out why one of them was stood at your door, waiting for you to get ready to go out.

“Come on Y/N!” Your best friend pleaded, hands on your shoulders and a desperate look in their eyes. “Please? I’ll be fun, I promise!”
You stood there for a moment, running through your options. As far as you could tell, you had two. The first, go out, meet up with the rest of your friends and bring in the New Year surrounded by the people you love. The second would be to say no thanks and go back to the film you were trying to watch. “Fine, give me ten!” you reluctantly gave in, allowing your friend to enter while you went to get changed out of your pyjamas.
“Yes!” your friend cheered, “I knew I could get you to cave.”
You shook your head as you walked away; they always knew how to wrap you around their finger.

Once you were ready, the two of you called for a taxi and headed off to the bar to meet up with the rest of your friends. You had barely even walked through the door when another one of your friends had come bouncing up to you and put a drink in your hand.
“Y/N! I’m so glad you decided to come!” She shouted. The music was so loud it was almost impossible to hear anything.
“Yeah, well I figured it was time for a change in tradition” you responded at a similar volume.

Hours passed, you were being bought drinks left right and centre. You hadn’t even been up to the bar yet and you’d had too many drinks to count. “I’m getting the next round in, what do you want?” your best friend asked.
“No, no you’re not, I haven’t been up to the bar once! I’m going!” you insisted.
“If you say so!” they replied before listing everyone’s order.

You went up to the bar and put in your order. You were waiting for the bartender to pour the last few drinks when you spotted him. As far as you were aware, he hadn’t seen you but you continued to stare at him. He was just so…. handsome.
“Here’s your drinks” the bartender interrupted your thought.
“Great thanks, how much do I owe you?” you replied reaching into your bag for your purse.
“Nothing, that guy paid for them” he pointed to the handsome man opposite you who looked up, smiling and winked at you. You smiled back and nodded a thank you, picking up the tray of drinks.

You walked back to your friends carefully, trying not to spill anything.
“Okay guys” you shouted as you approached them, “here we go!” One by one, your friends collected their drinks, leaving just yours on the tray. You picked it up with your free hand and placed the tray down on the nearest table. “Hey, I’m just going to go get some fresh air” you said into the ear of the friend closest to you, gesturing to the door.
“You want some company?” they asked.
“No, no I’m good thanks. I won’t be long” you smiled and headed for the door.

You stood outside, thinking about everything that had happened that year and how in just a matter of hours it would all be behind you. The New Year was fast approaching.
“Fancy seeing you out here” said an unfamiliar voice.
“Sorry, are you talking to me?!” you questioned as you span around. “Oh, it’s you!” you smiled at the man who had paid for your drinks.
“Sorry, is it a bit weird that I followed you out here?” he asked.
“Well it wasn’t, but it is now” you laughed.
“I’m James, by the way” he smiled.
“Well James, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Y/N”
“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine”

You began to shiver. Unsure of whether it was due to his immense charm or the cold December wind, you ignored it.
“Are you cold?” he asked. “Why didn’t you bring a coat, surely by now you know how cold it is in December” he said taking off his jacket. “Here, take mine” he draped his jacket over your shoulders.
“Thank you” you smiled, “you truly are my hero!” you added with a hint of sarcasm.
He laughed. “You’re most welcome”
“Oh, also I never thanked you properly for the drinks, you really didn’t need to do that”
“How else was I going to get your attention?” he asked, “Besides, now you have to see me again to return the favour” he had a Cheshire Cat like grin on his face.
“James, are you flirting with me?” you asked in disbelief.
“I believe I am indeed flirting with you” he responded.
“Okay fine, I’ll tell you what, if you’re sober enough to put your number in my phone, I will agree to go out with you and buy you that drink” you smiled. He gestured for you to hand over your phone, you unlocked it and did so.

He began typing in the number, “there” he announced triumphantly, “done!”
“How do I know that’s your number?” you asked. Before you could finish your sentence completely, he had pressed dial. Moments later, his phone began to ring. He took it out of his pocket to show you and indeed, your number was on his screen. “Well I guess that settles it then” you smiled.
“Why don’t you let me call you instead” he proposed.
“Okay” you whispered with a smile. You took your phone back from him and looked at the time. “Shit, I’d better get back to my friends” you began to take his jacket off your shoulders.
“Keep it on” he stopped you, placing a hand on your shoulder. “I’ll come and find you at midnight; you can give it me back then.”
You dropped your head slightly; you could feel yourself going red. You lifted your head back up and nodded in agreement.

Walking away from him, you couldn’t help but smile. You made your way back over to your friends.
“Hey, where’ve you been!” your best friend asked, “and who’s jacket is that?!”
“You’ll find out” you smiled.

Sure enough Midnight rolled around; everyone was clinking glasses to the New Year. You began looking around the room for any sign of James, but you couldn’t see him anywhere. Before you could come to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to show up, you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders from behind.
“Can I have my jacket back please” he chuckled.
“I was beginning to think you had left” you responded.
“What, without seeing you again, I don’t think so” he smiled. “Happy New Year, Y/N” he said in a low voice, placing a kiss on your cheek.
“Happy New Year, James.”

Christmas with the Sidemen - Simon

Simon X Reader

Description: Christmas in the Sidemen house and you have decorated the house just how you had imagined. 

Requested?: lol no but I literally have given up with you guys and giving me ideas tbh lol xox

Warnings: none I don’t think

Notes: this is definitely one of the shittest things I’ve written idk. It’s also very long but. Please leave feedback and comments xox xox love you all lots 💗

Christmas was your favourite time of the year. It had been your whole life. Your childhood Christmases were filled with the smell of spicy cinnamon and Christmas trees, the cheesy or beautiful music that was played, warm, bright lights strung sporadicly around the house and - best of all - giving and (of course) receiving presents. And now that you had (partly) your own house, there was no excuse not to go to town with Christmas, just like it was when you were little.

You were sat on the floor in the middle of the lounge, the room you had decorated the most, in flannel Christmas pyjamas, a fluffy baby blue dressing gown and fox slipper socks. The television was playing old, classic Christmas films that you had enjoyed as a child and candles were lit everywhere. Fairy lights of all different colours and shades were dangled from almost every wall and shelf.

It was Christmas Eve and you were wrapping some last minute presents for your boyfriend and your friends to put in their stockings. There were 7 stockings for each one of the Sidemen (or 6 of your friends and your boyfriend) and 5 sacks for the girlfriends, each one stitched with a name. Everyone had bought little presents to put in the stockings and then one main present was given to everyone (however, all of the couples had given more than one main present to each other) Because of the vast number of them, you couldn’t hang them on the fire place, like you had hoped, so you propped them against it, next to the main presents.

You sighed a sigh of relief as you put the last presents into Simon’s stocking. You stood up and took a step back to admire all of your hard work. A rush of adrenaline raced through your body as you realised that tomorrow was Christmas Day. You looked down at the presents that were soon, in around 6 hours, to be ripped open. All of the stockings and sacks were finally full, apart from one. Yours.

You took another step back and flopped limply onto the sofa behind you. Just as you started turning the volume on the television up, you heard the sound of quick but quiet footsteps, patting on the wooden floor of the landing. The door slowly opened, and you turned around to see your boyfriend, Simon, carrying a large bin bag in one hand, and in the other rubbing his eye gently. He was wearing nothing but some Sidemen tracksuit bottoms and hoodie, unzipped, obviously not thinking he would be seeing anyone up at three in the morning.

When he saw you, his bright blue eyes widened as he tried to hide the bin bag behind his back. “Uh, Y/N, what are you doing up? I thought we were all trying to get a good, long sleep, ready to cook and stuff tomorrow” Simon said groggily with little effort put into thinking about what he was saying, putting the bag down and sitting next to you on the sofa. You nodded towards the piles of presents whilst giving out a huge yawn. He laughed lowly and pulled you in under his arm. Your hand found its way up his stomach and chest and into his favourite place for you to rest it, around one side of his neck, thumb rubbing it soothingly. His warmth radiated onto you, somehow making you realise how tired you are. “It looks amazing, Y/N.” he said kissing the top of your head. All you could do was nod before sleep overwhelmed you and your eyes fluttered shut.

A moan of exhaustion escaped from your mouth and you stretched out your legs and hit the end of the sofa. Wait… The end of the sofa?! Your eyes opened and your arms unstuck themselves from the flesh of what you assumed was your boyfriend and the leather of the sofa. You turned onto your front and looked to the side. You were first faced with your boyfriend, sat upright, a smile beaming and his dimples growing in his cheeks. You smiled back but then turned your head further to be faced with all the Sidemen and their girlfriends sat in a circle, all smiling with stockings and sacks in their laps. There were two gaps in the circle opposite each other, one with a sack with your name on and one with a stocking with Simons name on, both full up.

You sat slowly up whilst trying to readjust your hair and clothing. “Merry Christmas, guys!” you said, getting up and running to hug them all.

After getting yourself onto the floor between Freya and Kayleigh, opposite Simon, Josh and Vik, you all started to unwrap your presents, taking it in turns around the circle.

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.” said Simon pulling you into a warm embrace.

“Merry Christmas, Simon.” you said giving him a short but loving kiss. Your hands cupped his face and his hands were placed gently on the small of your back, pulling you closer. Definitely, one of the best Christmases ever.

Sherlock x Reader: Reunited This Christmas (Part Two To Lonely This Christmas).


Part 1: Lonely This Christmas

thesmellofasinnamonroll asked:

For the Sherlock x reader lonely this Christmas story, will there be a part two? It’s so good I don’t want it to end!!!!

A/N: Again, thank you so much! I thought I’d have a happy ending to this so I hope you like it. x

It was that time of year. Snow was falling, Christmas adverts were on the TV, people were piling in at the shops in hope of finding the perfect Christmas present, and little children were excited for the arrival of Father Christmas. You were very excited as it meant that you got to spend time with family and friends. However, as you walked down Baker Street, you couldn’t help but having a desire of entering your former home of 221B and greeting your former loved one. You still loved the man but you thought it was best if you separated. John and Mary had told you that he was in no fit state. You had called Mrs Hudson last week and she told you that she didn’t think he’d make it through Christmas Day. You thought the they were exaggerating though. You were sure Sherlock was just fine because he’s Sherlock! You leaving was probably something minor to him.



After opening presents on the morning of Christmas, you went over to John and Mary’s. You didn’t attend last year in fear that Sherlock would be there but they had assured you that he wouldn’t be there this year. You were sat with them in their living room after dinner. Their child was asleep in her cot upstairs while you chatted downstairs. Somehow, you got into a conversation about Sherlock.

“He’s not coping well,” Mary told you.

“I’m worried about him,” John sighed. “I know that Sherlock can be off and strange at time because that’s just who he is. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it through January. There’s nothing I can do. He shuts me out…” John started choking up.

You sighed. “I could see him today,” You said. “I know it’s Christmas but…”

“If you wouldn’t mind, Y/N,” Mary said.

“Ill go now,” You said. “Thank you for dinner. I’ll come back later if I’m able.” You got your stuff together and left. “Merry Christmas.”



Mrs Hudson had friends at her flat this Christmas. After greeting her, she led you upstairs.

“Sherlock,” You called. “It’s freezing in here,” You muttered.

“Y/N?” He said quietly. He was sat in his chair. He had a beard and longish hair. He was skinny and looked like a skeleton. The flat was a mess and you knew that Mrs Hudson hadn’t cleaned in a while. But Sherlock looked like a completely different man.

You gasped. “Look at the state of you,” You said as you rushed over to him and you threw your arms around you.

“I’m so sorry,” He said and broke down in tears.

“Sh, shhhh, it’s okay. I’ll run you a bath and while you’re in the bath, I’ll go to the shop and buy some food because I’m sure you don’t have any in.”



You returned with food and tea bags. You was surprised that the corner shop was open but the owner told you that many people came for last minute items on the day. Sherlock had come out of the bath and he had also shaved. You had bought him a sandwich and a chocolate bar which you made him eat. You’d also made him a cup of tea. He still looked malnourished but at least he’d eaten something.

“Your hair is too long,” You said smiling as you ran your hands through it.

“What did I do to ever deserve you?” He asked.

“Stop feeling guilty.” You sighed. “I’m here now. I know it will take time, but do you think we could try again? I’ve missed you and I didn’t realise how much I had until I saw you like this.”

“You haven’t…”

“No I haven’t got a boyfriend.”

“I thought you may have started again.”

“No I haven’t. I hadn’t got over you.”

“Then I’d like to try again. And… I’m sorry for hurting you.”

“It’s okay.”

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

“Merry Christmas, Sherlock.”

Last Christmas

Draco x Reader

Inspired by the song Last Christmas by Wham! 

Background Info- Set before the war, around the fifth year. Last year, you discovered Draco was cheating on you, on Christmas day. Now you’re invited to the annual Malfoy Ball with mixed feelings.

Y/N- Your Name Y/B/F/N- Your best friend’s name

Christmas was a time of joy, celebration, love. Presents being exchanged between loved ones, a grand feast, hundreds of parties. A rain of snow, covering the world like a blanket, giving the day an enchanting and magical feel. That is what Christmas is like, well at least what it use to be like for Y/N. Now all it was, was a painful reminder of the day she got her heartbroken.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, she was wearing a cherry red dress that was off the shoulder and tight around the waist. Her hair in a french braid sprinkled with fake snow. A blood red lipstick on her lips and wearing matching mistletoe earrings. It was the night of the annual Malfoy Ball. She was shocked when she received the invitation, considering her history with Draco. She almost didn’t go, but her family went every year, and she refused to let her heartbreak ruin her family’s fun. Grabbing her black purse and her wand, she ran to the living room and left with her family.

The grand ballroom at Malfoy Manor was beautiful, Y/N was astonished at the amazing effort Narcissa Malfoy made. It was gorgeous every year, but this year was just jaw dropping. The theme was obviously snow, frost, ice. The whole room was covered in fake snow, there were ice statues everywhere, shaped as reindeer, snowflakes and angels. There were even fake snowflakes falling in certain parts of the room, like the dance floor. Y/N immediately went to find her friend, she loved the Malfoys, but she didn’t want to initiate a meeting, things between them didn’t need to be any more awkward. “Y/N, Happy Christmas Eve!” Y/B/F/N, her best friend ran and gave her a massive hug. “Happy Christmas Eve Y/B/F/N.” Y/N said back. Y/B/F/N looked at Y/N and raised her eyebrow. “What’s wrong?” Y/N asked suspiciously. “Just wondering if you have seen Draco this evening?” Y/N frowned, the topic she most wanted to avoid tonight was brought up. Trying to avoid Y/B/F/N gaze, she turned to her right, only to be looking exactly at Draco. He was, of course, wearing a black tuxedo, his hair gelled back and wearing his signature smirk. He looked really handsome tonight in the suit, but she refused to admit it. On his arm was Pansy Parkinson, looking as if she was the luckiest person in this or as if anyone else would die in her position tonight. She was wearing an emerald green, short dress, she would have looked quite nice if she wasn’t laughing as if she was choking on something. It was just last year she had been where Pansy was, laughing, with Draco, saying he loved her. Funny how things change so quickly.

Y/N blinked and found herself looking Draco right in the eye, he was at smiling at her. Blushing, she turned away. How dare he smile at her? As if he had an interest in her again, as if he was pitying her. “Y/N are you okay? Y/N?” Y/N turned to see Y/B/F/N trying to get her attention. “Ah, yes. What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong?! You have been staring in that direction for ages, I was afraid you had vanished or something.” Y/N couldn’t find herself looking away from Draco, now he and Pansy were chatting with Blaise Zablini. Y/B/F/N looked in the same direction that she was looking at. “Y/N you need to stop worrying about that boy. He’s no good, you know that. He full on cheated on you. Worse, with that pig Pansy Parkinson.” Y/N sighed, she knew Y/B/F/N was right. “What you need is a good dance.” Taking Y/N hand, Y/B/F/N lead her to the dance floor.

Draco watched Y/N follow her friend towards the dance floor. He felt his heart jump when he saw her. She looked beautiful, absolutely beautiful. He mentally hit himself for thinking of such thoughts. He remembered the way he treated her last year, she probably hates him now. He felt Pansy tugging at his sleeve, “Come on Draco lets dance. Then maybe we can have some fun afterwards.” she purred, attempting to make it sound sexual. He started at her, he didn’t know why he was even with Pansy, there was a time where he loved her, where he fell under her spell. But now the magic had faded, and all he saw was an annoying girl, attempting to get into his pants. He knew she wasn’t faithful, aware of her other lovers, but he hadn’t been faithful in the past either. “Pansy I got to go,” he said, and slipped away towards the direction of Y/N, he may have abused her love before, but he refused to do it again. He wanted to make things right because Malfoy’s are always right.
Y/N jumped up to the beat of the music, letting the sound block out her true feelings when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking up to meet Draco Malfoy. She frowned, “What the hell do you want Draco?” she hissed quietly, not wanting to cause a scene. Draco winced at the venom in her words, she really hated him. “You know, this is my house, I can get you kicked out for offending the host’s son, “ he informed, emphasising on my. Y/N felt her face drop, she didn’t want that. “I’ll do it unless you follow me to the drawing room.” He walked away, expecting her to follow him. She sighed and went with him. Once they were inside the drawing room, he closed the door, not wanting to be overheard. He was about to start speaking, only to be cut off by Y/N outbreak, “I don’t know what you want Draco, but it’s no, okay? I don’t want anything to do with you, regardless of how beautiful your house is.” she paused, not noticing before that she was shouting. Draco pursed his lips, he knew she was mad, but not this infuriated. “I understand you ’re mad, but can you calm down, please. Otherwise, someone’s gonna think your getting murdered.” Y/N slapped him, “How dare you? You think everything is a joke to you, a game in your pretty rich boy’s world…Do you know you haven’t even apologised for what you did? In fact, I don’t think you have ever apologised for anything. Your stupid pureblood pride getting in the way.” Draco’s expression was blank, and it infuriated Y/N even more. She was getting hot with anger. “I can’t believe you.” she kept repeating. “I can’t believe you.” “I’m sorry.” Y/N paused, “Did, did you just apologise?” She was looking at him now, confusion written all over her. A pregnant pause filled the room, “I’m sorry Y/N. Okay? I f-* stuffed up. I wanted the best, I didn’t realise that was you. To show you my feelings are genuine, a Malfoy never apologises.” Shocked at his confession, Y/N froze, not knowing how to react. He had broken his heart, how did she know this wasn’t another one of his many tricks. But at the same time, it was true, a Malfoy never apologises, but he just did. She gazed into his eyes, there were cool, filled with the truth.

She bit her lip, she was gonna regret this. She hugged him, kissing him on the lips. His familiar touch causing a burst of energy in her body. His cologne, fresh and clean, reminding her of all those nights. Draco kissed her back, his hand reaching for the back of her dress, fumbling with the zip. He began kissing her neck, sucking on the delicate skin, his other hand playing with the skirt of her dress. She wrapped her hands around his neck, moaning at his touch. One thing led to another and she found herself waking up in Draco Malfoy’s bed, his arms around her naked body. He woke up due to her moving, “Merry Christmas baby.” his voice still thick with sleep. “Merry Christmas” she replied, cuddling up in his arms. Perhaps this Christmas wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought.

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Christmas Village - Kol Mikaelson (Ficmas Day 3)


Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x Reader (no pronouns)

Warnings: None, just some lovely tooth rotting fluff.

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You arm looped through Kol’s as you approached Santa’s Village. You weren’t ecstatic about crowds, most of the time they made you nervous, but you wanted to try new things, so when Kol brought up the fact that in Maine there was a city that turned into Santa’s Village for a week each year you decided to go. The plane ride to Maine wasn’t too bad or bumpy, but your grip on Kol’s hand only faltered when you got up to use the bathroom. Kol found it amusing but you found it terrifying.

As you approached the crowd you tightened your arm around Kol’s. You were holding hot cocoa in your hand, keeping warm as best you could as it start to snow. All around you people were bustling up and down the streets with their children and partners. You made your way slowly down the street, taking in the lights and the music until you reached the center of town. People were dancing to the music and laughing and they drank their hot cocoa. Your favorite Christmas song starts playing and Kol looks down at you with a huge giddy smile.

“No.” You look up at him with wide eyes.

“Oh, yes, darling. Come on, dance with me.” He takes his arm from yours and takes your hand.

“Kol- I can’t dance.” He drags you to the middle of the crowd of dancing people and twirls you around. You laugh.

“Who cares if you can dance, have fun!” He exclaims as you twirl him. He has to duck to fit under your arm.

With terrible dance moves, you manage to only bump into three people as Kol laughs with you. The song ends, prompting you to get off the dancefloor and try to find the closest hot cocoa stand. Your hands were freezing.

“Cold, darling?” Kol’s arm hooks around your waist.

“A bit.” You smile as you blow hot air on your hands. Kol pays for your hot cocoa and you hold it close to you before you drink it, hoping to take some of its warmth.

“Where to next?” Kol asks as you start to walk aimlessly up the street. He dangles his arm over your shoulder.

“The tree lighting is at ten which is in…” You looks down at your watch. “Ten minutes. We’ll never get there in time.”

“Forgetting something, darling?” You look down at your hands, thinking you had forgotten something but the hot cocoa was in your hands and you could feel your car keys and wallet in your pocket. Kol points to himself. “Vampire, remember?”

“Oh, right. Super speed.” He chuckles. You lift your arms up, giving him enough room to lift you and then run both of you to the tree. You weren’t too far back, you could see a few little kids who looked very impatient to see Santa and their parents who were smiling down at their impatient children.

“That tree is huge.” You had to crane your neck to see the top.

“I’ve seen bigger.” You hit Kol’s chest and he chuckles as you lean into him again. A few more sips of your hot cocoa and you start to hear bells tinkling. Parents ask their children if they hear that and within seconds little kids are jumping up and down, over excited. A chorus of ‘ho ho ho’s fill the air and you couldn’t help but to cheer along with everyone else as Santa Claus came onto the stage.

“Merry Christmas!” He shouts. You, and a lot of other people, reply back with a ‘Merry Christmas’. Kol is smiling broadly.

“Should we light the tree?” The little kids scream back a loud ‘yes!’. Santa laughs again.

“Then light the tree, we will! Are you ready? Count down with me. Three, two, one!” The tree lights up, colorful lights seem to fill the entire town as little children and parents alike cheer around you.

“Merry Christmas, darling.” Kol leans down to whisper in your ear. You smile up at him and kiss him cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Kol.”

To Make this Year the Best One

Request: Can you do a Tim Drake x reader for new years? Maybe at the manor and a new years kiss??

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The manor was lit up in dazzling lights, the Christmas three, still making you feel so warm with all its lights.

This was yet another year you spent at the manor ever since you became a dear member of the Bat Family and your enthusiasm run throughout your veins. As Dick had informed you this would be the greatest time to finally confess your affections for the third Robin and you didn’t want to miss on the chance.

Everything was so perfect. The meal, the atmosphere, even Damian seemed to be calmer tonight, more than any other New Year’s Eve. You had to say you were more than excited.

Your heart throbbed loudly in your ears and you felt as if you’d explode the moment your feet would allow you to collapse. Why was all this anxiety the perfect situation for you to confess your love for Tim?

You hadn’t even thought of the possibility of being rejected and seriously you didn’t have the time to. Tonight you felt so confident, so beautiful, ready to pour your heart out to Tim amd receive his in exchange.

It was moments before the lights would go out, before all of you started to count down for the new year together, that Tim spotted you in the corner if the room, drinking some alcohol (that Jason shouldn’t have brought). He in fact had decided to open up about his feelings towards you too.

The clock seemed to run so very fast as he took you in his arms ever so tenderly. You slowly turned around and smiled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Tim, before New Year comes I wanted to say that I love you”

Tim shushed you with his lips as he heard his brother count to two. He seemed to cease on taking a breath, trying his best to keep his mouth on yours for a long, long time.

As he pulled away he looked at the watch in his hand. He had indeed kissed you all the time through 2017. What a sweet way to start the New Year.

Christmas Tales

Hi! This my first imagine. Hope you like.
Newt Scamander X reader
So basically this is part one I guess. Newt gets back from his travels and the reader and him catch up.

It had been so long since the last time you saw Newt. A year to be exact. He had left you after a short week to continue to write his book. Maybe this time would be longer and better, if that was possible.

Tina was at work. Queenie was with Jacob at the bakery. This time of year was busy, you need to have the best pastries for Christmas after all. With everyone working, you were the only one waiting for Newt. Which was fine with you, of course it was. You loved Newt. Although you’d never admit it.

The boat was pulling up to the docks. All of the sudden the air felt colder. A shiver ran down your spine. The cold was trapping you. Suffocating you. Why? You had no clue. Maybe because of Newt, but you seriously doubted that. Why would you get scared of seeing him? Realizing you were overreacting, you took a deep breath in. Suddenly you were warmer.

Everyone was emerging from the boat. That’s when you saw him. The cold was forgotten and turned into warmth. A smile spread across your face. You can’t remember being nervous, only excited. Newt walked to you feeling equally happy. When he finally reached you, a hug was shared. And oh how you loved it! To be with him again, in his arms. When you pulled away he looked into your eyes. You looked in his marvelous green eyes. “ I missed you so much! Everyone’s at work right now. We could stop at the bakery if you’d like. It’s incredible! Jacob is an incredible baker! We’ve got to go!” You said in a rush of excitement. Newt smile at how eager you were to show him the bakery.
“ We should get going then.” Newt said.
“ Yes. We should. Queenie’s there too. She loves to help him and learn how to bake the no-maj way. And she’s great with the customers, but that’s not a surprise, really.”
“ Sounds great. Now let’s hurry!”

You and Newt caught up while walking to the bakery. He has been writing a book. That’s all he’s said. Newt was being oddly quiet. Well, quieter than usual.
“So, only writing? That’s it?” You asked. You expected some crazy adventure.
“I’ve been traveling too. But only to help me write. And I might just add that all you’ve been doing is work. At MACUSA. That’s pretty boring, if I’m being honest. You haven’t done anything?”
“What else can I do? I need money. I can’t just travel the world to write a book like you.”
“I don’t mean that. I mean, like in New York. Anything interesting. Did you move, g-get a boyfriend or a promotion?”
“Same old apartment. No promotion, but a raise and luckily for you, I’m single.” You joked. Newt turned bright red.
“I-I… Umm… Just wanna be caught up with your life. Yeah. Not date you! Not that I wouldn’t date you! I mean, your very attractive and all its just… Wait no! You’re not attractive! Oh no! That’s not what I meant. Your nice and any guy would be lucky to have you.” He said with a sigh. You tried not to laugh at how awkward he was, but you loved it.
“And any girl would be lucky to have you.” You said. Wishing you’d be the lucky girl.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to @mercuryraindrops, my love and my muse and my all time fav Kansan! Belated Sciles Human AU holiday fluff coming right up. 

WC: ~1.3k
Rating: G
AN: If anyone has read The Raven Cycle series, can you see my TRC ref? Also this is unbetaed and barely proof read i apologize in advance

Depending on where you begin the story, it’s about a skateboard. Specifically, the secondhand Neck Deep skateboard that Stiles has been eyeing in the window of the local pawn shop since summer school. Even more specifically, the summer school that Stiles doesn’t even technically need. But he’s retaking U.S. History anyways so Scott isn’t alone and forced to partner with Greenberg for every project. 

“Dude,” Scott tried to protest at first. “You shouldn’t totally waste your summer just because I failed history.” 

“Scotty, what are best friends for?” Stiles clapped him on the back. “Besides, I’m the one who wanted to try smoking in the first place. So it’s technically half my fault that you’re here. The other half is the devil’s lettuce.” 

Scott buys the skateboard the next day even though it means a solid half hour of haggling and he has no spending money for the next couple weeks. Not to mention it’s a bitch to conceal from Stiles until the holidays. He has to keep finding increasingly creative hiding spots since Stiles is over more often than not. But Scott doesn’t regret his purchase for a single moment. 

Keep reading

Happy Holidays to all of you!!! May you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones, full of love, joy, respect and prosperity. 

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I thank each one of you and wish you nothing but the best! May you share joyful memories, laughter and good cheer with your loved ones during this period. 

Lots of love, peace, light and River Phoenix to all of us! Today and always!

Keep the River forever flowing.

All the best, 
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for isabella1159, from your snowing secret santa! wishing you the best for what’s left of 2015 and the new year! hope you like your gift | a gif au of Snow, Charming, and Emma where they got to raise Emma in our world. (click on the gifs to read the captions) 

Ballet!AU because no one is doing it and that bitters me:

  • Coran is the choreographer/owner of the company/has a 30+ years on a ballet carrer and is having none of your shit. Super strict teacher, he gets you en pointe in a year.
  • Allura is his prima donna. His niece and he’s been teaching her since she’s 5 years old. Best dancer you’ll ever encounter, her beautiful moves make grown up man cry of exciment.
  • Christmas. Nutcracker time. 
  • Allura is Clara/Maria of course. Shiro’s the Nutcracker/Prince. 
  • Shallura is a thing. 
  • Though this sounds a Shallura fic. Maybe they fall in love while staging the production. Anyone can take this au btw. 
  • Keith and Lance are still rivals. “I can make more spins in my fouetté en tournant than you Keith”. That keeps to then trying to prove it and Lance got a bit ditzy and boom, he crashes with Keith. He falls on top of him. A la ecchi manga. Use your imagination. 
  • They were competing for the role of prince Orgeat, but they fighted too much and Coran had it enough and they both ended doing Russian. Idk but Lance and Keith dancing Russian is hilarious to me, goodbye. 
  • Have I stated I ship Klance? Because I ship Klance. Discussions that turn into heavy making-out, yes please. They’re covered in sweat after a busy day and they both stink and for some reason that attracts them deeply. Fucking perverts. They’re all wearing pantyhoses, and i’m wEaK. 
  • Pidge and Hunk are there, probably. Idk which part Hunk could play (maybe he ended being Orgeat??? lmao that’s cool).
  • (idk but she laughs a lot about the music she has to dance. Of course, she’s All Game into rocking her part like a rockstar).
  • I’m probably getting too specific and people who doesn’t know about ballet is lost but idk just Ballet Voltron! AU. 
  • Bye that’s it you can keep going.
  • No, I’m kidding please add more.