christmas is cancelled

Snape, you canceled your own Christmas

In the beginning of Chamber of Secrets, remember what Rowling wrote about Snape when Harry and Ron weren’t expelled for flying a car into the whomping willow?

“Snape looked as though Christmas had been canceled.”

This is one of my favorite little pieces of the entire series because this also exists in the world:

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“Tony Stark’s new superpower is a palpable ‘sad face’. The tension between Captain America and Tony Stark, the two unofficial leaders of The Avengers, began during the events of Ultron when the latter accidentally created an artificially intelligent tech demon hell-bent on destroying all sentient life on Earth. But things have clearly taken a distinct downward turn in the meantime, and Downey Jr’s face is sadder than that of a small boy who’s just been told Christmas is cancelled.”

– “Seven things we learned from the full trailer of Captain America: Civil War.” (The Guardian, November 25, 2015).

*Howdy, friends!

*Looks like Christmas is coming up…

*This is a pretty stressful time of year for some people…

*A busy time, too!

*But don’t worry!

*Your old pal Flowey is here with some festive tips and tricks.

*Number one…

*No presents.

*Cancel Christmas.

*Sure, you don’t get any presents either if you do that…

*But then you just spend all the gift money you were GOING to spend on yourself!

*Why do you bother buying OTHER people presents anyway?

*You write a list beforehand… just buy what’s on the list!

*It’ll save so much waiting and effort!

*Oh? What’s that?

*The Children? Oh, I see, they don’t get any presents in this scenario…

*Too bad for them I guess!

*But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll understand.

*Just tell them Santa’s dead.

*See, isn’t Christmas so much simpler already?

*Hee hee hee…

*…I’m going away for a while again.

*Apparently this time of year is busy for me too, somehow.

*Well, I’ll try to get back to this as soon as I can.

*See you soon!