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..making some candy cane Christmas decorations 🎅🎄 by Momou crochet


1 cup cornflour (cornstarch, USA)

½ cup bicarbonate of soda(baking soda,USA)

1 ½ CUP water.


1. Pour into a sauce pan an place on the hob on medium heat. I used 3-5.

2. Stir constantly; will become a liquid and then harden looking like mash when done.

3. Place dough on a cold damp cloth or damp towl to cool down.

4. Once cool enough knead the dough.

If to sticky add cornflour to your hands, if hard and breaks I dipped my fingertips in water and put it on the dough.

Once you done your shapes allow to air dry for 24-48 hrs. Once dry you can decorate.


Can we please take a second and appreciate this beautiful hammock setup I just received!? (Finally found my missing package from Xmas in July) Thank you to whomever made this foreverfriendlyferrets (Peakaboo and Slinky the ferrets)! Its freaking amazing I love it. And Niku decided it was a great place to relax, he homed in on it within minutes!

✨Diy Christmas ornaments :3 ✨

❤️hello hello December :3 ❤️


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DIY Winter Decorations (x)

A little “tutorial” on how I made these little snowman heads. They’re not too Christmassy so if you aren’t a person who celebrates Christmas but you like wintery decorations this could be fun for you. :-)

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