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I’ve been re-discovering my favorite throwback tracks this week, and these lyrics from Fall Out Boy described my personal goals for 2017 pretty well. // It’s no secret that 2016 was a pretty shit year for…. obvious reasons. I think there’s a huge difference between resolutions and goals; a resolution is a decision to stop doing something or do something else more. While a goal is something you strive for, something you want to reach. I wish you a great 2017, and hope the new year allows you to set any goals you’ve been holding back.

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #25
  • Hufflepuff: "It's Christmas Day!"
  • Slytherin: "Now we wait 365 days till the next one..."

His smile x.

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There was an unspoken apprehension as the holidays approached. It would be the first without Nana Molly and the kids and grandkids couldn’t seem to muster any cheer. The Burrow, usually bustling with carols, the smell of gingerbread, and flashing gold ornaments, was bleak and quiet. Ginny couldn’t stand it.

She set to work every night trying (and failing) to knit those sweaters that Molly used to make every year. She had one in every color, sure, but there was just something wrong about not having a new one this year. Harry was worried that she kept locking herself in the office until the wee hours of the night, but was sure it was just a normal part of the grieving process. He felt like doing the same, but out in the backyard on his trusty old Firebolt.

Christmas morning came and everyone gathered somberly around the cozy fireplace as Ginny handed out the poorly wrapped packages. Each package was unraveled to find hideous, oversized, patchy sweaters with mismatched sleeves and crooked letters and wow, were they ugly. But they wore them anyway and held each other and cried and even though it wasn’t quite the same, it felt a bit like Christmas should after all.

It’s the thought that counts

So, a while ago I asked @space-marauder if they would be okay with me making a one-shot based on their thread “it’s the thought that counts”,and THEY SAID YES *screams*

Here is the original thread, it’s  A M A Z I N G so be sure to check it out!

And because I am lazy and because I have been working a lot I didn’t finish editing it for a long while as it just sat there in my documents waiting to be edited and published. Also I know it’s waaaay too late for most people to be in the holiday spirit, BUT I FINALLY got around to edit it, and with some help along the way from the wonderful @catsandladyluck (thank you thank you thank you) I’ve finally decided I’m gonna publish this Drarry Christmas one-shot.

SO, without further ado, this is how it turned out, I hope you like it, and sorry for taking so long


Harry is casually sitting on the bedroom floor, wrapping Christmas presents and making small cards as Draco rushes past the open door.

“Harry, what in Merlin’s name are you doing?” Draco asks as his pace comes to a sudden stop. He grabs at the doorframe, slowly taking a few steps backwards to admire Harry’s quick movements as he pulls a scissor along a white straight ribbon, making it curl several times.

“Wrapping presents,” Harry says, smiling and picking up the gift he just wrapped. The ribbon on the top now forms a beautiful curl.

“… The muggle way?” Draco asks, his face pulling together in a weird way, almost as if confused.

“Yeah,” Harry shrugs, fidgeting with the neatly wrapped present. “I guess it just seems a bit more personal when someone takes the time to wrap a gift by hand, you know?” He flashes a small smile in Draco’s direction, making Draco’s heart flutter.

“Alright,” Draco mumbles thoughtfully while watching from afar.

Even before leaving the bedroom, Draco decides that he should try wrapping presents the muggle way this year. At least the one for Harry.

- Later that day -

Cutting the paper was no problem. Neither was ripping off the bits of tape from that little plastic-thing. But the rest was just one big mess. Harry always had a way of making Draco do stupid, weird, impulsive things; technically, he still does. But wrapping presents the muggle way must be the most idiot thing Draco has ever thought of doing. Harry made it seem so easy, but this was not easy at all. It was rather difficult, and frankly, it made Draco exasperated. How in Merlin’s beard did Harry manage to wrap the presents nicely without magic?

Tired, annoyed, and frequently mumbling curses under his breath, Draco places the gift for Harry at the middle of the already cut paper. Draco looks at it, then sighs, and he turns the paper to better position to the fit of the gift. Another moment of staring, then he flips the gift around. Then the paper. Draco does this several more times, wondering where he should even begin.

“By Merlin’s beard, Harry, how is this supposed to work?” He mutters to himself, annoyed with how little he knows about wrapping gifts the muggle way, or basically any other muggle activity that could be done with the use of magic.  

After turning the wrapping paper and the gift a few more times, and misplacing several pieces of tape, Draco finally places a red ribbon on the top of Harry’s present. With a loud sigh he looks at the wrapped-up present. It’s not neatly wrapped like the one Harry had done earlier that day, but it has been done the muggle way. Harry’s words ran through Draco’s mind again: ‘I guess it just seems a bit more personal when someone takes the time to wrap a gift by hand, you know?’ Those were Harry’s exact words. Draco looks at the present for a long while before shrugging and pushing it away. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

With the present wrapped, Draco gets ready to make a card to attach to it. Rummaging through some boxes to find paper and a pen, Draco smiles. This is a more familiar activity, and as soon as the card is done, Draco is ready to exchange gifts with Harry.

- The next day -

It’s Christmas Eve, and Draco and Harry sit down at one of the couches in the living room, facing each other. Harry pulls up his feet and sits cross legged, while Draco curles his feet elegantly at his side. They look at each other, both excited about the gift exchange. With a shrug, Draco hands Harry the rather poorly wrapped present. Draco’s face is clearly revealing how dissatisfied he is with his own work. He’s rolling his eyes, his mouth slightly hung open, his tongue tracing the row of perfectly straight teeth as he hands the present to Harry.

“Did you wrap this yourself?” Harry asks, smiling excitedly looking at the present Draco has just handed to him.

“Obviously,” Draco states, scratching at his neck with his left hand while shrugging insecurely.

Harry looks at the present again, still admiring Draco’s work. “It’s wonderful,” he says, smiling giddily as he looks at Draco and slightly shaking his head as those few words leave his lips.

“Well,” Draco scoffs cooly, a smirk forming on his lips. He runs his fingers through his hair and straightens his back proudly. “Of course it is.”

Harry’s smile grows larger, and Draco looks away, biting his lip in attempt to suppress his own grin. He pushes his hand back through his hair, and when he looks back at Harry, he fails.


Thank you to both @space-marauder and @catsandladyluck for allowing me to write based on your thread and for helping me edit, thank you for inspiring me to write, you are both wonderful <3

The Houses as Holidays

Hufflepuff - Thanksgiving
They’re the overflowing table, crammed with friends, family, laughter and food. The heat of spiced apple cider and chilly hay rides under blankets. The crisp morning air of brisk efficiency. The blending together of all the colors to the beauty of a quiet ending. Simple joys of hugs that travelled miles and miles to be given. They’re telling stories after all the dishes are cleared away, and cheers as everyone gathers to play games in the evening. They’re togetherness and thankfulness.

Gryffindor - Christmas
Early morning shouts, and sneaking downstairs to see if santas come. Love and chaos all in one scene. The joy of watching someone open something you gave them. They’re snow angels and the ingenuity of what you can make from snow. They’re coming in red faces and grinning from snowball fights that turn into wrestling, and warming frozen fingers in front of the fire. Small smiles as the night winds down, marshmallows melting into the steaming mugs of cocoa. They’re watching the snow fall to cover the evidence and the joy of fresh beginnings.

Slytherin - New Years Eve
Surrounding yourself with your favorite people. Getting ready to show the world all that you can be. Feeling giddy from champagne. The joy of old traditions of saying goodbye to the year. The understanding of the pain that happened and coming out stronger. The roar of crowds and the chatter of small house parties. Big dreams shared with those around them, and engaging discussions. They’re the clink of glasses and celebrating the good things that happened. They’re the count down at midnight, the feeling that intoxicates the whole world with the possibility.

Ravenclaw - Easter
The stream of sunlight that makes the tulips glow, and the last quiet breath before the cacophony of summer. They’re the understanding of the traditions of rebirth and awakening from the cold winter. They’re the resilience of that first bud that pushes into the new world. A taste of milky chocolate, and a bunny now missing it’s tail. The glint of sparkling eyes daring with creativity, and stained fingers reaching for the next egg to become a masterpiece. They’re the delighted shout of children as they find brightly colored surprises hidden in nooks and crannies, daring them to look for the unpredictable.


Fangirl Challenge: [7/30] Moments - Extraordinary Merry Christmas - Glee

draco:… I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There is just one thing I need….


draco:….I don’t care about the presents……actually forget that, better be there more and more…. 


draco: *start smiling while singing*…I just want you for my own……

Harry: *blush*

Draco: **grinning**…More than you could ever know…….

Draco: All I want……

Harry: …please… don’t…. *blushing intensifies*

Draco: …for Christmas… 


Draco: ….iiiiis……….

Harry: *whisper*

Ron: *sighed heavily*

COMPETITION ENTRY - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Requested by @anemptyfeeeling: Hello , could you possibly do an imagine where Draco is a girls best-friend, and when the girl starts becoming friends with Neville and Harry Draco starts lashing out. Ultimately a really fluffy ending when Draco confesses his feelings and she pecks him on his lips. Thank you :)

This was written by @forkfullofsugar for this competition.

Today was the day that all Hogwarts students who weren’t staying over during Christmas break left on Hogwarts Express. (Y/n) signed up to stay, along with a couple wizards like Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, and some others.  

“Hiya, Draco,” (Y/n) greeted, popping up beside Draco in the hall, gently nudging his side with my elbow.
Draco turned toward her in complete adoration as he watched her eyes dance in excitement.
“Hey there, loser,” he teased, trying to hide the breathless effect she had on him.
“Oh shut up,” she laughed, “Are you staying at Hogwarts over winter break?” She asked, hope gleaming in her eyes.
“Nope. Sorry, (Y/n),” Draco replied, feeling a pang of guilt as her smile faltered.
“Aw, it’s cool,” (Y/n) reassured him, “Just don’t forget to send me tons of gifts,” she playfully reminded him.
He laughed along with her. “As long as you don’t forget mine,” he bantered, smiling.
“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, guess I’ll see ya after the holidays, nerd,” (Y/n) said, giving her best friend a sideways hug. Draco returned the favor.
As (Y/n) wandered the fairly empty halls, she turned a corner and bumped into the famous Harry Potter, who, along with him was the not-as-famous Neville Longbottom.
“Woah, sorry ‘bout that, Harry. Hi Neville.”
“Hey, (Y/n),” they greeted.
“I didn’t know you were staying at Hogwarts this Christmas,” Harry stated.
“Welp, here I am,” she laughed.
“We were just about to go to Hogsmeade and get a butterbeer from Three Broomsticks, if you’d like to come with?” Harry asked, with Neville nodding his head in agreement.
“Cool, sure I’ll come. Only if you’re paying though,” (Y/n) joked.
And that, was the start of a beautiful friendship.
It was the first day back to classes from the holidays, meaning the school was once again as full and hectic as ever.
She heard a distant call from behind her as she was about to walk into the Great Hall for breakfast.
(Y/n) turned around and grinned. It was her best friend, Draco Malfoy himself.
Just as he was about to reach her through the crowd of students heading in the opposite direction, Neville Longbottom stopped in front of (Y/n), unintentionally blocking Draco from her view.
“Hi, (Y/n),” he chirped happily, walking you into the Great Hall.
“Oh, hi, Neville,” she smiled politely.
Glancing behind both her and Neville,  she caught a glimpse of the upset face of Draco.
“I’m so excited for Defense Against the Dark Arts today, I heard Lupin is going to let us…” Neville droned on as  (Y/n) headed toward her table for breakfast.
'I’ll just find Draco later,’ she thought.
Later on in the day, during Potions class, Professor Snape called for the class to get in partners.
Just as (Y/n) was about to seize the opportunity to be with Draco, a finger tapped her on the shoulder.
She turned and was immediately greeted by the smiling face of Harry.
“Wanna be partners?” He asked.
“Yeah, definitely,” she nodded, grinning at her new friend.
They spent the entire class giggling at how confused they both were on which ingredients were which.
Not too long after though, they caused a mini explosion, which may have been hilarious if Snape hadn’t punished the both of them.
Little did she know, Draco was literally seething from the back of the classroom.
“Draco!” (Y/n) called from behind him, jogging up to him in the courtyard after his Quidditch practice.
Draco stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around.
She caught up to him and smiled.
“There ya are, I’ve been trying to talk to you all day,” she laughed.
Draco crossed his arms in front of his chest.
She frowned, “Why so glum, sugar plum?”
“When did you and Potter get so close? And Longbottom?” He pressed, accusingly.
“What, them? We hung out a bunch over Christmas; load of fun, by the way. We even went to the Three Broomsticks down in Hogsmeade. It was hilarious, Neville accidentally snorted out his butterbeer througg his nose when I told him a joke. It went like-”
“I don’t care about some stupid joke! Why are you even hanging around them!”
(Y/n) stepped away from him a bit. “It’s not that big a deal, Malfoy,” she said, crossing her arms as well.
“Yes it is!” His eyes were bulging out now, as if the reasons why it was indeed a big deal were obvious.
(Y/n) narrowed her eyes at him being ridiculous. “What’s your problem?”
Draco sighed in defeat. “I just…really like you, okay?”
“Well, duh, we’re best friends, weirdo.”
Draco facepalmed. “No, I mean I’m in love with you, dummy.”
“Oh, well good, 'cause I happen to be in love with you too.”
(Y/n) smiled warmly taking his hand in hers and quickly placing a kiss on his lips.
Draco felt his knees buckle from underneath him. “Would this be a bad time to tell you that I casted a spell on Potter and Longbottom that made their clothes carry poison ivy?”
(Y/n) lightly punched him on the shoulder. “Draco!”

Good Little Girl

“You’ve been extra good this year, baby girl, this is just a little something to show my appreciation to you,” Harry’s eyes are wide with a devilish smirk plastered big enough to consume his face as he hands me a perfectly wrapped present with a bow made out of ribbon on top and a handwritten note in the familiar handwriting that is my boyfriend.

‘a little something for the both of us to enjoy. Love you more, H x’

 “Santa always gives more to the good little girls.”

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