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The Christmas prompt where there's only one book left in the sale and they both want it with no idea what to do :)

“You’re an author, just write a new book,” she challenges, crossing her arms while he gives her an incredulous look.

“Why don’t you just pick a different book?” he shoots back.

“Why can’t you?” she replies coolly and Rick rubs at his eyes in frustration.

This woman is absolutely infuriating. He’s known her for two minutes and he can barely stand her. 

It’s five days until Christmas and Alexis had added a last minute addition to her list for Santa, which was sitting alone and on display right in front of him. But apparently this woman’s niece had done the exact same thing and here they stood, glaring each other down over the newest addition of a novel that was all the rage among ten year olds. 

"Okay how about this,” he tries, watching her quirk an eyebrow in interest and although he loathes this woman right now, the move has him noticing how gorgeous those hazel eyes of her really are. “You let me buy this book and,” he accentuates the conjunction, raising a hand in supplication when she appears as if she’s about to protest. “I will personally contact the author of the series, have her send a signed copy to your niece for a late Christmas gift.”

The woman softens at that, just barely, but enough for him to notice as she purses her lips in contemplation. 

“And you can’t choose this option because?” she questions.

“Because this is at the top of my daughter’s Christmas list and I’m not willing to wait,” he shrugs. “Listen, I’m not trying to be a jerk, especially not to you and not over something as silly as a book. I just - ever since my ex left, I try to make the holidays extra special for my kid and if I had known this was going to make it on to her Christmas list sooner, I would have come here yesterday when it was released.”

Her arms are still crossed, her lips still pursed, her eyes still pensive. 

“How do I know you’re not playing me?” she muses and Castle sighs, digging in his coat pocket and handing her Alexis’s Christmas list.

For the first time, her eyes turn warm, like liquid gold, and a tiny smile crawls across her lips at his daughter’s handwritten letter to Santa and her meager list of requests.

“She sounds sweet,” the woman murmurs, offering the list back to him, and he almost drops it, his eyes trained solely on the lovely lines of her face. 

“I’m sure your niece is too,” he gets out quickly and she nods.

“She is. Though, she’s not actually my niece. I don’t have any siblings, but she’s my best friend’s daughter, so I just-” The woman shrugs, diverting her eyes to her shoes. “I work a lot, never really get to see her, so I guess I wanted to make up for it by being the cool aunt.”

Oh, well, now he definitely feels like a jerk.

“She’ll appreciate a signed copy even more though,” she adds, seeming to notice his sudden guilt. “If you really can do that.”

“I can, I promise,” he assures her. “The author owes me a favor anyway.”

The woman offers him a beautiful lift of her lips and grabs the book, holding it out to him.

“Take it then.”

He brushes his fingers over hers, feeling the sizzle of the contact race through his veins, as he takes the book from her.

“I’m Kate, by the way,” she murmurs.

“I’m - you already know who I am,” he remembers, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, watching her smile grow. 

“I do, Richard Castle,” she chuckles, trapping her bottom lip between her teeth. “I’ve known you for a while now.”

His brow hitches at that. “You - as in, you’re a fan?”

Kate shrugs, strolling away from him, but he chases after her. 

“Wait, let me pay for this, and then…”

She cocks her head, amusement glittering in her eyes as she assesses him with that unfaltering grin.

“And then what?”

“I could take you out for coffee?” he suggests, silently rejoicing when she mulls it over for a second before giving him a nod of approval. 

“We’ll get coffee,” she echoes, walking with him towards the checkout counter. “And then maybe you can sign one of my books.”

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JAPAN, Iwaki : Clad in Santa Claus costumes, volunteers hand Christmas gifts to an elderly woman, who is sheltering from Narahamachi after the accident of a nulcear power plant, in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, on December 21, 2013. Some 100 volunteers delivered Christmas gifts to cheer people living at temporary housings. AFP PHOTO/Toru YAMANAKA