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my mom and my little bro and i are taking a trip overseas in a couple of days and my mom said to me “none of us are really selfie or picture people so why don’t we bring along one of your little zelda thingies and we’ll take pictures of that in our place” god i love my mom

Jingle Balls

Summary: Negan Claus is coming to town.
Request Summary: 2-in-1.
1. “Can you do one where there’s a girl in the Sanctuary that really likes Christmas and she misses it when it starts getting cold again and she’ll hum Christmas songs and so on. So Negan starts leaving her Christmas-y stuff that he finds on runs” – Anon. 2. “Can you do a imagine with negan x liv (my name) :)))??” - @ahappysoul0
POV: Liv
Characters: Negan, Liv
Word Count: 1862
Warnings: Cursing
Author’s note: Wow, would you look at that. I’ve finally done a one-shot. 
Parts: 1/1 - Completed
Quote of the story: “Damn, how about you switch it up and jingle my balls for a change instead of busting them all the damn time.”


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Christmas ball with little sea dragon.

Christmas will not be soon, but I want to prepare in advance. In addition, summer is a good time to buy gifts and hide them for the holidays. No need to worry that the parcel did not have time to come for Christmas.

Now I do these balls with pleasure. I remember my childhood and I think that would be happy to have such ornaments for the Christmas tree.

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Don't worry about the whole buying the figurine even though you'll never be able to use it in-game thingo. I bought my brother a Waluigi amiibo (the Nintendo interactive figurines) for Christmas even though we don't have, and probably never will have a Nintendo system.

That’s cool.Even though I have a nintendo switch at my house, there’s a lot of amiibos that I want that are for games that I don’t own. XD; I suppose that’s one of the strengths about a concept like this. The amiibos, skylanders, and all the other game figure make for both a downloadable asset for a game and a collectable figure. It means I gotta pay extra for the game part, but there’s a lot of neat figures out there, so it’s not too much of a big deal to me.

Did you know if you do a google image search for “nightmare carousel” you mostly just get a lot of pictures of little Nightmare Before Christmas carousel figurines because commercialism.

"New Traditions” – Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine (Teen Wolf)

My Teen Wolf Master List

It was the first week of December and your house was already decorated inside and outside from top to bottom with Christmas decorations. Outside, Christmas lights outline the house, fenced with lit candy canes around the driveway, huge inflatables of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph with fake snow scattered on the grass, and a huge wreath hanging on the front wooden door. Inside the house, garlands with white lights were wrapped around the stairs, a pair of matching stockings with names hung from the fireplace that had Charlie Brown Christmas figurines on top of the mantel. Red and green throw pillows where placed on the white couches and in all the bedrooms, throughout the house where little Christmas figurines with peppermint candles everywhere, and a mistletoe hanging in the middle of the arch way before entering the living room. The only thing that was missing was a tree.

Jordan called earlier saying he would be home about an hour later than usual for a surprise. You didn’t mind because all day you had been working on a surprise for him as well. All week long you spent numerous phone calls and emails between your mom, grandma, Jordan’s mom and his sisters for different cookie recipes. Jordan had a sweet tooth for anything with sugar, even more so with Christmas cookies. Ever since Jordan left for work this morning, you had been baking non-stop, making the house warm, cozy and smelling like heaven.

“Honey! I’m home!” You heard from the kitchen. Right on cue, your last batch of cookies were done. You turned off the stove and walked to the living room to see your fiancé dragging in a very tall Christmas tree and placing it next to the fireplace.

“Umm, babe, what’s that?” You point at the tree. 

“That right there,” Jordan gives you a quick peck, “is an 10 foot Douglas Fir Christmas tree. I got the best for the best.” He grins. “I got the last one and the retailer sure gave me a run for my money but I knew the moment I saw it, it would be perfect for our first Christmas together. The first of many to come as we start our lives together soon.”

“Oh… okay. Thanks.”

Jordan noticed you’re not exactly thrilled about the tree. “Honey, if you don’t like it. It’s okay. I’ll take it back and we’ll pick one together." 

"No! It’s fine. You went through all that trouble to surprise me. I like it. I’m just not used to having a real Christmas tree. I’ve never had one before.”

“What?!” This time you surprised Jordan. “You’ll love it. The smell will make the entire house smell like Christmas.”

You walked up to the tree and examined it. It’s not what you’re used to seeing. You touched it and it felt like slippery rubber but fresh. You took a whiff of it and you felt like you were in the woods surrounded by pine trees. It’s different but you could make it work with some beautiful ornaments, white lights, and a lighted star on top.

“It’ll look better with some string popcorn, multi-colored lights, red ball ornaments and an angel on top,” Jordan says.

Your smile vanished at his words making you realize you two have two different visions for your Christmas tree. Then your mind began to wonder. What if you two have a lot of different Christmas traditions? Would you two be able to compromise together without hurting the other one’s feelings? What if this was a make or break situation in your relationship?

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