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life update: I Still Want This Figurine So Bad


ICNBUYS Christmas Gifts for Tai Chi Kung Fu Fans

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ICNBUYS Shaolin Kung Fu Figurines


In the final days of December of 1996 JonBenet Ramsey was laid to rest in Marietta, Georgia. Her family chose a quiet spot that felt far away from the chaotic media firestorm they were surrounded in. A large dogwood tree stands nearby, its branches sweeping above JonBenet and her sister, Beth’s, headstones. On the first anniversary of JonBenet’s death, Christmas ornaments and angel figurines began to appear in the old tree’s branches. As time went on, the collection continued to grow. The Ramsey family would stop to admire all of the trinkets strangers had so carefully and lovingly chose to pay tribute to their daughters. Patsy in particular greatly appreciated the gifts. The sparkling ornaments reminded her of when she and JonBenet decorated the Christmas tree in her daughter’s room

Jingle Balls

Summary: Negan Claus is coming to town.
Request Summary: 2-in-1.
1. “Can you do one where there’s a girl in the Sanctuary that really likes Christmas and she misses it when it starts getting cold again and she’ll hum Christmas songs and so on. So Negan starts leaving her Christmas-y stuff that he finds on runs” – Anon. 2. “Can you do a imagine with negan x liv (my name) :)))??” - @ahappysoul0
POV: Liv
Characters: Negan, Liv
Word Count: 1862
Warnings: Cursing
Author’s note: Wow, would you look at that. I’ve finally done a one-shot. 
Parts: 1/1 - Completed
Quote of the story: “Damn, how about you switch it up and jingle my balls for a change instead of busting them all the damn time.”


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kepzandme  asked:

Sam, be honest. How many items related to owls to you get sent in a year?

LOL! Well if you count cards and postcards, probably about two dozen, but if you just mean actual physical objects, more like 4-6. I do have several owl christmas ornaments, and multiple figurines, but being fair most of the figurines were from Mum.

Right now I’m figuring out how to pack my Micro-block owls so that they don’t fall apart in transit but I think I might just have to hand-carry them. 


Christmas ball with little sea dragon.

Christmas will not be soon, but I want to prepare in advance. In addition, summer is a good time to buy gifts and hide them for the holidays. No need to worry that the parcel did not have time to come for Christmas.

Now I do these balls with pleasure. I remember my childhood and I think that would be happy to have such ornaments for the Christmas tree.

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