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As a teenager who goes back and forth between separated parents’ homes and who has no local extended family to speak of, family gatherings just aren’t a thing. So the Extra Life Stream is my Thanksgiving dinner, my Christmas Eve party, etc. And once again you guys didn’t dissappoint. So thank you everyone at RT for putting yourselves through this every year, not just for the kids, but for giving your fans an annual family gathering that gives us memories that will last a life time.

Fake Boyfriend {c.h.}

(A/N: cheesy af i can’t believe i wrote this wtf)

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Prompt: ‘you’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together oh dear’ AU (from hairlikehisblush)

Summary: You asked Calum to pretend to be your boyfriend so your mum would stop asking when you’re going to be in a relationship. You bring Calum home for Christmas Eve dinner but then ended up having to sleepover at your parents’ house which led to the inevitable predicament: the two of you having to share a bed.

Word Count: 1,363

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Things that make us feel alive- Reasons to live.
  1. knowing tomorrow becomes a memory
  2. stick around to learn the lesson for the mistake you made
  3. stargazing with the only person you truly care about
  4. celebrating your birthday after the year you tried to kill yourself and realising that every candle matters
  5. first dates that turn into weddings
  6. sightseeing in places that contain beauty
  7. watching sunsets fade
  8. watching sunrises
  9. holding hands in silly places
  10. watching old couples
  11. fireworks
  12. meeting your soul mate
  13. reading graffiti in bathroom stalls-  poetry in a restroom
  14. doing something dangerous and surviving
  15. the one look the person you love gives you that simultaneously means everything & nothing
  16. first kisses
  17. hickies that need covering
  18. waking up beside your boyfriend
  19. sharing the double bed with your best friend
  20. drunk nights with the only ten people you care about
  21. Tea
  22. trying really hard not to be stoned
  23. trains
  24. sociopathic best friends
  25. Green day sing-A-longs
  26. Drunk sing-A-longs
  27. Sober sing-A-longs
  28. road trips
  29. turning your music up really loud
  30. poetry by you
  31. poetry for you
  32. poetry you found
  33. new TV shows
  34. attractive people
  35. Gerard way
  36. movies you can quote from beginning to end
  37. old books that smell good and mean something
  38. VCRS
  39. tears of joy
  40. people you can cry in front of
  41. photos that make you go “ew”, “ah” & “aw”
  42. dancing around the house when no ones home
  43. dancing around the house when everyone is home
  44. being home alone
  45. hearing something from your childhood
  46. adventures outside
  47. noodles in bed
  48. awkward moments you laugh about later
  49. embarrassing your friends
  50. patting puppies
  51. running away from dogs
  52. falling in love more each day
  53. getting into trouble
  54. getting out of trouble
  55. late night walks
  56. early morning wake ups
  57. sleep ins
  58. 3am DNMS with your best friends
  59. cuddles
  60. movie marathons
  61. Tacos
  62. metaphors
  63. sarcasm
  64. getting back at someone
  65. standing up for yourself
  66. riots
  67. balloons
  68. meaningful thankyous
  69. hard goodbyes
  70. awkward hellos
  71. moments alone
  72. showers
  73. passionate hobbies
  74. 4:20s
  75. random acts of kindness
  76. nice strangers
  77.  creepy strangers that you laugh about later
  78. improvement
  79. songs that make you cry
  80. songs that lift you up
  81. songs that remind you of something
  82. people who change your mood
  83. laughter
  84. meeting parents
  85. nights you want to forget
  86. nights you never want to forget
  87. board games on quiet rainy days
  88. jumping In puddles
  89. pushing friends in the pool
  90. being ironic
  91. fights that sort things out
  92. drunk angry family members that make you laugh
  93. secrets & promises
  94. fading scars that remind you, you’re still alive
  95. stupid rumors
  96. people that you make fun of quietly with your friends
  97. plans that go horribly wrong but you still enjoy them
  98. being late
  99. being early
  100. not showing up
  101. falling over & laughing
  102. laughing & falling over
  103. primary school people that you never want to see again
  104. memories you cherish forever from grade one
  105. movie references
  106. song references
  107. movie moments
  108. religious jokes
  109. racist jokes
  110. (not sexist jokes)
  111. sexual references
  112. flowers
  113. getting lost
  114. barking dogs that don’t shut up but remind you that you have ears
  115. police officers that pass by & make you nervous even though you are completely sober and haven’t done anything wrong
  116. having your own thoughts
  117. realising you’re not alone
  118. funerals that make you cry & appreciate things more
  119. weddings that make you cry & appreciate things more
  120. sharing cigarettes
  121. stealing cigarettes from your older brother
  122. stealing wine from your parents  
  123. doing things that would make your parents angry if they knew
  124. making your parents proud
  125. feeling comfortable and sexy in your PJs
  126. black underwear
  127. 10 things I hate about you
  128. money well spent
  129. money well saved
  130. brotherly/sisterly love
  131. moments after you’ve been upset
  132. liking how you look
  133. cousins that you share the same hate for but you both put it behind you on new years eve dinners and Christmas parties
  134. evolving
  135. finding new music
  136. QUEEN
  137. finally understanding what something means
  138. not caring about how your parents treat you
  139. not caring what people think of you
  140. not caring
  141. awkwardly opening gifts
  142. kisses from grandpa
  143. kisses from your dog
  144. kisses from your boyfriend
  145. childhood toys you still hug when in despair
  146. laughing/crying when you can’t afford something
  147. talking loudly in cinemas
  148. singing along to musicals
  149. bailing friends out
  150. blankets
  151. nude runs
  152. hot nights with the air con on and one foot out of the blanket
  153. roof climbing
  154. spicy food you were not aware of
  155. painful but fun trips with the family
  156. story telling- real or not
  157. food you have to pretend to like to make your dad happy
  158. watching your dad get emotional to cold chisel
  159. your grandmas smile when you are talking to her
  160. being able to act like a child & like an adult when you want
  161. dreams & hopes
  162. donuts
  163. the Simpsons reruns
  164. sculling vodka and telling yourself that later the taste won’t matter
  165. trampoline DNMS
  166. joint passing
  167. swapping and sharing
  168. honesty
  169. finding money
  170. not going to prom
  171. wearing no shoes
  172. new shoes
  173. concerts
  174. feeling like an ice cream
  175. getting splashed by a car
  176. compliments
  177. playing competitive made up games with your brothers & friends
  178. beds
  179. “a pen is mightier than a sword”
  180. hangovers
  181. sunburns
  182. city lights
  183. colours
  184. sight
  185. smell
  186. touch
  187. taste
  188. hear
  189. arctic monkeys
  190. birth marks
  191. jumping fences
  192. sand everywhere
  193. making a fool of yourself
  194. laughing at yourself
  195. being romantic
  196. being cheesy
  197. footprints in the sand
  198. baby fingers
  199. the Rugrats
  200. I told you so arguments
  201. shot gun
  202. your friends & families happiness making you happy
  203. comics
  204. foo fighters
  205. sushi
  206. piercings
  207. tattoos
  208. tickling
  209. punching someone in the face
  210. expressions
  211. communicating with just expressions
  212. inside jokes
  213. family jokes
  214. being silly
  215. washing up with siblings
  216. that uncle
  217. when someone remembers something about you
  218. remembering something about someone
  219. new friends
  220.  old friends
  221. friends that turn into strangers
  222. strangers that turn into friends
  223. hugs
  224. love letters
  225. letters
  226. words
  227. yelling at waves
  228. swearing
  229. voices
  230. singing full heartedly a song you hate at a party because you’re drunk, sober or just having a good time.
  231. your brothers singing
  232. not getting caught
  233. getting drunk with your older brothers
  234. drunk happy people
  235. dancing at wedding receptions
  236. the grooms reaction when he first sees the bride 
  237. unexpected compliments
  238. feeling full
  239. message in a bottle
  240. odd socks
  241. longs socks
  242. hemp socks
  243. trolley rides
  244. roller-coasters
  245. being squished on the couch
  246. watching horrible movies
  247. a blink 182 song for every mood
  248. Jeff Buckley
  249. all nighters
  250. family guy
  251. SpongeBob square pants
  252. prank calls
  253. awkward phone calls
  254. pretending to be black
  255. pretending to be a white girl
  256. butterflies
  257. feeling butterflies
  258. butterfly effect
  259. bad hair days
  260. shaved legs
  261. no bra
  262.  photo bombing
  263. nicknames
  264. cartoons
  265. understanding the sexual references in the  cartoons you use to watch as a child
  266. crying
  267. dirty dancing
  268. carry on my wayward son
  269. silly faces
  270. bohemian rhapsody
  271.  punk rock
  272. rock n roll
  273. how I met your mother
  274. bubbles
  275. French love
  276. Doritos
  277. sneezing
  278. full moon
  279. wrestling with friends, brothers, your boyfriend
  280. cheesecake  
  281. throwing a glass bottle on the ground
  282. Shakespeare
  283. paint
  284. cider In bed
  285. physical contact
  286. serenading on guitar
  287. ball pits
  288. Ferris wheels
  289. perks of being a wallflower
  290. peanut butter jelly (and a baseball bat)
  291. baby pools
  292. accents & Impressions
  293. drinking wine out of the bottle
  294. handshakes
  295. connections
  296. reading
  297. jellybeans
  298. singing “500 miles”- the proclaimers
  299. getting what you give
  300. feeling infinite
Cannibal Actually ;)



Put me on Santa’s naughty list cos I only went and wrote the thing….I don’t give any kind of fucks that it’s July I am a prompt freak this week! Although it was meant to be a fun little ficlet and then turned into 1700 words of the fluffiest fluff this porn princess ever wrote LOL

@color-division I apologize for stealing your hilarious dialogue, and thank you for the inspiration <3

@victorineb @artbyvictoriaskye @hannigram-hell @lecteronthelam@allegralovelace this is all your damn fault!

December 23rd and Abigail was hovering around the kitchen as Hannibal pre-prepared food for the next day. They were hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party – their first as a “family” now that she was living there until she decided what she might want to do next. She wasn’t exactly helping, but her presence always made Hannibal feel lighter so he indulged her endless stream of musings and questions. He had a lot on his mind and it was a welcome distraction.

“Are there going to be many guests for the party?” Abigail asked

“Only close friends” Hannibal replied.

She thought for a second, figuring this definitely included Will, “You can hang mistletoe” she said, earning herself a glance up from the chopping.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours?”

Abigail picked up a spice jar and pretended to study it, “You need help with Will.” She said. It wasn’t a question, merely an observation. One made having lived through countless hours in their company whenever Will came over. Which was always. Watching them stare at each other and make their little jokes was vomit-inducing. They were worse than twelve year olds, dancing round each other, and she was getting exasperated.

Hannibal actually stopped and considered her bold statement, which although possibly true was not something he thought widely known. It was Christmas though, and he felt particularly warm towards his surrogate daughter.

Here we go again, watch him deny it as usual, she thought as he half smiled and leaned over the counter towards her, “Will only needs to be alone with me.” he said. Although this gave nothing away, Abigail realised that he had technically acknowledged, out loud, that he was trying to kiss Will Graham. An impressed smile spread over her face. She was actually excited now.


The dinner was going splendidly. The wine was flowing, the food was – unsurprisingly – delicious, and everyone was fully in good spirits. Even Frederick had cracked a smile when Alana had nudged him and told him about the weird, lone mistletoe she’d seen hanging in an odd part of the hall. It was definitely in stark contrast to the elaborate décor that adorned the rest of the ground floor. Clearly a gaudy attempt to get his hands on Graham, he thought. Never one to miss an opportunity to be a pain in the ass he cut through the chatter, “So there’s only one mistletoe in the house, isn’t that weird?”

Clearly Abigail wasn’t the only eagle eyed one in the group, as Jack agreed, “Not subtle, Hannibal”

Picking up on the fact her husband obviously knew Hannibal was up to something, Bella joined in the teasing, “Oh you have someone in mind, Dr. Lecter?” she said and there was a smattering of laughter.

Blunt as a spoon, Frederick snorted, “Graham, of course”. Will practically choked on his dinner.

He set his glass down pointedly, not sure if he was angry at Frederick, or embarrassed that people had picked up on their mild flirtation. I mean that’s all it was, wasn’t it? It was just banter. I mean yes, Hannibal and he had a lot in common, very alike, but it didn’t need to be made a big deal out of. It certainly didn’t need dropped like a bomb over dinner.

Not in front of Abigail either. When he checked to his left to see how she had reacted, he was a little startled to see her with a look that said she was as fully aware as the rest of them. Hannibal for his part, didn’t help matters, but simply sat there with his expression unreadable and said nothing.

Will refocused on the anger and without looking at anyone in particular he said, “You’re sure paying a lot of attention to that mistletoe, Frederick…” his tone frosty. The awkwardness spread. Alana took a sip of wine to hide her giggle, Jack raised his eyebrows, Bella fixed a smile on her face and Bedelia shook her head at the lot of them. Frederick had been shut up at least, looking suitably sheepish.

“You’re being rude, Will” Hannibal finally broke the silence. Will opened his mouth to retort but Abigail quickly cut across to defend him, desperate for them not to start sniping at each other.

“Maybe we should just change the subject…..” she said hurriedly. They all slowly went back to their dinner, noise level rising once more. Will chewed sulkily and Hannibal almost imperceptibly frowned. This might be difficult.


Will was just going to leave. Under the guise of going to the bathroom he was going to get his coat quietly out of the pile, say goodbye to Abby - maybe Hannibal too - and go home to his dogs. The prying eyes he had felt on him since dinner were exhausting and he wasn’t really feeling in the same raucous mood as the rest of them. As if on cue, roars of laughter rang out from the lounge. Will sighed and opened the bedroom door.

As he was fishing out his coat, he sensed a presence behind him.

“Where are you going, Will?” Hannibal said softly.

Will didn’t look round, “Home. I have a headache I think…must be all the tension.” He said, the last bit partly under his breath.

“If you are referring to Frederick’s crass remark, then I think you’re over reacting.” Hannibal said as he made his way slowly over to him, placing his hand soothingly on Will’s back. “I had been under the impression you were staying here with us tonight,” he added sadly. Will wanted to shrug him off, now paranoid about how they were coming across despite the empty room. It felt nice though, and no different from Hannibal’s usual lack of regard for personal space.

“I just don’t like being the butt of the joke, feels like high school” Will admitted quietly.

“That moron aside, they don’t mean to make you feel that way. In fact, Abigail is the one who hung that mistletoe…I think she might have been hoping we would kiss” Hannibal reassured him. He knew fine that her feelings on the matter were what was really getting at Will, and this might be the thing to make him stay.

Will turned into him and looked up at Hannibal with wide eyes, searching for the truth in his face, uncharacteristically soft, and found it. Hannibal’s hand was still resting on Will’s shoulder and he slid it up to his flushed cheek. Will’s heart felt like it grew in his chest at this soft, new touch. Suddenly a question he never even knew he wanted to ask came tumbling out, “Were you hoping that, Hannibal?”

Hannibal lowered his gaze to Will’s lips and then back to his hopeful blue eyes, before pressing his mouth softly on Will’s in answer. Will hesitated for just a breath, and then gave in. He kissed Hannibal back, clutching at his waist. As Hannibal tried to press himself closer, Will’s legs got trapped against the bed and buckled. They fell onto the coats of everyone at the party, one or two sliding to the floor in a heap.

“Isn’t this a little cliché for you, Dr Lecter?” Will teased between kisses, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Hannibal‘s weight on top of him.

Hannibal chuckled into Will’s mouth, “Oh do be quiet, William, I am the host after all and can do as I please” and leaned down for another kiss.


After a few minutes, Will suddenly remembered why they were even there and scrambled to stand up. Hannibal perched on the edge of the bed.

“Maybe we should go back to the party.” Will said in response to Hannibal’s confused look.

“They are all far too drunk to notice, Will, it hasn’t been nearly long enough” Hannibal said. Will wondered if he meant their absence or the kiss, but gathered up the fallen coats nonetheless.

“Yes but it’s rude…” Will mocked. Hannibal just shook his head and made to follow him back downstairs, towards the sound of merriment.

Hannibal had been wrong. As soon as they walked back into the room, all heads turned to them. Maybe it had been longer than it seemed….or maybe it was the fact they both had hair messed up, clothes out of place and red, kiss-swollen lips; and hadn’t even thought to straighten themselves up. In the light of the lamps and the fire they might as well have been wearing a neon sign reading “just been making out”.

Jack and Bella gave each other a knowing look. Frederick all but spat out his brandy, “Oh God… finally!” he exclaimed theatrically.

“Took them long enough.” Jack laughed.

Alana started giggling, throwing herself back into the cushions, “Have you two seen yourselves?!” She managed to say. They looked at each other. Hannibal couldn’t help but smirk lovingly at Will as he blushed right to his cute little ears.

Bedelia rolled her eyes so hard at this, she almost toppled off the arm of the chaise, “I was beginning to wonder if they were ever coming back down…” she said, slurring slightly, setting Alana and Frederick off again. With a nudge from Hannibal, Will finally moved to join Alana, and with Hannibal settled on his other side, he finally felt the love in the room. It was everywhere. They were actually happy for them.

Abigail was sitting on the floor by the fire just beaming at them. Her TWO dads, together at last. Her Christmas wish for them all to be a family had come true.

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Doing O. Henry One Better 1/1

Doing O. Henry One Better
Author: dettiot
Rating: G
Summary: But what do you get a restored billionaire who also understood how much there was that money couldn’t buy?  Felicity attempts to find the perfect Hanukkah/Christmas gift for Oliver.  Future!fic, set in December 2016 and established Olicity.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note: Written for outoftheclosetshipper as part of the Olicity Secret Santa.  Originally I meant to do something that was a twist on The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry.  But then Felicity decided to go in a different direction—as the title hints—and voilá.  I hope you enjoy this and happy holidays!

Thanks to @yourubikscubedme for reading this over for me!


As a major American city, Starling City had its more-than-fair share of shopping experiences available for consumers.  There were department stores, rich in tradition and luxury.  There were exclusive boutiques that sold designer clothing and high-end home decor.  Plenty of big-box stores that met every need with practical efficiency.  Not to mention the quirky, hole-in-the-wall shops where you could find all sorts of treasures. 

Yet none of them had what she needed: the perfect gift for Oliver.  

Softly blowing out a breath, Felicity wandered aimlessly through the aisles of Bonner & Teller, Starling’s oldest department store.  For over a hundred years, the large granite building had been selling goods, and it pulled out all the stops at Christmas.  It was lavishly decorated inside and out, Christmas carols played non-stop on every floor, and best of all, free hot drinks to help shoppers get in the holiday mood.  But even the very good peppermint mocha she was sipping hadn’t helped her.  

Buying gifts for Oliver was quite possibly the most frustrating, difficult, challenging thing in the world.  Kind of fitting, since that was what it was like to love him.  But Felicity couldn’t deny that it was all worth it.

Because loving Oliver was also amazing and wonderful and life-changing.  She was better with him—better because of him.  She was more centered, stronger, happier.  He always said that she made him want to be a better man.  It went both ways, even though he always got that little forehead wrinkle of doubt when she said that.  

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Two Little Ducks Part 12

Selena POV;

“Mama I help!” Annabelle grinned cheekily as she tangled her fingers into a ball of cookie dough. She was covered from head to toe in all sorts of gooey substances and most everything she touched ended up in her mouth but she was having the time of her life which is why this would most definitely be one of my favorite Christmas traditions in years to come. Christmas music was playing softly in the background; the tree in the foyer lit up the entire room, and even though it wasn’t snowing the Christmas atmosphere was all around.

“Santa is going to love these cookies babe.” I smiled at her, decorating my own set of cookies to bring to my mom’s house for her annual Christmas Eve party. Every year she hosted a huge dinner and gift exchange, inviting all our family and friends. I was especially excited for this one because an ugly sweater theme had been attached.

“Ells look at me,” Justin cooed, videoing her on his phone while using his free arm to hold Ashton snug against him. We were definitely blessed with the sweetest of babies. At just a little over 3 weeks old he rarely fussed and was perfectly content observing things.

Justin continued to video, aiming the camera at me playfully.

“Hi beautiful,” he babbled.

“What are doing dork?” I laughed, “video your children.” He rolled his eyes with gentle teasing, pointing the camera back on the kids. It was nearly 4 by the time we finished up all the cookies and Justin took Annabelle for a bath while I cleaned the kitchen, Ashton in his little swing so that I could keep an eye on him. When Justin came back down the stairs, freshly shaven and fully dressed along with Annabelle I took it as my cue to go shower.

“Babe are you almost ready?” Justin asked as he passed by our bedroom on his way to the nursery with Ashton.

“Yeah, give me 5 minutes. Is the baby bag packed?”

“Yeah it’s downstairs. I just gotta change the little stinker.”

“What about Pickles? Has she been out?”

“I’ll take her out before we leave,” he promised, “Stop stressing princess. We’ve got plenty of time okay?” I nodded before connecting our lips with a sigh.

“Love you,” he muttered under his breath.

“I love you too.”


“What did you ask Santa for Christmas this year?” I made conversation with Gracie as she curled up on my lap. Justin was sitting across the room with his grandma and mom who were gushing over Ashton and Annabelle was playing with the other little ones.  

“I can’t tell you. It’s a secret,” Gracie mumbled, her thumb in her mouth. It was a bad habit my mom and Brian were desperately trying to get her to break but I secretly loved that she still sucked her thumb. She was growing up so fast, I loved that she was still little.

“I won’t tell anyone.” With kids of my own I didn’t get to spend as much time with my baby sister as I wished so I cherished the moments I did have with the 6 year old.

“Pinky promise?”

“Pinky Promise.” I linked pinky’s with her.

“I asked for mommy and daddy to have a baby.” My eyes widened at her confession. Even though my mom and Brian always wanted kids together, there definitely wouldn’t be any more after Gracie.

“You want to replace me?” I joked. She shook her head.

“No you’re silly Lena.” She giggled, “But you’re too old to play with.”

“I’m too old?” I gasped in mock offence, “I’m not too old. I’m the coolest sister on the planet.” I played with her hair, braiding a few strands before letting them slip through my fingers.

“But you’re not a baby,” she countered deliberately.

“You can always come to my house and play with Ashton. He’s a baby. But you want to know a secret? Babies are kinda boring. You can’t really play with them much.”

“I guess,” she shrugged, “that’s why I also asked for a Furby.”

“A Furby?”

“Mhmm,” she nodded, “A purple one with blue stripes! What did you ask for Lena?”

“I didn’t ask for anything.”

“Nothing at all?”

“I’ve got everything I need.” I glanced at Justin for a quick second before focusing back on Gracie but she caught me.

“You’re kinda like Cinderella,” she pointed out.

“How so?” I chuckled.

“Cause Bieber is the prince so that makes you Cinderella.”

“I guess it does,” I agreed with her, pressing a kiss against her temple as she played with the bells that lined the bottom of my sweater. We sat and talked for a few more minutes before dinner was ready, everyone gathering in the kitchen and joining hands for a prayer. The rest of the evening was spent eating, talking, and laughing; time passing too quickly.

“We should probably get home,” I whispered in Justin’s ear as the clock struck 9. We still had our own Christmas traditions to fulfill before the kids were off to bed. After lots of hugs and kisses we headed out. I was hoping that Annabelle wouldn’t fall asleep on the car ride home. To our luck she was on a sugar high and had not yet crashed.

“Everyone gets to open one present tonight,” Justin announced as we walked through our front door.

“Really?” Annabelle squealed.

“Yeah, go sit by the tree!” We’d started this tradition 3 Christmas’s ago when we first celebrated with Annabelle but this was the first year I think she understood so it was a lot more fun. It was also Ashton’s first Christmas which made it all the more special. I sat next to Ells with Ashton in my arms, Justin picking out 4 specially labeled and wrapped presents from under the tree and setting them in front of us.

“Open yours first princess,” I urged Ells. Eagerly she ripped off the snowman wrapping paper, finding a little red cotton shirt which had her name embroidered on it along with a pair of white and green striped pajama pants.

“Do you like them?” Justin asked her. She bobbed her head with a smile.

“Help,” she requested, holding it out. While I helped her change into her pajamas, Justin opened Ashton’s present for him, changing him into his matching pajamas as well. It was a bit stereotypical but they both looked utterly adorable. After they were changed Justin ran upstairs to grab ‘The Night Before Christmas’ while I made Justin, Annabelle, and I a cup of hot cocoa; her’s more like chocolate milk in a sippy cup. She really didn’t need any more sugar but it was Christmas Eve so I let it slip. It was a tradition after all.

Justin came back down with the book and we all snuggled up on the couch, listening while he read out loud. Ells was half asleep when he reached the last page but there was just one last thing to do before we carried her up to bed.

“Let’s put out your cookies for Santa,” I whispered, holding her on my hip. Together we put the ones she decorated on a separate plate, grabbing a glass of milk, and then setting it all on a table near the Christmas tree.

“Alright bed time for you little duck.” Justin took her from me, switching kids, carrying her to her room while I fed Ashton. He would be up in a few hours to feed again so Justin and I were in bed not soon after.

“Can I give you one of your presents early?” Justin whispered, pulling me closer.

“But it’s not Christmas yet.”

“It will be in 5 minutes,” he pointed to the clock, “come with me.” I grabbed his hand, allowing him to lead me through the house until we reached his favorite room. He shut the door behind us, sitting me down on the piano bench. I rested my head on his shoulder as he let his fingers dance across the keys.

“I wrote this a few nights ago,” he mumbled, humming under his breath until he hit the right key and began to sing. This wasn’t an uncommon thing for Justin to do but it always made me cry like a baby, no matter what the song was about.

“Why do you always do this to me?” I blubbered causing Justin to chuckle and pull me closer.

“So you liked it then?”

“It was perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Merry Christmas love.” And a Merry Christmas it was.

*Note; I literally make Two Little Ducks up as I go so I have no particular end in sight but I’m kinda thinking I might make this “short” story into something a bit longer… if that’s okay with you guys?