christmas donut

Blood Gultch Christmas

Tucker - all of the ho ho ho jokes, lowkey hoping Church will finally get him a damn sniper rifle

Caboose - Still believes in Santa and NOBODY BETTER FUCKING TELL HIM

Church - “Fuck this holiday. One, because I hate all of you. And two, I still don’t celebrate it.”

Sister - Will fight anyone who doesn’t get into the Christmas spirit

Donut - puts way too much time and effort into his gifts for the treatment he got and is very hurt

Simmons - is kinda meh? With all of it bc his dad wasn’t there on Christmas but still hopes Sarge will be there for him

Grif - used to try and make Christmas still happen for Sis when they were younger and their mom was busy

Sarge - Decorates the tree with small firearms

Lopez - Records all the shit that goes down for blackmail later

Doc - tries to get everyone together for a multicultural holiday PowerPoint, fails horribly

Washington - Sleeps through most of the day because he finally has a day off and he is stress™ but also will hurt anyone that ruins Christmas for Caboose

Carolina - sulks off beside herself for a while because she misses Christmas with the freelancers but eventually she comes around