christmas dinner pizza


-Yes, Will.

-You’re not going out hunting for our Christmas feast tomorrow?

-No. People have been extra nice these days. It must be a miracle.

-It’s Christmas miracle. Guess I finally have that dream Christmas dinner with pizza.


- Hannibal, you’re wearing that ugly sweater I bought you.

- Yes, I’m wearing it.

- I thought it’s too…mundane for your taste. I threw it away when Winston peed on it after mistaking it was a rag.


- I’m kidding. I’m happy to see you wearing it.

- I love it.

- Hannibal, can I have one more dog?

- You already have like 8 dogs, Will.

- …

-Check under the tree tomorrow morning…

This is for you my dear friend @hvelfa ! I wish you a ver merry Christmas with friends and love ones ! ( *whisper * look it comes with a fanfic too)