christmas decor gone wrong

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GOT7 Scenarios:

“Love Letter” - Yugyeom: Christmas with GOT7 #1 // Admin Vè

“So That’s How It’s Gonna Be” - BamBam: Christmas with GOT7 #2 // Admin Kira

“Decorating Gone Wrong” - Youngjae: Christmas with GOT7 #3 // Admin Vè

“Who Needs Snow When You Have Flour” - Jinyoung: Christmas with GOT7 #4 // Admin Kira

“Christmas Time Means Family Time” - Jackson: Christmas with GOT7 #5 // Admin Vè

“Guess Who” -JB: Christmas with GOT7 #6 // Admin Kira

“Not Right Now” -Mark: Christmas with GOT7 #7 // Admin Kira

“Lets forget about practice” -Yugyeom Smut // Admin Sel and Admin Ve

“Angst Stories” -Yugyeom [ANGST] // Admin Yianne

“But I’m Sorry”- Bam Bam// Admin Yianne


Got7 as Shit the Admin Groupchat says // Admin Ve

GOT7 Series:

Baby Steps - JB // Admin Kira and Admin Ve

Part: One Two

“It’s Time” -Mark [ANGST] // Admin Yianne

Part: One Two

Train Station(Preview)// Admin Yianne

GOT7 Texts:

Jackson accidentally sends something naughty in the group chat //  Admin Sel

Jackson’s black girlfriend feels insecure cause his fans say she’s “too dark” //Admin Sel

Friendly Texts with Hyung Line// Admin Cole

GOT7 Aesthetics:

Gaming - Youngjae Aesthetics // Admin Kira

Parent - Jinyoung Aesthetics // Admin Kira

Red - Yugyeom Aesthetics // Admin Kira

GOT7 Drabbles:

Drabble 2 + 31 - Mark // Admin Yianne

Drabble 49 - Mark // Admin Yianne

Drabble 23 + 29 + 30 - Jackson // Admin Yianne

“Seriously?!” -Jinyoung Drabble // Admin Kira