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12 Days of Deadpool, #1

Deadpool x Reader

Wade tries to bring a little Christmas spirit to the apartment.

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You get off the elevator carrying several bags of groceries and walk toward your apartment. Several paces from your front door, you hear loud music blaring from inside. Specifically, loud Christmas music. Retrieving the key from your jacket, quickly you unlock the door and rush into the apartment.

“Wade! The neighbors are going to be pissed!” you groan, walking into the small kitchen to place the bags on the counter. Your back is turn away from the living room as you put away the milk and eggs.

‘Really Wade? Last Christmas? Wham!?” you chuckle, closing the fridge door and finally turning to walk into the living room. But you halt in shock.

“Holy shit,” you mutter.

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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #4

Spideypool x Reader, fluff.

Peter and Wade make you Christmas cookies.

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Cookies. The smell of cookies had hit your nose strongly, waking you up from a much needed nap. You get out of the large bed and realized you were still naked from earlier. Quickly, you put on a pair of black shorts and ‘Frankie Says Relax’ shirt. You walked quietly out the bedroom door and walked into the kitchen.

“Wade! The cookies are going to burn!” Peter groaned.

“Listen Betty Crocker, I know what I’m doing,” Wade snapped back with a smirk. He opened the oven door with his Hello Kitty oven mitts and took out the sheet of cookies. “See, baby boy. Delicious.”

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Merry & Bright

Wade smiled as he watched Peter frolic through the Christmas tree lot. This was their first real Christmas together; the others don’t count. Every year before, something horrible has happened to ruin it and this year Wade is determined to make this the best Christmas ever. So, of course step one would be decorating. It’ll be easier to be festive if the apartment is decorated. Wade ran into a little extra money (that Peter didn’t need to know the source of) and told Peter he could choose any real-life tree he wanted. Peter was ecstatic and quickly put on his boots, jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat. They loaded up into a cab and headed out.

Peter bounced around from row to row of different types of trees. He spun around to smile at his boyfriend as he ran his hand over the branches of the nearest White Spruce. The smell of the lot was heavenly and made him wish they lived in one of those picturesque ski cabins he saw on Pinterest. He finally settled on what was apparently a Douglas Fir tree. It was about 5 feet tall and was glittering with snowflakes resting on the needles. It was simple, but it was perfect.

Wade and Peter grunted and tripped as they attempted to carry their tree up the stairs of their apartment building. The elevator was broken and usually Peter would swing his way up through the window, but he didn’t trust Wade to hold onto him AND the tree. They finally managed to get it into their apartment and sitting in the corner next to the window so the whole city could see that they’re having the best Christmas ever. Wade began stringing the colorful lights onto the tree and Peter went off to get his ornaments that have been in a shoebox for 3 years. As Peter dug in his closet for the box he heard muffled singing from Wade. He grinned and walked out to see his boyfriend casually dancing to a Mariah Carey song and untangling a string of lights.

Peter brought his box over to the tree and began to help Wade put the lights on the tree. Wade had begun to dance more enthusiastically when Peter walked in and was now singing at the top of his lungs and using the string of lights as a prop.


Wade smiled as he hung the lights around the back of Peter’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

“You need to focus”, Peter grinned and jokingly wagged a finger at Wade.

They finished putting the lights up and Peter very carefully opened his ornament box. Wade watched as Peter thoughtfully decided where each ornament should go on the tree. He was so caught up in the adorable look of concentration on Peter’s face that it took him a minute before he realized that the ornaments were shaped like different planets.

“Wait, are you putting the solar system on our tree?”, Wade asked as he gently ran a finger over Neptune.

“…yes.”, Peter blushed slightly and tried to casually hide his face behind the tree.

“Oh my god. You’re such a fucking nerd.”, Wade chuckled as he lovingly looked in between the branches at Peter.

“Shut up,” Peter laughed, “I made them with Uncle Ben when I was in the fourth grade. They were originally for my science fair project but I didn’t want to throw them out.”

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more adorable.”, Wade sighed.

Peter finished hanging the ornaments and gasped when he saw the time,


Peter jumped over the couch and began furiously flipping through the channels. He stopped on one of the local channels and let out a sigh of relief. Wade sat down next to him and handed him a cup of the hot cocoa they had been warming up all day. They were just in time for Rudolf.

Save Me

Hi @27azi I’m your SpideyCentral Secret Santa!!! I hope you enjoy this fic with our boy Spidey and  Deadpool :) Merry Christmas!!

Peter Parker x Reader

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I pushed open my door and threw my bag on the couch. I made my way into the kitchen to prepare some food for my family and Peter. My best friend was currently out making New York City a safer place, cleaning out crimes and whatnot. He would be busting through my bedroom window in a few hours, asking for sustenance after a long night of kicking booty. 

I was cutting up some vegetables when I heard a knock on my front door. I checked the time and saw that it was way too early for my parents to be back from work. Scrunching my eyebrows together in confusion, I stared at the door. I carefully made my way to the door. I peaked into the peephole and saw a delivery man, holding a large box. Maybe my parents ordered something. I thought. I carefully opened the door.

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