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Advent Box

All my friends know I pretty much kinda hate Christmastime. I hate every day after Halloween, until the new year. I hate hearing the songs in stores, seeing the obnoxious commercials, being constantly reminded that I’m single and alone, etc. etc.

So then my therapist prompted me to start a tradition for myself that would make things more fun, to take back the season and make it fun for ME.

Well growing up I always loved advent calendars, getting little things every day helps the days go by better you know? You every say “I’m gonna treat myself today, get me a little something.”

So that’s basically the idea…but the fun part being everything is in the SAME size boxes. 

For reference, those are cupcake boxes I got at JoAnn’s for wedding cupcake favors, so try the wedding aisle. They came in a pack of 24, so, perfect!

Each box will have something only a couple dollars, like stocking stuffers, but they don’t have to cost money. Some might just have a piece of paper saying I should treat myself and go walking at the park, or to go window shopping or stuff like that, to get me out of the house.

Other ideas/things I’m gonna put in-

  • Those mini airplane bottles of liquor
  • Christmas socks
  • Nail polish
  • Dark chocolate
  • Small candle
  • Jewelry dish
  • Scented wax for wax warmers
  • Soap
  • $5 gift card to Starbucks
  • $5 gift card to favorite fast food place
  • $3 in bills, go for a walk to the gas station and get a soda
  • Hot cocoa packet with marshmallows
  • Go to redbox, rent something you haven’t seen
  • Go for a run
  • Go over to a friend’s house

It’s just important to remember to give yourself self-care when you’re dealing with depression, which I think just makes this a great idea to get through the shitty holidays. Sorta my version of TREAT YO SELF!

These Motivational Band-Aid Tattoos will make great stocking fillers … & 6 days after Christmas, you may find yourself needing them, to keep up with your New Years resolutions! ^.^ Get them here with limited multi-buy discounts this week!

DIY Paint can lantern tutorial:

You will need:

-Hammer, nails, spray paint, paint can (free at most paint stores, the one I used is a pint sized can, but you can get quarts and gallons too). 


1) Fill the can with water.

2) Leave it in the freezer until it’s totally solid.  

3) Hammer nails into the side in the pattern you’ve chosen. I chose the letter K because this one is for my boyfriend whose name starts with K. Don’t try to skip straight to this step. Without the ice for the nails to stick into, the paint can will dent instead of being punctured. 

4) Run under hot water until all the ice is melted. 

5) Optional: With a can-opener, remove the rim that the can’s lid would usually fit into. This makes it easier to slot in a candle, though if you have a lid you might want to fill the lantern with a strand of LEDs (found at most dollar stores this time of year) and hammer the lid on (kinda looks like a jar of fire flies). If that’s the case, don’t remove the rim. 

6) Spray paint. I used gold, though for christmas lanterns you might want to get creative with gold, silver, red, and green. Cut out paper snowflakes and use them as stencils. Spray it white, wrap tape around like a candycane’s stripes and spray it red, then remove the tape.  Another idea would be to try a galaxy paint job so it’s a space-lantern. (Tutorial here

7) Optional: Use craft wire (cheapest kind comes from home-improvement stores in the floral/ garden section) to make a handle or holder for your lantern so it can be hung up. Be aware that the top does get quite hot. 

Caution: Don’t light a candle inside right after spray-painting. Best to rinse it completely and wait a while for the fumes to disperse. Lighting a candle when the fumes are still around will cause an explosion. Can confirm: missing the hair on my arm. 

Just finished crocheting my Christmas wreath :) Thank you for the wreath cover and gingerbread man patterns and Audra Brown for the little snowman pattern that can be found on Snowflake patterns from Caitlin Sainio’s book, 100 Snowflakes to Crochet :)


I decided to make my girlfriend a jewelry holder for Valentine’s Day. I’m not very good at writing cards (writing is not my strong suit). So I decided to use one of my strengths (something that involved using my hands). You may think cards are a hell of a lot easier to do (if you’re good at it go for it), but if you have a really crappy way with words I suggest making your significant other something to express your love and appreciation.

Things you’ll need:

1. Drawer pulls (I bought mine from Home Depot.) You can get them anywhere I just wanted to pick the designs. I know you can find them at some thrift stores probably. I just didn’t have the patience to go out and look. Haha

2. I bought my wood plaque from Michael’s. You can use any piece of decorated wood. I just really liked the way this one looked.

3. Some wood craft paint (bought it from Michael’s too)

4. Paint brushes (if you don’t have any)

5. A pack of small brass hook hangers, I used this to hold the earrings. (Bought them at Home Depot)

6. A pack of picture hangers to hold this thing up (bought it at Home Depot)

And you’re set!


1) The hook hangers were too shiny so I burnt them over the stove till they turned dark. (Do this safely, I used a pair of needle nose pliers to hold them)

2) I suggest drawing out some straight lines so you can make the placement of the holes even.

3) Write something cute and simple on the back if you want. “Made with love, for my love”. Whatever, be as dorky as you want!

4) Chose a color of paint that is their favorite. (Or yours). And make sure your paint strokes are with the grain of the wood it makes it look a lot better.

5) By all means change this up as much as you want, add in things, don’t add things. Make this your own!

6) This project doesn’t have to be for your partner it could be for a friend or family member too. Or just TREAT YO SELF!!!

This is my first DIY post, I wanted to share this awesome ass idea with everyone because I know my girlfriend is going to freaking love it. Have fun with this and don’t be afraid to ask me any questions.



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little pine tree rubber stamp by worthwhilepaper

get crafty this december with a christmas-ready pine tree rubber stamp — you can use it to decorate your own handmade cards or giftwrap!!