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“Oh Nate,” you flush as he passes you a neatly wrapped present. “You didn’t have to – I didn’t even get-” Nate waved his hand through the air, cutting off your train of thought.

“It’s fine.” He grins at you, and motions towards the present. “Open it.” He insists. You bite your lip momentarily, staring down at the adorable blue wrapping paper coveted in snowmen. You slowly begin to unwrap the present, but pause.

“When did you have time to get me anything?” You ask curiously, looking at the historian with suspicion. Nate rolls his eyes playfully.

“Open it,” he whined childishly, pushing your shoulder gently. You chuckle, and tear the wrapping paper away. Your eyes widen at the sight of your favorite book – a brand new copy, unlike the one you carry around that was missing the last three pages. You look back up at an ecstatic Nate.


“Gideon might have helped me just a tiny bit.” He shrugs, eye never leaving you. “I figured you might need a new one seeing how old the other one is.” You place the book down on your bed, and wrap your arms around his neck. You burry your head into his chest and breath in deeply.

“Thank you, Nate.” His arms are quick to wrap around you, and he holds you tightly to himself. “Thank you so much. I love it.”

And I love you, he thinks to himself.

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Lewis never ceases to please his fans upon receiving certain requests by them…
I can already see the gratuitous amount of fanart after this is uploaded, haha.
Anywhoozies, I hope everyone enjoys my latest video!

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