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Christmas AU prompts
  • Disclaimer: A bit early to give you time to write them, I bring you the Christmas AUs! All are mine, free for grabs. Links to stories and any feedback are appreciated.
  • 1: I’m buying a present for my mother and every time I reach for something, you clear your throat and shake your head disapprovingly, who do you think you are?
  • 2: I’m sitting at Starbucks sipping on my peppermint hot chocolate, and Last Christmas is playing, so I’m singing along, you are the barista and you’ve just assumed that someone broke up with me last Christmas, oh God.
  • 3: We met on the train, I’m going home from work and you’re going to your parents’ for Christmas, you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and you don’t want your parents to know, so I agreed to go with you and play your boyfriend, this is going to be a disaster.
  • 4: I’m attending the Midnight Mass and you’re singing in the choir, I think I’ve just fallen in love, but it’s kinda inappropriate given the time and place.
  • 5: We are fighting over the last Christmas tree in the store and I’m not leaving without it, I’d rather kill you and go to jail but WITH the tree!
  • 6: You’re a patient at the hospital I work in, it’s Christmas and you look so lonely and miserable that I’ve decided to make this your best Christmas ever, you’re in for quite a party.
  • 7: I pack Christmas presents for money, you’re that one busy guy that always dumps his presents at my counter without saying anything and runs away talking busily on the phone, but you always give me extra money, so I don’t care.
  • 8: Our kids’ class does the Nativity play and our kids are competing for the role of Joseph, and it’s become war between our entire families, like MY SON is going to be Joseph, understand?
  • 9: We decorate our houses for Christmas and you use an awful amount of lights, I can’t sleep at night because of them, idiot, I’m coming to your house and strangling you with the lights if you don’t switch them off.
  • 10: I forgot to buy a Christmas tree and I tried to cut one in your garden, you caught me, please, don’t call the police, I can explain.
  • 11: At work, we have a competition in bringing the best Christmas cookies, I told everyone I’d win, but I can’t bake anything without burning the house down. I noticed your apartment always smells deliciously sweet, you’re probably a cookie genius, so I’ll ask you for help.
  • 12: I’m a cop, you’re a fake Santa, someone’s stolen your sack and you started yelling for help, now I’m chasing the thief with a fake Santa in tow, great.
  • 13: I’m driving the Coca Cola Christmas truck and I almost ran you over, I’m so sorry, don’t call my boss please, here, have some free Coke maybe?
  • 14: I joined a band of carolers to get closer to you, but I can’t sing and I’m terrible at memorizing lyrics, oh God.
  • 15: It’s Christmas and I’ve locked myself out of my apartment, you’re my neighbor and you saw me sitting outside looking miserable, so you invited me in your apartment until help arrives.
  • 16: I’m a cop and the Christmas shift is mine because I’m single without kids, you’ve just called and said someone’s trying to break in your house through the chimney, are you kidding me or should I really go there?
  • 17: You bought your kids a cool robot toy for Christmas, but it was mistakenly delivered to my door, I know I should return it, but I kinda want to try it out because it’s so cool, I’m conflicted.
  • 18: I was buying Christmas cards for friends at your store and when I was paying, you told me you never receive any cards, now I’m on the quest of finding out your address and sending you one because you deserve it.
  • 19: We both missed our flight, now it’s Christmas Eve and we’re stuck in the airport hotel together, waiting for another flight.
  • 20: “Hi, I know you don’t really know me, and this is really awkward, but I bought your dog a Christmas present because he’s so cute, so… here it is.”
  • 21: I work at the flower shop and you come here every day, what the hell do you need twenty poinsettias for?
  • 22: Your coffeeshop offers a special Christmas drink and I’m addicted, you’re the barista and you think I’m in love with you, I mean, you’re cute and all but I’m all for the gingerbread latte, I swear.
  • 23: I’m a delivery man and I accidentally delivered the wrong package to you, I’m so sorry your grandma has unwrapped a giant dildo under the Christmas tree, please don’t kill me.
  • 24: We are in prison and it’s your first Christmas here, so me and some other inmates have decided to make it easier for you.
  • 25: I’m a firefighter and you’re that one idiot who’s set his house on fire on Christmas Eve, ever heard about LED lights? Geez.

Anyways but can you imagine Alec’s first real Christmas/New Years? His parents probably never gave them time to celebrate it and as a kid he’d always look out of his window and look at all the decorations on people’s houses and mundanes being so excited and so happy about some dumb little holiday, and he’d never understand that, but deep down he knew he’d do anything to be able to have so much life inside of him and be excited about such pointless things.

And then, Magnus came along. Magnus who celebrated every single holiday ever, including holidays such as fucking Columbus Day (“why did you throw a random party again Magnus?” “*GASP* it is not random at all Alexander, it is for Columbus Day! The most important day of the year!!”)

And Magnus’s biggest goal was to get Alec as excited for Christmas as he was. So he dragged him into every single store in the city, made him look at every single tree, every single ornament, every single god damn Santa hat (on November 2nd, i might add).

So Alec was so done with shopping, he was sure that when Christmas came along, he’d just hate it. Except when he went to Magnus’s place on a windy day at the end of November, exhausted after an unfortunate demon hunt, just wanting to take a hot bath and cuddle with his boyfriend, and he opened the door to an actual wonderland.

There was a big silver tree in the middle of the living room with all the ornaments on it that Alec remembered Magnus forcing him to pick, the entire place was a big splash of gold and green and red, it smelled like gingerbread and like Magnus and like home and Alec felt like he was in a fairy tail. There was some dumb old Christmas song playing in the background and big “ALEC” and “MAGNUS” lights under the tree, and then there was Magnus cursing in the kitchen with a Santa hat on because the cookie tray burned his fingers.

Alec came up to Magnus and hugged him from behind, inhaling the even stronger smell of gingerbread that was coming from him. And maybe, just maybe, Magnus could make him feel just as excited as those mundanes are every year because Magnus had so much life inside of him, that he was oh so willing to share with Alec.