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The 25 Year Life of a D&D Campaign World

This fine DM has posted a photo treasury of the life of their 25 year old home campaign. Super inspirational seeing this, it’s getting me excited about the future of my own world of Arkhosia.

BTW, happy holidays from your pals at Hope it’s safe, wonderful, and you roll 20s on your “open sweet gifts” checks!

- Mathew out!

The signs at christmas eve
  • Aries : Stays up all night bc they're so excited
  • Taurus : Spends the whole day buying presents they forgot to buy earlier.
  • Gemini : Complains about how there's no snow
  • Cancer : Watches every christmas movie they can find
  • Leo : Gets drunk
  • Virgo : Stays in bed, eating and watching Netflix
  • Libra : Bakes, decorates, watches christmas movies .. basically does everything that relates to christmas
  • Scorpio : Complains about how they're not in the christmas mood all day.
  • Sagittarius : Can't handle their excitement at all
  • Capricorn : Plans to get a lot of stuff done and ends up not doing any of it
  • Aquarius : Posts every little christmas-y things on Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr etc.
  • Pisces : Either the happiest person on the planet or the saddest person on the planet, there's no in between.
Betty’s a serpent (part 4)

(part 1) (part 2)  (part 3)

The final chapter is finally here!! 

It’s shorter than the others but I hope you all still enjoy. Please let me know what you think and thank you for all the support whilst writing this.

bughead fanfiction


Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”


After that the five started hanging around more. They had two meeting places; Pop’s or Scorpion although having the sheriff’s kid hanging around with a bunch of serpents wasn’t exactly ideal so for the most part, burgers and milkshakes were the choice meal. It’s normally in the evening just before curfew but just after Pop closes up that they manage to sneak in. Jughead being a very loyal customer had managed to convince Pop to keep the diner open on certain days for an hour more after team practice.

What no one had expected was the rain which caused the entire football team and cheerleading squad to tumble in, Veronica, Archie & Betty towards the back with apologetic looks. Jughead had been waiting with his milkshake and a plate of now cold fries and he knew Betty was going to meet him so he waited it out.

When the bell rang he looked up expecting to see his wife and best friends but was instead greeted by a soaking Chuck Clayton & Reggie Mantle as the rest of the team was piling in behind followed by the River Vixens. “Look what we have here” Chuck said walking towards him “our very own serpent traitor.”

Jughead didn’t respond and instead locked eyes with his wife who he could tell was getting angry.

“Come on Jones what you looking at?” Chuck followed his line of sight to Betty “ah yes, the good little Cooper girl. You know Betty, you sure aren’t as much fun as Polly” he’d now turned towards her.

“Leave her alone Chuck, it’s me you have a problem with” Jughead jumped up “or are you too much of a coward you have to pick on girls because you’re not man enough to fight me.”

Still looking at Betty, Chuck continued “Nah come on Cooper. You’re not still dating this southside idiot are you?”

Holding her composure the blonde replied “No Chuck we’re not dating anymore” she looked to Jughead who gave her a slight nod as Veronica (who was standing to her right) held her hand for support “we’re married actually so it’s Cooper-Jones now” she left Veronica’s hand, approached Jughead and kissed him before he handed her back her wedding rings. Putting them on she smiled and held her hand up in the boys now very confused face “so get your facts straight.” Veronica, Archie & Kevin also walked over to where Betty & Jughead were standing.

“Hold up. Your mom actually let you get married? To a serpent?” Chuck asked still trying to understand.

“Well I for one think it’s sweet, don’t you?” Cheryl asked her River Vixens who all agreed. “Chuck maybe you should think about finding a girlfriend too or at least stop harassing my squad and my niece and nephews aunt.” She walked over to the couple and offered her sincere congratulations as some of the other vixens followed.

The rain had started to calm down so people were beginning to leave but Betty stopped Cheryl “Hey, do you wanna join us?”

The redhead looked between the five friends “If you’re all okay with it?” to which everyone nodded. Cheryl slid into a booth next to Veronica and Kevin whilst Archie had pulled up a chair from the opposite table and Jughead & Betty sat opposite, her leaning into him.

Pop’s dropped off six milkshakes and a basket of fries. “A toast” Veronica declared raising her glass up “even though they’ve been married for ages without telling us, I hope you continue to make each other as happy as you do now. May you have a long, healthy and happy marriage. To Betty and Jughead.”

“Betty and Jughead” everyone repeated clinking their glasses together.


To say married life was easy would be a lie but they always managed pulled through.

Despite many arguments both Betty and Jughead had decided to attend college online, Jughead majored in creative writing whilst Betty majored in journalism. With their positions in the Serpents, neither wanted to leave Riverdale so both had looked for jobs they could do from home.

After three months of hunting and thanks to her parents extensive contacts in the journalism industry, Betty had managed to secure a job as a junior writer for an online magazine. Sure it’s not the type of work she thought she’d be writing but her serpent lifestyle was exciting enough that her writing became an escape. As for Jughead, the boy had talent and everyone knew it. He had managed to self publish a book under the name J. C. Jones that had quickly became a bestseller which led to his getting an agent and a hell of a lot more money for this work.

Jackie and Alice were now helping the younger members of the Southside community learn various forms of self defence. The elder serpent was also tutoring the younger children in other subjects something which Betty had encouraged all crew members to take part in and as she had them all wrapped around her finger, they did just that.

The most significant change in their lives happened two years ago, when Betty gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Charlotte ‘Cherry’ Cooper-Jones was born in the early hours of a December morning. She had her mother’s piercing green eyes, father’s raven hair and the entirety of the Cooper’s, Jones’ and Southside Serpents smitten.

It was a rare occasion that everyone got together now. Archie was now a famous singer and was either on tour or recording in LA, Veronica was the head of a global fashion and lifestyle magazine and was engaged to Archie. They had become quite the power couple on social media.
After a couple of years, Kevin was reunited with Joaquin and the two had moved to Sydney to enjoy a less dramatic life. Joaquin was now a chef and owned his own very exclusive restaurant whilst Kevin helped out Veronica with the Australian edition of her magazine. Cheryl had offered to be the head editor in England as a way of starting a new life. She had married a socialite but the two had decided to live in the suburbs so they could give their children the quiet lives they didn’t have.

Every Christmas everyone would fly back to Riverdale where Jughead and Betty would host a Christmas party. Archie had some exciting news that was a surprise for everyone which no one, not even Veronica knew what it was, so as everyone sat round one of the bigger tables in Scorpion, Archie stood up and pulled out his phone. “Something I’ve been wanting to write for a while was a song for you all. My manager just text me letting me know that it’s number one in the Christmas charts so it seems like a good time to share it with you all.” He had connected his phone to the bar’s bluetooth speakers and the sound of a soft guitar started to play. 

The chorus and hook echoed through the bar, everyone had memorised the words by the end;

Doesn’t matter who or where you’re from,
The people that stick beside you help you know, oh,
Your family is who you choose,
From the lonely boy to the girl with tattoos,
They’re always there for you…


On this day in music history: June 7, 1982 - “Built For Speed”, the US debut album by the Stray Cats is released. Produced Dave Edmunds, Hein Hoven and The Stray Cats, it is recorded at Eden Studios, Jam Studios in London and AIR Studios in Montserrat, W.I. from Early - Late 1981. The first American album by the Massapequa, LI, NY rockabilly trio is a compilation that features six tracks from their self-titled UK debut and five tracks from their second UK album “Gonna Ball”. Heavily influenced by 1950’s rockabilly music pioneers like Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley & His Comets, and Gene Vincent, the band garner a solid following playing bars and clubs in their native Long Island, NY and New York City punk venues like CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City. They get their big break when they move to England in 1980, and they meet musician Dave Edmunds (“I Hear You Knocking”). They are quickly signed by Arista Records in the UK and land a spot as the opening act for The Rolling Stones. EMI-America Records in the US sign them and release “Speed”. “Stray Cat Strut” (#3 Pop) is initially released as the first single a few weeks after the album in July of 1982. Top 40 radio programmers unsure of what to make of the band, greet the record with indifference. The Stray Cats fortunes turn around when “Rock This Town” (#9 Pop) is issued in September. Accompanied by a memorable video clip, MTV begins airing it, and radio soon catches on, with the single hitting the top ten before Christmas. “Strut” is then re-released the same month, entering the chart the week of Christmas, rocketing up the chart and into the top five by the end of February 1983. The albums sales propelled by the two singles are very strong, but is unable to grab the top spot on the pop album chart, held off by Men At Work’s “Business As Usual” and then Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Out of print on vinyl in the US since 1989, it is reissued as a 180 gram LP as part of the “From The Capitol Vaults” reissue series in 2008. “Built For Speed” spends fifteen weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Here’s how to make some Christmas dinner themed pendant necklaces! Cross stitch a pudding, turkey, brussels sprout and a pig-in-blanket.

You will need some 13-count vinyl Aida (DMC/Charles Craft), one scrap of ribbon per pendant, and a necklace chain to put it on. Use your usual DMC stranded cotton to stitch the designs using 3 strands for best coverage.

Each pendant needs two sides, so choose two designs as your front and back or the same design twice. Complete the backstitch (using 2 strands) of the motifs, but don’t backstitch around the outline of the circles yet. Cut out your sides from the vinyl Aida along the red cutting-out line. Don’t worry, the vinyl doesn’t fray. Looking like the above, the sides are now ready for assembly.

For this example, the front is a turkey and the back is a pudding. Place your two sides back to back to be stitched together. Use 2 strands, about 70 cm long. 1 Starting at the bottom, stitch back and forth through each side, alternating spaces along the indicated backstitch line. Fold over a small piece of ribbon to make a loop and hold it sandwiched in the sides at the top. Stitch over it as you go around, securing it in place.

2 When you’ve stitched all the way around, your front will look like this. 3 And the back side will look like this.

4 Now continue around the outside again, filling in the gaps on each side as you go on the front, 5 and on the back. 6 When you complete the stitching, bring the two ends of the thread between the sides so that you can knot them together away from the outside. Run the thread between the sides to hide it.

The pendant is done and ready for your necklace chain. To help the chain through the loop, attach a bit of thread to the end of it, put the thread in a needle, and draw it through the loop. You could finish by sticking on a tiny bow to the ribbon, or how about a small jingle-bell?

Thanks for following along, Merry Christmas 2016!


On this day in music history: October 15, 1970 - “Jackson 5 Christmas Album”, the fourth album by The Jackson 5 is released. Produced by The Corporation, it is recorded at The Sound Factory and Hitsville USA West Studios in Hollywood, CA from July - September 1970. The groups first and only holiday album, it is The Jackson 5’s fourth full length LP release of the year, issued only five weeks after “Third Album”. The collection quickly becomes a perennial favorite during the Christmas holiday season with their versions of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” becoming two of the most requested Christmas songs played on radio. The album tops the annual Christmas albums chart published by Billboard Magazine in 1970, but not on the main Top 200 or R&B album charts due to Billboard’s then policy of not including seasonal holiday albums or singles on their main charts. The album returns to the top again in 1972, charting a total of six times over the years. Originally released on CD in the mid 80’s, it is remastered and reissued in 2001 under the title “The Best Of The Jackson 5 - 20th Century Masters The Christmas Collection”, with the previously unreleased “Little Christmas Tree” added as a bonus track. The “Jackson 5 Christmas Album” spends four weeks at number one on the Billboard Christmas Albums chart, going Platinum in the US, and selling over three and a half million copies worldwide.