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So I have been working on this a disgustingly long time but finally finished another year of Star Trek holiday sweaters. It’s been too long since I really sat down and drew these guys. Kinda rusty still but it’s getting there.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Thanks everyone!

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ooh I'd love to know why you think they learned around the new year, if you don't mind sharing? :)

Strap in, because this got away from me.

For me it comes back to the timeline. This was a very interesting time to think about their families and how that all works when you’re hiding a relationship. I believe in the past Louis was able to pretend with Eleanor while around his family, but I think this past Christmas he refused to. 

We know that Louis was home in Doncaster on December 23rd - we have pictures of him playing football with friends. Harry appeared to be in Holmes Chapel that evening. On the 24th, Louis’ birthday, we didn’t hear from him, although I believe from the tone of the Tommo’s birthday wishes to him on social media that he was not with them. On the 25th, again we did not hear from them and only knew that Harry was still in HC. On the 26th, Boxing Day, Harry was with Des and Louis appeared to be in London with family, but on the 27th he was tweeting about seeing a shooting star (which you probably wouldn’t see in London or Doncaster) and his family were tweeting about leaving London.

This is where it gets interesting. After this, he and Harry both disappeared until Harry was seen on the evening of January 1st in LA. No indication of where either of them were for New Year. ETA: I’m being told that Anne put a picture of Harry on her facebook that is supposed to be from NYE, but I’m not convinced. It looks like the same outfits they were wearing on Christmas Eve so she may have just been posting an old picture. Either way, I still believe HL spent NYE together in LA.

Louis’ grandmother passed away on January 4th, but we have no idea where he was at the time. He didn’t pop up again until the 11th, in Blackburn. He then appeared to be in LA by the 13th, where his feet and voice both appeared in a video that the 5SOS boys posted while there.

I believe (and let me stress that this is all very much speculation, headcanon and opinion) that at some point between December 23rd and January 11th, Louis told his family about Harry.

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Hello everyone! I post this little thing I wrote today. I’m sorry if there is any mistake but please consider English is not my first language! I tried my best. There is no smut in this one (sorry haha) but I’m planning on writing some sequels so probably you can find smutty scenes in there. The story is set in Holmes Chapel, Christmas Time.  Hope you like it. 

Oh and btw, I got inspired while listening to Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding. I think the song sets the atmosphere for this… beginning? 


At some point that day I could stop staring at him, that is what I thought every time our eyes met. I really liked how his glowing eyes squinted somewhat when he grinned so proud and satisfied. His left arm protectively enclosed a woman, who, I believed was his mum. His snob aura was certainly something which had to be explored. Many times I had been told how nice he was, what a wonderful personality he had.

My gaze landed on him. This time, his pouty lips tasted the yellowish content of the glass he was holding.  His veiny hand grabbed it gently, as if it was so fragile it could break any time. It was then when his eyes and mine met again. He caught me looking at him once more, as if he was some sort of work of art. He was, indeed. That patterned blue jacket made him look like one. He smiled so big, a kittenish smile which invited to something else. There were many secrets untold behind those cheeky grins. I craved some kind of interaction further than simple eye contact. I felt my cheeks burn at the same time my heartbeat sped up the moment I saw him talking to the waiter and looking at me. Some seconds later, the waiter approached me in a very discreet way.

“This drink is for you. He paid for it” the man slightly tilted his head as if he was indicating Harry, not wanting to be too obvious, and slid the glass across the counter. I looked at him once again, and mumbled Thank You just to get a wink as a reply.


“Did you like it?” a very deep voice startled me. I lost track of his presence the moment I started checking out the messages my sister had sent to my phone. Then I looked for him but could not find him anywhere. “Sorry if I scared you” I smiled, bashfully. My lips parted since my brain encouraged me to respond, to add anything, but I simply couldn’t. He was quick, though. “You a fan or something?” What the actual fuck. A fan? Well, I did not consider myself a fan. He smiled faintly, but still frisky and charismatic.

“Sorry. You scared me. I didn’t expect you to be this close, here, I mean, talking to me. Sorry. Umm. Thank you for the drink. By the way” Was that everything I could say? I felt and sounded like a complete idiot. “No, well, it’s not that I don’t like your music but-” he interrupted me.

“I get it. No worries. It’s actually fine” his beam didn’t go away and his magnetism began to draw me. Was this magic what everyone referred to? Was this feeling the feeling everyone talked about?

“Was just that you were looking at me as if you were asking for a picture. I have some sort of radar to detect those situations” Was he joking right? I smirked dreamily, not trying to look too uneasy. “Just joking” he confessed and continued “How are you doing? Some relaxing time alone before tonight’s dinner?” He addressed me as if we had already met somewhere and sometime before. That feeling. His eyes didn’t leave mine while he spoke. He was very outgoing, someone to instantly get on incredibly well. I examined his hair, short but still long enough to… oh shut up. My mind was running wild, every thought impregnated with those mildly pornographic scenarios.

“I’m good thanks. You?” His eyes were so piercing and intense. So green. I bet he knew the effect they had in other people, in other women. In me. The guy was charming and his presence filled the whole space.  

“I’m very good. Thank you. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out some day. I mean, you live near?”

What the hell? He was asking me out. So simple but so disturbing for my inner peace. The plot had just twisted dramatically, and, I hope, beautifully too.

“Yeah I do. I mean I do live here. A couple of blocks away, near the high school. Why should I hang out with you? We don’t know each other. Do we? I mean, I don’t know” In fact I did know him, but he did not know me at all. What kind of question that was? But I plainly didn’t know what else to say. I was playing the stupid part.

He looked down at his shoes quite amused with the awkward situation. Those boots. Smiled. Then look up at me again, his eyebrows raised.

“That’s why I’d love to hang out with you. I want to get to know you. The way you were looking at me was so intriguing” This last word was pronounced with a deeper tone.

“That’s fine. But when? Excuse me I’m being so weird and odd.” We both laugh at this at the same time.  

“You don’t have to worry a bit. That’s not a big problem, or is it? We can meet the day after Christmas, if you like. Like we can have lunch somewhere in Cheshire, or we can stay here if you prefer.”

“Sounds really good. I don’t actually mind, believe me. ”

“Umm so… I’ve got to go like in a couple of minutes or so. My family is leaving and I would love to stay here with you but you know, family meetings… Umm would you mind giving me your number? So I can call you and give you all the details of the place, time, and everything.”

My hands shook as I listened to his words slipping out of his mouth. He took the phone off his pocket and typed his password before handing the phone to me. In that moment our hands brushed and his skin burnt against mine. It was so electric.  “Can you please add your number to my contact list?” He softened his tone.  

“Y/N” I would be lying if I said I was not about to faint. Because I was.

“There we go” I saved all the information and gave the phone back to him. He glanced over the screen.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days. Nice to meet you, y/n.”

“Same here, Harry. Nice to meet you.”

“Next time you won’t be so nervous. Will you?”

“Probably not.”

We waved goodbye, our smiles so wide and positive. Curious about what might happen from that moment onwards. I was having a date with Harry Styles. And I didn’t know where it could go from there. Or maybe I did. 

SYLM Series Extra: 'The Moment I Knew': Part One

Here it is, finally! The first instalment to the break up series. I’m so sorry for being MIA lately, I hope you all enjoy! xx

Christmas lights glisten, I’ve got my eye on the door, just waiting for you to walk in. But the time is ticking, people ask me how I’ve been as I comb back through my memory, how you said you’d be here. You said you’d be here.

Christmas - your favourite holiday - it always had been since you were a little girl and this year, since you were spending it with Harry, you were sure it would be full of love and joy. He was due back today, Christmas Eve, from LA, something you had been looking forward to for the past week. You didn’t want him to go, but at the same time it gave you a chance to finish up the Christmas shopping that you had been too lazy to start when everyone else did. You left it to the last minute.

Last Christmas had consisted of only a phone call between you and Harry to wish each other a Merry Christmas since you had only been dating for a few months, spending Christmas together was moving a little too fast for the both of you, and even the thought terrified both of you. But this year, the talk of spending Christmas together had started in September, and this time it excited you.

You had both planned to spend the morning just the two of you, swapping gifts and cuddling up together, and then head to your mum’s for dinner. So at 4:47pm while you were cooking his favourite dinner in the kitchen, waiting for him to walk through the door in roughly ten minutes’ time, you were the happiest you’d been in a long time. Harry was finally coming home, and tonight you wouldn’t be alone in the bed that you had been for the past three months, he’d be in it beside you. The thought of that excited you a lot more than you thought it even could.

But a couple of minutes later when you had turned the oven off and retreated into the living room to press play on the episode of Scandal you were on with your glass of red wine, a call came through on your cell phone. Lifting it from the sofa where it lay, you smiled as Harry’s face lit up your screen, instantly lighting up your mood. He’d be home soon.

The conversation started with a simple ‘hello, how are you,’ but you knew something was off. Then everything fell through once you heard those words. “I was thinking that I’d just head straight to my mum’s, have Christmas there and you could spend it with your family. I know you don’t get to see them a lot and it would give you the chance to spend time with them.” That was it. He didn’t give you the option of spending it with him, he didn’t even ask if you wanted to spend it with him. He didn’t care about how you felt about this particular subject.

You closed your eyes taking a deep breath before you finally trusted yourself to speak without bursting into sobs. “Whatever, if that’s what you want,” was all you said.

“Yeah, it is. I’ll call you Christmas Day then. See you soon, yeah? I love you,” and he hung up. He didn’t even wait for you to say it back. And you knew he had felt what you had felt while he was gone – the distance between you had grown and grown to the point that now, at this point in time, you weren’t sure if you could get back to the place you were at before he went to LA.

& & &

Trying to muster up the courage to call your mum was difficult, you knew she’d been looking forward to hosting Christmas for you and your first boyfriend that she approved of – but now none of that was happening. You tried to tell yourself that you weren’t holding off because you hoped he was kidding that he’d spend Christmas in Holmes Chapel, you knew it wasn’t true though. And no matter how much you hoped and prayed that he’d walk through the door at that moment and surprise you, it wasn’t going to happen. You knew you had to make the call to your mum though, so you did. You just mustered everything you possibly could before dialling her number and waiting for her to answer.

“Hello, darling. Is that sweet boyfriend of yours home yet? I’m making his favourite for dessert,” you heard her smile through the phone. Trying as hard as you could to keep your sniffled to a minimum, you looked up to the ceiling to try and keep the tears away until you hung up.

“Mum, that’s what I’m calling about. He’s spending Christmas with his family, I’m sorry, mum,” you said, surprisingly not breaking down in the middle of the sentence. You managed to keep it together.

You heard your mum drop what she was doing onto the counter gently. “That’s okay, sweet pea. I’m sure you’ll have a great time at Anne’s,” you could hear her smile through the phone.

You smiled, small that your mum would be ok with you both cancelling the day before. “No, mum. I’ll be having dinner with you guys, he’s going to spend it with his family.” You heard her faint inhale of breath. Clearly, she was shocked.

“Oh, my love. I know how excited you were about spending Christmas with him. I’m so sorry,” you smiled at your mum’s tender voice. “Are you ok? Did he just tell you? Did he ask you to go to his family’s? You know you can go, don’t you? Your dad and I won’t mind,” he soothing voice and reassurance that you could go to his family’s and they wouldn’t be upset made you even more upset.

“He didn’t ask me but I’m ok mum. Listen I still have lots to do before tomorrow so I’ll see you then, yeah?”

“Of course, honey. Remember, always put yourself first. I love you, sweet pea.”

“I love you too, mum.”

You weren’t lying when you told your mum you still had lots to do, the only present you had wrapped was Harry’s but the only thing you could bring yourself to do was cry, cuddled into your favourite blanket. But after twenty minutes, you pulled yourself together, dried your eyes, and pulled out the multiple bags of presents that were in the storage closet, before sitting down in front of the fire, and beginning on the wrapping.

It was around midnight before you finished wrapping - taking a break to eat dinner obviously - but it still took around three and a half hours at least. There was a bang from outside and your stomach dropped, your eyes instantly falling on the door, waiting on Harry to walk through the door.

And at that moment you knew you couldn’t deny the sadness of what you knew was coming. It was over. You let what you both promised each other would never get between the two of you ruin the love you had found - distance. It just got a little too hard to handle.

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Where do you think Harry and Louis were from dec 24th till where they are still now.. ??

My personal headcanon is this one:

Dec 23rd - Louis in Doncaster (pic of them) to see his family

Dec 24th - Louis’ birthday/Christmas Eve in Holmes Chapel with Harry and his family

Dec 25th - probably Louis still in Cheshire with Harry

Dec 26th - Louis in London with his family who drove to London from Doncaster “to spend time with Louis” (it happened last year too), so we assume they didn’t see him before this date

Dec 27th - Louis comes back to Cheshire while his family goes to Doncaster, (it’s like 1 hour and something away from HC by the way). 

Dec 28-29-30th - Louis and Harry in HC with Gemma etc

I am quite sure they’ll be in London, or at least Harry will be in London, tomorrow for NYE, probably we’ll have some pics of him celebrating somewhere and nothing more. (We won’t hear anything from the other boys if not a tweet about happy new year and bla bla)

If we don’t have ANY pic I am going to thank not only God but also Jesus because this is the best time of our lives. FINALLY. 


Trying out the new super wide lens I got for Christmas. I guess the natural tendency is to find giant, sweeping panoramas to shoot with a lens like this. But I I like the interesting perspective it lends when you instead try to get as close as possible to really big things to take the shot.  (click the pic for the full effect) 

My wife and I traditionally visit departed family at a few local cemeteries at Christmas. The Chapel is at Brookside Cemetery in Houston. I was standing so close I could almost touch the shrubbery.

And of course the other shot is the VA cemetery in Houston, which is always impressive but more so at Christmas. Again, standing almost on top of the marker up front, center.