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コイビト未満・・・? 橘 瑛太 Sample Voice
佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)
コイビト未満・・・? 橘 瑛太 Sample Voice

コイビト未満・・・? 橘 瑛太 Sample Voice (CV: Nakazawa Masatomo)

*NSFW, headphones advised. Nakazawa-san’s signature kisses right from the beginning. > v <

Release Date: January 14th, 2016.

emo christmas playlist

01.  all i want for christmas is you | my chemical romance

02.  under the mistletoe (feat. dia frampton) | never shout never

03.  12 days of christmas | relient k

04.  there will be no christmas | crown the empire

05.  yule shoot your eye out | fall out boy

06.  fool’s holiday | all time low

07.  happy holidays, you bastard | blink 182

08.  sickly sweet holidays | dallon weekes

09.  christmas with you | artist vs. poet

10.  i had a heart | real friends

11.  all i can give you | jason lancaster

12.  father christmas | man overboard

13.  have yourself a merry little christmas | relient k

14.  merry christmas, kiss my ass | all time low

15.  this christmas (i’ll burn it to the ground) | set it off

16.  deadbeat holiday | green day

17.  forgot it was christmas | the downtown fiction

Christmas Cookies

Maria Reynolds x Reader

Note: I actually really like this one it was a lot of fun to write and I’m happy I got to write a character I’e never written before it was fun! Hope you enjoy

Request: Anonymous asked: You don’t have to, but what about a fluffy Maria Reynolds x reader involving baking something Christmas themed since you asked for holiday requests? Sorry if this isn’t specific enough!

AU: Modern

Word Count: 761

The smooth vocals of the singer singing the Christmas carols off the CD Maria brought over flood through the house. You hadn’t paid attention to who she said it was, you were too captivated by your girlfriend for that, her gorgeous curls frame her face, and her lips are painted in her signature red lipstick she planted a kiss on your cheek as she walked in the door and you still have her lipstick mark on your cheek.

You’re still shocked that a girl like Maria is actually dating you, she’s told you over and over again that she’s the lucky one, that she is forever in awe of you and everything that you do but you still just can’t believe your luck.

“Y/N” you faintly hear your girlfriend calling your name from the kitchen in a singsong tone. “Oh Y/N!” her beautiful voice floods your ears as she comes to stand behind you and you finally turn to look at her.

Since arriving she’s already pulled on a Santa hat and is now shoving one onto your head, as smile gracing her lips as she positions it perfectly.

“There, perfect. Now we can get to work” She says.

“Get to work on what exactly?” you ask as she makes her way over to the Christmas tree, that she helped you decorate last weekend, in the corner of the room and switches the lights on. Suddenly the room is lit in different colors, as they flash softly.

“Christmas cookies” you let her lead you back into the kitchen where she’s laid out all the ingredients you’ll need and passes you a Christmas decorated apron to tie around your waist, and as you look over it you realize it matches the one she holds in her hand.

“You bought us matching aprons?” You ask as a grin creeps over your lips.  

“Yeah, y-you’re okay with that right?” She asks, as she looks down her hair falls to cover her face like a curtain of curls.

You carefully reach out, lifting her chin by the tips of your fingers. “I love them babe” you say quietly before pressing your lips to hers.

As she pulls away she smiles and turns back to the counter. “So I know you’re not on for baking so I already made the Christmas cookies at home. Now you and I get to decorate them together” she announces.

She pulls a container out of one of her bags and as she opens it the unmistakable scent of gingerbread fills the air. Following the cookies she pulls out a bowl of frosting that she’d made at home. 

You peek into the other bag sitting on the counter, which seems to be filled with all sorts of sprinkles and other candy to decorate the cookies with. 

“Someone came prepared” you point out with a grin as you unload the bag. 

“Well I peeked in here a few days ago and you have nothing to decorate cookies with so I figured it was up to me to bring everything” she explains and you laugh. “Now get to work, the one whose cookies look the best wins”

“Wins what exactly?” You ask with a raised eyebrow.

 “I haven’t decided yet” 

By the time you’re finished decorating all the cookies your kitchen is a mess. There’s frosting everywhere and at one point you had spilled the sprinkles all over the floor.

Your hands are also covered with frosting and Maria giggles when she looks up at you.

“How did you get it on your cheek?” She asks as she leans in, kissing your cheek and licking the frosting off as she does.

“Well we both know I’m not particularly great in the kitchen. Definitely not as good as you” you say, glancing down at the now decorated cookies.

Her half look perfect, like cookies you’d find in a bakery somewhere, whereas your half look like a 5 year old took a shot at decorating and did as well as you’d expect.

“I like yours, they look homemade and they look like whoever decorated them had fun with them” She assures you with another kiss on your cheek. “And since I was in charge of this contest I declare you the winner”

You laugh and move over to the sink to wash the frosting off you hands. “So what do I get for winning?” you ask. 

“My company, for the rest of the night” you turn to kiss her as she slips her arms around your waist. 

“I couldn’t think of a better prize” 

Christmas Decorating

Schuyler Sisters x Reader 

Note: Two fics in one day? Damn I am getting shit done! Also I loved writing this one it was a lot of fun

Request:Anonymous asked: Hi! So I was wondering if you could do a Christmas fic where the reader is the fourth schuyler sister and so her eliza, Peggy and Angelica all live in an apartment together and they are decorating their place for Christmas?

Word Count: 680

Originally posted by hamgifs

“Margarita Schuyler get off your sister! “ Angelica yells across the apartment. Both you and Peggy freeze in place.

You’d given up on waiting for Angelica to find a neighbor with a step ladder to reach the Christmas decorations at the top of the closet so Peggy had decided to make you kneel on the ground so she could stand on your back.

“Umm I don’t think I can” She mutters truthfully, your arms wobble slightly under her weight and you turn you head to look up at your older sister who is glaring at you both.

“Angie get her off me she’s heavier than she looks” you wheeze out.

You both hear Angelica sigh before she makes her way over to where the two of you are stuck in the closet. She puts her hands either side of Peggy’s waist and helps her down to the ground.

“You couldn’t wait another five minutes for me to get a ladder?” Angelica asks as she helps you up off the ground.

“You were taking too long” Peggy says with a shrug as she places the step ladder that Angelica had brought in, in front of the closet.

“I will climb up and get them in case you fall down and break something, Y/N why don’t you help Eliza in the kitchen?” Angelica suggests, quickly climbing the ladder so that Peggy can’t climb up before her. 

You throw a sarcastic salute at Angelica before making your way into the kitchen to find Eliza, humming as she continues to mix the cake mixture.

“Ang caught you two?” She asks with a smile as you take a seat at the counter opposite her. 

“Of course she did. She’s getting the decorations down now. I still don’t know why we put the decorations in such a difficult place every year” you point out as you stick your finger in the bowl quickly and pull it out, licking the chocolate mixture off and grinning at Eliza. 

“Can I bake anything without you eating all the mixture?” She asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Probably not” You say with a shrug. 

Eliza’s chocolate cake doesn’t last long. After all the work she put into decorating it to make it Christmas themed, is destroyed in minutes. 

After covering every inch of the apartment with tinsel, ornaments and fairy lights the four of you collapsed onto the couch in exhaustion. 

“The cake” Peggy had said, lying over Angelica who had collapsed face first onto the couch. “Y/N get the cake” 

“That cake is for when the boys come over tomorrow” Eliza mumbled from her place next to you on the floor. “I’m not making another one”

“We can buy one for tomorrow but we need that cake now” Peggy countered. “You agree right Ang? Y/N?” she asked. 

“We need sugar Liza” You muttered, resting your head on her shoulder. 

She sighed and threw a pillow at Peggy. “You want to eat my cake you go get it” 

With an over dramatic sigh Peggy dragged herself up off the couch, shuffled to the kitchen and came back with the cake and four spoons.

“Really Peg? Not even going to cut it up?” You ask.

The four of you sit up and crowd around the coffee table where Peggy places the cake before handing out the spoons. 

“Too tired. Dig in” She said, plonking back down onto the ground and immediately digging in, taking out the middle of the cake. 

Eliza sighed as she watched you and Angelica join Peggy in destroying her masterpiece before giving a shrug of her shoulders and joining in and eating the cake, her need for sugar winning out. 

And that is how the four of you spend your night, your apartment lit up with fairy lights in every room, Peggy even stung some up over the toilet just to make it a little more festive in there. 

At some point Angelica pulls out four matching Christmas sweaters and forces all of you to wear them and Eliza puts on a CD of Christmas carols.

Driving Home For Christmas

Summary- You surprise your brothers on Christmas Eve

Word Count-1035

Tag- @evyiione

Masterlist       Prompt List

A/n- Few technical difficulties but finally I have an one shot up! Thanks for being patient guys :)

“What?! Why won’t you be home for Christmas?” Dean asked through the phone.

“Guys I’m at university and they aren’t letting anyone who hasn’t got all their work done go home.” You lied packing your bags.

“(Y/n) it’s Christmas eve. You’ve got to come home little sis.” Sam begged. It was killing you hear them like this but you weren’t going to ruin the surprise.

“I’m sorry Sammy I have too much to get done in one day.” You say quietly zipping up your bag.

“Fine.” Dean snarled.

“Dean don’t get mad.” You heard Sam whisper on the phone.

“Guess we will see you when we do.” Dean says in a pissed tone.

“Don’t be like that Dean please.” You say.

He sighed and you could practically see him reaching for a beer even though it was 10 in the morning.“I’m sorry (Y/n), just make sure your home before New Years Eve.” He says.

“I will. I can promise you that.” You say slinging your bag over your shoulder.

We’ll ring you later. See ya (Y/n).” Sam says disappointed.

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Jingle Balls

Summary: Negan Claus is coming to town.
Request Summary: 2-in-1.
1. “Can you do one where there’s a girl in the Sanctuary that really likes Christmas and she misses it when it starts getting cold again and she’ll hum Christmas songs and so on. So Negan starts leaving her Christmas-y stuff that he finds on runs” – Anon. 2. “Can you do a imagine with negan x liv (my name) :)))??” - @ahappysoul0
POV: Liv
Characters: Negan, Liv
Word Count: 1862
Warnings: Cursing
Author’s note: Wow, would you look at that. I’ve finally done a one-shot. 
Parts: 1/1 - Completed
Quote of the story: “Damn, how about you switch it up and jingle my balls for a change instead of busting them all the damn time.”


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A few thoughts from today

Hanson came out with a new Christmas CD which arrived to my house last night and I am stoked (yup. Hanson. you can judge me I don’t care).

I started casually browsing Christmas ideas for Melody this week and I am STOKED!! Christmas is about 800x more fun now with a kid :) I also went to Toys R Us for the first time as a mom tonight and am lucky I didn’t walk out with the entire store.

We plan to do a 4 gift theme for Melody from now until forever (or until it doesn’t work for us). It includes something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, something to read. I have already ordered the want and read items. I know what I’m getting to wear which just leaves needs and I can’t think of anything (I may end up switching this to an “experience” gift instead). So right now I’m trying to limit myself to fun stocking stuffers and not buy 1,000 things. I am doing surprisingly well. I am super bummed because the item I really wanted for her is shut down for ordering until after the holidays. I think I may do it as a birthday gift instead.

My new car is supposed to be in this week and I can’t wait! I’ve driven my Honda Civic since 2006 (geez that dates me) and have put almost 200,000 miles on it. It has zero issues and has been insanely reliable but now with a kid in Michigan winter I need something better able to get around. I got a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek and can’t wait to drive it! Especially since we’re already experiencing our first winter storm.

Despite pushing back bedtime by 5min every night for two weeks prior to the time change, Melody is still having issues adjusting. She had been sleeping through the night again! 6pm-6am. I slowly worked her back to 7pm-7am then the time change hit at the same time she had 4 teeth pop through. Between the two issues she is now sleeping 6pm-4am. Yup, 4am then up for the day (ugh). Plus she is waking up 2-3x at night again and it sucks. I am forever tired.

Speaking of, I should have been asleep 2hrs ago but I was having too much fun looking at Christmas ideas online. Now I’m going to be extra tired tomorrow.

Ok, that’s all. Thanks for sticking with me through this life change, guys. I’m never sure how much to share/how annoying it is to those without kids/etc.