christmas boogie


The pins from the final set in the Disney villains series were released, and they’re all gorgeous!

Sources for the pictures:

Hans, Oogie Boogie, Bowler Hat Guy, four pins, the whole set.


“… For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”

Sally making an appearance at Anime Central.

Foundation was blue and white Kryolan aquacolor paints sponged on and then blended, followed by contour with blue and white eyeshadow. Stitches were done in aquacolor and eyeshadow, as well as the eye makeup.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have any false lashes to truly complete the look.


Once again its time for Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 5/??

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