Reasons to be excited for fall
  • 1. Not sweating your ass off 24/7 and actually getting to wear jeans, boots, and sweaters.
  • 2. Rainy nights and misty mornings.
  • 3. Baking nonstop and also eating nonstop cause you really don't care about your summer bod anymore.
  • 4. Because there are nothing better than lazy fall days where you can relax with a book, blanket, and cup of tea.
  • 5. Because there is basically just one holiday after another and it's great to see your family and be in festive mode 24/7.
  • 6. There is nothing better than candles, and crunchy leaves, and seeing red and orange everywhere you go, and listening to indie folk, and watching horror movies, and visiting coffee shops, and buying new sweaters, and OMG I LOVE FALL.