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Continuing the catch-up, from Christmas, I took  a little time to work on a personal interpretation of The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Come smiley I love the story of A Christmas Carol so much…I’d really like to keep developing a version of my own! I’ve always loved the Victorian Christmas where warmth, joy and firelight aren’t so far from the fear of winter’s chill. In this take on the spirits- Christmas Past is the little firelight of Scrooge’s own candle, the bell that rings to signify the haunting, as flickering and insubstantial as memory. I imagine her fading and passing her lights on to Christmas Present who wears them as cowl of an advent wreath (the five candles traditionally symbolizing love, joy, peace, hope and the central flame of Christ). Present is a personified horn of plenty mixed with Saint Nicholas, a moving feast that paradoxically cannot be eaten by the starving child hidden in his robes (who will grow into the gaunt form of Christmas Yet To Come). And he is designed to evoke a decaying Christmas tree, under starlight.

something there

Happy Valentine’s Day @pirateherokillian! I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to talk to you more than I did over the past few weeks, but I’ve had fun being your CSSV and getting to know you a bit more. Since you said you liked enemies to friends/lovers, I did my own take on this prompt, although the end result is much more light hearted and fluffy than I originally intended- hope that’s okay! I hope you enjoy reading this and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ♥

Killian has never liked Valentine’s Day. So, naturally, he’s not thrilled when the woman who seems to hate him is assigned to be his substitute assistant teacher on the day in question.

Word count: 2205. Also on AO3 and

He’s never liked this day. The one time every year when pink and red hearts seem to take over every store window, TV advertisements, and this year, even his workplace thanks to Ruby.

Not that he has anything against love. Quite the opposite, in fact. It seemed like yesterday when he had love, when it was the thing that got him out of bed most mornings. But fate hadn’t been kind to him where love was concerned. Even now, though he’s made quite the effort to move on, he’d be lying if he said that just the thought of February fourteenth didn’t make him slightly bitter every year.

Still, his own failing love life isn’t what bothers Killian the most about Valentine’s Day. What’s always irked him the most is seeing couples, most only hanging on by a thread, suddenly willing to show their love for one another just because this particular day in February called for it. (And then going back to their old ways on the fifteenth.)

You’d think he would be used to seeing the elaborate decorations in the school office, in the teacher’s lounge, and all over the hallway after seeing them every day for almost two weeks now, but he still cringes a bit at the sight when he walks into work on Tuesday morning. Despite how great of a friend and coworker she’d been to him over the past year, he couldn’t help but ask why the bloody hell Ruby and several of the other teachers insisted on garnishing the place, especially considering the fact that she was single herself and had already said she’d be celebrating the occasion at home alone with a bottle of wine. (“Think of the children,” she’d usually tell him. He’d usually reply that his fourth graders probably didn’t care about more than just getting candy from their friends at school.)

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it’s funny that hamlet says ‘the rest is silence’ and then horatio says 'flights of angels sing thee to thy rest’

it’s like hamlet has thought about death so long and so hard that he’s stripped all its imagery, all its mystique. there’s nothing romantic or tragic or good or bad about dying. it just is. it’s happening to him, and he’s a little relieved and a little regretful, but it is what it is, it’s silence, and if it’s no more than that than at least it’s no less. he’s dying, and that’s all there is to say. for once, he has nothing more to say

horatio can’t have the same almost nihilistic view of death. as hamlet dies he seems to rise above it all, it doesn’t matter any more. horatio doesn’t get this luxury. he can’t look down at death and say that it just is, that it’s just silence. for hamlet, death is just darkness and silence, it’s just cessation. for horatio, death is his best friend, his love, his whole world, coughing and shuddering in his arms and then going still, going silent, going cold. while hamlet is the neutrality of knowing acceptance, horatio is pain and passion and grief and love, and he can’t just let it be silent, neutral. he needs to make it beautiful and poignant, meaningful and holy. he doesn’t need silence. he needs the bells of heaven to ring


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
3. Christmas decorating with ______.
Request from @daughterofautumn.

Words: 812
Warnings: none

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Christmas/Winter Starters:
  • “Guess who signed us up to go Christmas caroling?”
  • “Sorry, it’s not me, it’s the eggnog.”
  • “Don’t get mad, but I think I set the Christmas tree on fire.”
  • “What must Santa have been smoking to think his reindeer can talk?”
  • “If me and Santa got into a fight, who do you think would win?”
  • “I guess someone’s not getting any use out of that slutty Santa outfit they bought.”
  • “All in saying is no one would catch us if we chopped down a tree.”
  • “I tried to buy one of those singing Santas but I spilled water on it and now it sounds demonic.”
  • “You know, you remind me a lot of the Grinch. The only difference is in the end, his heart grows three sizes, but you stay an asshole.”
  • “Pleaseeee? Nobody else wants to play Santa!!”
  • “I forgot how much work gingerbread houses were..”
  • “Don’t tell me this is your first hot chocolate?!”
  • “I swear if Frosty the Snowman doesn’t melt in the next five minutes, I’m shutting it off.”
  • “Umm just so you know, I’m kind of stuck in the Christmas lights.”
  • “Looks like you’re getting coal this year.”
  • “I just took an online quiz and it said I was on the Naughty List!! If it was you I could see it, but not me!”
  • “Are you seriously crying over Rudolph..?”  
  • “We’re not watching Hallmark Christmas movies.”
  • “Cancel all your plans! We’re watching Hallmark Christmas movies!”    
  • “What the hell kind of Charlie Brown Christmas tree did you buy?”
  • “I lit the fire because I want to make sure Santa knows who’s boss when he comes down that chimney.”  
  • “What did you ask for this Christmas?”
  • “Will you help me go Christmas shopping?”
  • “Have you seriously never eaten a candy cane?”
  • “Is there some kind of old woman shop where they sell those weird Christmas trees made of strawberry candy?”  
  • “Hey, I bought a paint your own ornament kit. Let’s make some!”
  • “Is this your first time getting/giving a present?”
  • “I just called to tell you Merry Christmas!”
  • “Will you drive around with me to look at the Christmas lights?”
  • “Please stop singing Christmas songs.”
  • “Why aren’t you singing along to the Christmas carols?”
  • “If you ring those dumb jingle bells one more time, I will wring your neck.”
  • “Oh my god is that a mistletoe..?”
  • “What kind of Christmas would it be if we didn’t play in the snow?”  

Surprise! So I had a lot of work to do today and even less time to do it all in, meaning that requests have become a little neglected. That being said I had an idea about a bonus chapter to Plague today and I couldn’t not write it. I really liked how I ended it previously but I desperately wanted to write this once I’d thought about it. I hope you guys agree it was worth it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Plague (Bonus)


It was Christmas in New York. Contrary to the songs, there were no bells ringing; no angels singing either. The world seemed blissfully quiet, and the festive season was well underway.

It was a beautiful morning that you woke up to. A pair of gossamer curtains let faded sunshine spill into the room and bathe the floor in light. You could see the silhouettes of water droplets throwing themselves from the upper sill as the overnight frost died in the sunrise.

A pair of arms encompassed your waist and as Loki stirred, his skin shifted against yours beautifully. His fingers stroked you fondly as he woke, grazing over a scar on your abdomen, before gripping a little tighter and turning you over to face him.
“Good morning.” He purred before kissing you flush on the mouth. You responded eagerly before pulling yourself away and sitting up. You kicked your legs over the edge of the bed and yawned, raising your hands to the sky and stretching simultaneously.

Loki pushed your hair aside and kissed the back of your neck tenderly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and attempted to return you to the bed but you resisted. His kisses became longer, wetter, more inviting.
“Must you leave?” He said with a gravelly voice.
“Tis the season…” You chuckled. “Things to do, people to see.”

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And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,

And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

The Wyoming was his last command, and upon her, he saw his last sea service. On account of failing health, he was given shore duty and when he needed it, leave of absence. His last appointment to naval duty was as assistant to the executive and senior aid to the commandant at Washington Navy Yard.

Then came to him final rest and immortality…

He died December 17, 1874, only a few days before the ringing of the Christmas bells. He died not in ocean storm, nor amid the thunder and carnage of battle, but after the war had ended, and the peace for which he had fought so bravely had settled over a reunited country.


Title: Christmas marathon 

7 days of imagines

|day 1| |day 2| |day 3| |day 4| |day 5| |day 6| |day 7|

 Summary: you and Chandler start a new Christmas tradition 

 I sat on the couch flipping through channels when I got a sudden text message. 

Chandler: hey, can I come over? 

I wiped my nose with a tissue and grabbed my phone 

(Y/N): you really shouldn’t, I’m sick. 

Chandler: but it’s Christmas… 

I giggled and sent him a selfie of me looking like absolute shit while frowning. I put down my phone and continued flipping through more channels. After an hour into a old Christmas cartoon movie I heard the door bell ring. I was alone since my whole family went to a Christmas party leaving me at home alone. I groaned and got up to answer the door. And there stood my one and only best friend, Chandler Riggs 

“What are you doing here? I’m sick” I told him 

“I know, I’m here to make you feel better” he said heroically then walked straight into the house 

“No, I’m going to make you sick. And you have conventions to go to! I can’t make you sick!” I followed him to the living room where he set down his dvd’s he was holding.

“Okay what movie should we watch?” He asked showing me a selection of DVD’s

“None, go home. I’m going to make you sick!” I told him 

“I’m here to make you feel better! Now sit on the couch. I’m putting in Harry Potter, we are having a Harry Potter marathon” he strictly said and grabbed the first DVD into my console. 

I pouted and sat down. He then sat next to me and we started the first movie. Then the next and the next. Slowly we sat closer and closer to each other each time he plopped back onto the couch. We ended up with his head on my lap as I played with his hair. 

 "Thanks for coming over" I told him as my fingers ran through his hair “Anytime…anything for you” I smiled at him and kissed his forehead 

“Thank you” I told him 

It was midnight by the time we finished all the movies. 

“Looks like Christmas is over” I said and got up 

“Yeah, I guess I should go” he said and got up as well 

“Hey…thanks again. I appreciate you coming over” I told him 

“Yeah. We should do this again, next Christmas?” He said 

“A new tradition? You know until one of us gets in a relationship. Your future girlfriend probably wouldn’t appreciate you staying here till midnight on Christmas” I joked 

“I don’t think she will” he said 

“Why do you say that?” I asked 

“Because, the only girl I want is you” he said and pulled me close 

I blushed and looked down “I-I don’t know” I told him

And I don’t know if it was the moment, the sickness or the fact it was midnight and all decision making goes down the toilet. But I kissed my best friend.



                                                 Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
                                                          Ring the Hogwarts bell
                                                Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
                                                          Cast a Christmas spell
                                               How wonderous the ways of Christmas
                                                    Have a merry Christmas Day

Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 22: My favourite Christmas songs
  • Aries: Elvis Presley - Here comes Santa Claus
  • "Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus/ Riding down Santa Claus Lane/ He's got a bag that's filled with toys/For boys and girls again/ Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle/ What a beautiful sight/ Jump in bed and cover up your head/ Because Santa Claus comes tonight."
  • Taurus: Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
  • "Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright/Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight"
  • Gemini: Dean Martin - A Marshmallow World
  • "It's a marshmallow world in the winter/When the snow comes to cover the ground/ It's the time for play, it's a whipped cream day/ I wait for it the whole year round.
  • Those are marshmallow clouds being friendly/ In the arms of the evergreen trees/ And the sun is red like a pumpkin head/ It's shining so your nose won't freeze."
  • Cancer: Bing Crosby - I'll be home for Christmas
  • "I'll be home for christmas/ You can plan on me/ Please have snow and mistletoe/ And presents on the tree/ Christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams/I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams"
  • Leo: Donny Hathaway - This Christmas
  • "Presents and card are here/ My world is filled with cheer and you/ This Christmas/ And as I look around/ Your eyes outshine the town, they do/ This Christmas/ Fireside is blazing bright/ We're caroling through the night/ And this Christmas, will be/ A very special Christmas, for me"
  • Virgo: Bing Crosby - Silver Bells
  • "City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style/ In the air there is a feeling of Christmas./ Children laughing, people passing meeting smile after smile/ And on every street corner you'll hear/ Silver bells, silver bells"
  • Libra: Julie Andrews - My Favourite Things
  • "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings/These are a few of my favorite things/ Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes/ Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes/ Silver white winters that melt into springs/ These are a few of my favorite things"
  • Scorpio: Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas
  • "And when those blue snowflakes start falling/ That's when those blue memories start calling/ You'll be doin' all right with your Christmas of white/ But I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas"
  • Sagittarius: The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride
  • "Our cheeks are nice and rosy/ And comfy and cozy are we/ We're snuggled up together/ Like two birds of a feather would be/ Let's take that road before us/ And sing a chorus or two/ Come on, it's lovely weather/ For a sleigh ride together with you"
  • Capricorn: Bing Crosby - It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas
  • "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas/ Everywhere you go/ There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well/ The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow/ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas/ Soon the bells will start/ And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing/ Right within your heart."
  • Aquarius: Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe and Holly
  • "Oh by gosh, by golly/ It's time for mistletoe and holly/ Tasty pheasants,Christmas presents/ Countrysides covered with snow./ Oh by gosh by jingle/ It's time for carols and Kris Kringle/ Overeating, merry greatings/ From relatives you don't know"
  • Pisces: Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • "Here we are as in olden days/ Happy golden days of yore/ Faithful friends who are dear to us/ Gather near to us once more./ Through the years we all will be together/ If the fates allow/ So hang a shining star upon the highest bough/ And have yourself a merry little Christmas now."

Man it just does not feel like Christmas this year. I can’t get into the spirit-
*thinks about otp fucking in front of a Christmas tree on Christmas morning*

How many times Andreau called Zades 'Scheherazade'?

[8] That Awkward Moment
Just before the elevator closed, he shouted something.
“Scheherazade, right?”

[9] 72 Seconds With You
“Kanino ‘tong cupcakes?” tanong ko.
“Mine,” sabi ni Andreau. He turned off his iPad and looked at me smiling. “Hi, Scheherazade.”

[9] 72 Seconds With You

[11] Zades, Meet Heisenberg
That voice brought me back in a jolt. Nakatingin pala sakin yung magpinsan. “What?”
“Yun ang name mo, Ate Zade?” tanong sakin ni Tristan. “Ba’t ang hirap i-pronounce?”

[11] Zades, Meet Heisenberg
“Relax, it’s me.”
Shit. Shit. Eyes still firmly closed, I spoked. “I-I don’t kno-”
“Scheherazade, it’s me.”

[11] Zades, Meet Heisenberg
“Good night, Scheherazade.” I heard him whisper from the other end.

[13] Another Day in Paradise
“That’s just a little thing. Wag na wag mong ibabalik sa'kin yan okay?” He flashed his mysterious smile again. “Gotta go! See you soon and Happy New Year, Scheherazade.”

[14] Drinking Games
“Kailangan pa ba nating pumila dito?” Bulong ko kay Kesh. “Sponsor naman kayo diba? Can we just tell the guards that or w-”
“Whoa, Scheherazade is that you?”

[16] Late Night Conversations
“Kuya Andreau.. sabi ni Ate Zade nakikita lang daw yung germs pag titingnan sa microscope.. tsaka raw wala raw malalaking germs na kasing laki ng tao.”
Triple shit I’m doomed. Manood ka na lang ng T.V. Pascual. Walang sinabi si Tristan. Nananaginip ka lang. Manood ka lang ng T.V. -

[18] That is Such a Cortez Move
Kinuha ko ang maliit kong notepad kung saan ko sinulat ang points ko. “First of all, nagtataka ako kung bakit naka-dos ka dito sa script na ‘to. Siguro may crusj sayo yung pr–”
“Scheherazade, go straight to the point.”

[22] Chismis Squad Item #4025
“Don’t change the subject. Alam kong.. nabasa mo na yung blind item. Kesh told me.”
Ah the ever good friend! “Ang bilis naman nun. Alam mo bang pangarap talaga ni Ke–”
“Scheherazade, talk to me.”

[25] Green-eyed Monster
Hah, maasar nga ‘to lalo.
“Eh sa private nanonood ka?”
Naging pula ang kaninang pink na pisngi niya. “Scheherazade Pascual!” Andreau hissed, eyes probing around us.

[28] The Big O
He unfastened his seatbelt and rested his back against the car door, facing me. “I could guess here all night.”
“Wala lang mapapala sa –”
“Scheherazade, talk to me.”

[28] The Big O
“Wow, how dramatic of you! Magkanong talent fee ang binayad nila sayo para umarte sa harap ko ha!?”
“Scheherazade Pascual, for once, shut up!”

[28] The Big O
Hia gaze softened and a tiny smile formed in his lips. He looked somewhat relieved now. Thank God, iiyak ako kung galit parin siya sa'kin kahit nagpaliwana na ako.
“Scheherazade, look at me.”

[30] Belle of the Ball
“Scheherazade Pascual! How many times do I have to tell you it’s called interpe –”
“Yeah right. Orgasm, sex.. parehas lang naman yun.”

[31] You Kissed by the Book
(Text convo)
From: Andreau
Are you asleep? Can we talk now?
Zades? 20 minutes ka na nandyan. Are you okay?
Scheherazade Pascual. Talk to me.

[32] Of Burgers, Movies and Roadtrips
Mas humigpit ang hawak ni Andreau sa manibela. Pinandilatan niya ko pero hah, sorry na lang siya. “Zades.. not funny.”
“Five.. Six.. Grab your crucif –”
“Scheherazade Pascual, stop it right now!” He shouted angrily, much to my surprise.

[33] Everything is Better in your Arms
“Matulog ka na rin, okay?” He clutched his blanket to his chest and slowly closed his eyes. “Good night, Scheherazade. Matulog ka. Wag na makulit. We’ll talk about this again tomorrow, okay?”

[34] Bedtime Stories
“Baliw. And we’re calling her that now?” He asked, referring to that silly nickname I said earlier.
“Or maybe him.”
Andreau glared at me. “Scheherazade Pascual, that’s not funny.” He muttered in mock annoyance.

[40] Fight. Flirt. Talk. Protect.
As if on cue, his mysterious smile appeared, melting last strains of frustration inside me. “You’re Scheherazade Pascual, the brightest and smartest woman I know. Napaganda mo nga ang script ko, tapos sa isang RRL ng favorite author mo susuko ka? Please, woman up. You can do it, Zades.”

[43] Every Time the Bell Rings (And Other Christmas Stories)
Chuckling good naturedly, Andreau reached for my hand again and traced little circles on my palm.
“Merry Christmas, Scheherazade.”

[44] Of Hospitals and Traditions
“Wow, ang arte mo ha. Pwede naman akong tumalikod o lumabas man lang ng kwart–”
Andreau’s eyes widened, totally embarrassed.
“Scheherazade Pascual for the love of god alalayan mo na lang ako, okay?”

[45] My Favorite Book
“Zades.” Hindi ko siya pinansin at tuloy lang ako sa paghahanap ng T-shirt. I heard him sigh deeply and said, “Scheherazade Pascual, go back to bed and sleep.”

[48] Like Real People Do
“Hehehe ang gwapo mo today, Andreau. Hiyang na hiyang ka sa bundok, promise.”
Andreau raised a warning eyebrow at me, but I waved a dismissive hand. “Scheherazade Pascual… answer me,” he said, tome stern.

[50] The One With The Confession
I know he could have kept going but instead, he stopped and took a step forward, his breathing agitated, his eyes practically burning. “Those all make the list, Scheherazade, but flowers do not. And to quote you, ayaw mong binibigyan ka ng mga bagay na maganda lang sa mata at di nagtatagal.”

[53] Many The Miles
“Wait quick question: is there really a nat geo secret folder? Binibiro lang ba a –”
He let out a loud frustrated groan. “SCHEHERAZADE PASCUAL! LIVING ROOM. NOW!”

[54] THe Right Partner

“Scheherazade Pascual,” he said, barely audible. Andreau let out a deep breath and then he smiled at me again, broader and clearer than maybe I’ve ever seen him smile. “I love you.”

[55] The One With Andreau’s Speech

“I really love saying your name, Scheherazade. Bagay sa’yo. Strange yet beautiful.”

[55]  The One With Andreau’s Speech

“Scheherazade. Scheherazade. Scheheraz –” The boyish smile on his face nearly undid me. He’s definitely enjoying himself right now.


(Instagram post. Photo caption: andreaucortez: Maligayang kaarawan, Scheherazade. Mahal kita.)


“Congratulations to us, Scheherazade Pascual,” he said, clinking his beer mug to my glass.


(When they won at cinemalaya.)

“And most importantly, thank you, to my partner, Scheherazade Pascual,” he said soflty, staring right back at me. “Thank you for making my dreams come true.”


“And you never cease to amaze me, Scheherazade Pascual.”




anonymous asked:

"Would you write a scenario for me about v where his girlfriend isn't ready for sex yet so they get off by dryhumping? Can you make it smutty? I'm embarrassed now but oh well~ ^^" I really loved this scenario! How about instead of V it be Suga?

Here for the rest of the series

Here you go my lovelies, sorry it took so long ~ Thank you all for requesting for this, it makes me happy *flowers for all of you* Yoongi and his body is ready

*Warning: Explicit Content

Dry Series; Suga

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YO HOW ABOUT SOME EARLY CHRISTMAS STUFF!! What would every one get MC for Christmas?


~Admin MP


  • He has no idea of control 
  • So he would get MC a lot of things without realizing how much he’s buying?
  • Some of them are random because he just picks them up while he’s out and thinks, “MC would like this!!”
  • He also ends up making them a little robot dinosaur that responds to questions like Siri tbh, but it has Seven’s voice and makes jokes all the time
  • Then there’s a beanie with cat ears, some adult coloring books, some stress balls in the shape of planets, a mug with a meme on it, and other little knick knacks
  • Literally, the entire month of November he’d just be grabbing stuff that even vaguely reminds him of MC
  • He’d be super excited to give them to MC, too, even if his wrapping methods are messy af
  • (Also he starts playing Christmas music after Halloween and everyone is pissed)


  • His gifts would be really well thought out and sweet
  • He takes up knitting so he’d knit little hand warmers for MC (it took him about three tries but it’s okay, he’s learning)
  • Then he gets them a little lunch box and inside are five coupons for a “free lunch from Yoosung”
  • (Is this kid for real omg he’s so fucking adorable)
  • It actually took him a really long time to decide what to get MC, but he got the lunch box from a really high end store so it’s really fancy and has chopsticks that come with it 
  • Also decides to get them little templates so they can make rice balls shaped like different animals!
  • Although he doesn’t get them as much stuff, he does come over early to help decorate and make cookies with them, which is enough of a gift in itself


  • Even though her schedule is very, very busy, she would make sure to take a day off to go Christmas shopping, MC at the forefront of her mind
  • MC had been really helpful with the cafe and helping to decorate it, so Jaehee wants to make everything perfect for them
  • She would make a cute little gift basket with a lot of good, useful things in it
  • Jaehee would make little hot chocolate kits and put them in there
  • Then she gets MC really soft, fuzzy socks and earmuffs 
  • (Of course she slips one of Zen’s DVDs in there, but only one. It’s both of their favorite)
  • She also has a very accurate and wonderful memory so she would get MC things that they mentioned they liked like, months ago
  • For example: MC really loved this blanket scarf that they saw awhile ago in a store but didn’t buy and Jaehee ends up finding it and buying it for them
  • (Spoiler alert: MC cries and wraps the two of them up in it while they drink hot chocolate)


  • Though he may not seem like it, he’s actually pretty bad at gift giving sometimes
  • Before, people had only just wanted an autographed picture of him and he’s never really had someone to give personal gifts to besides the RFA, so he has to wrack his brain
  • He can be struck by inspiration, though 
  • After seeing MC watch Pride and Prejudice, he gets super excited and buys them a really nice copy of the book and the movie (The version with Colin Firth, DUH)
  • Then he gets them a really cool vintage pocket watch that he knows they’ll love since they’re on a Victorian kick recently
  • The whole time he’s feverishly shopping online, he doesn’t even think for one second about giving them a DVD of himself or a picture of himself or anything– it’s all about MC
  • They end up watching the movie together and Zen will not admit that Lizzy and Darcy are his OTP


  • Like Seven, he goes a bit overboard
  • But instead of getting a bunch of really random stuff, he gets them a few things that are super expensive
  • At first, he buys them a pen that’s engraved with their name because that’s fancy and nice
  • But then he realizes that it’s kind of…impersonal
  • And he frowns to himself because fuck, it’s MC, it has to be perfect
  • After that revelation, he goes back through their text messages to try and get ideas
  • Coming across a conversation they had about those cat cafes in Japan, Jumin decides to buy MC an entire cat cafe
  • Then they fly to it and the rest of their presents are given to them at the cat cafe, where MC is covered in meowing, purring felines and given a designer coat, gloves, hat and scarf, all of which match Jumin’s
  • It’s the best Christmas Jumin has ever had


  • This is his first Christmas where he’s fully blind so everyone is worried he’s going to be upset
  • But this motherfucker loves Christmas and a little thing like lost eyesight ain’t gonna hold him back
  • That being said, he’d love to pick out really great gifts for MC and shares his personal tastes with them because they like sharing interests
  • He gets them some little succulents and maybe a cactus and of course, he has to buy fucking sweaters for the pots (two of which he knitted– where do you think Yoosung is learning it?)
  • Then they have to get matching sweaters, of course, because that’s how V is
  • Of course, there’s a lot of sweets too, because V loves to share cookies with his friends
  • When MC gets him audiobooks, he laughs because he got them paper copies of the exact same books
  • When MC opens the last gift, a bulky, weirdly shaped one and it turns out to be a sled, V is like “let’s go rn I’m so ready”
  • They spend the rest of the night sledding and screaming


  • After all MC has done for him, he wants to make this a really special Christmas, but he’s not sure how
  • It’s not like he’s really done the huge Christmas scene until now
  • That being said, he really likes doing crafts because it helps calm him down 
  • After seeing someone on tv make a scrapbook, he gets the idea to make one for MC 
  • He takes all of November and half of December to do it, painstakingly making sure that it’s perfect
  • There’s pictures of everyone in it, even ones of Saeran and MC
  • (His favorite one is when they had been watching the clouds and having a picnic and Saeyoung sneakily took the picture while they were pointing up)
  • When he gives it to MC, MC literally tears up because it’s so gorgeous and so sweet?
  • He’s afraid they’re crying because it’s bad jfc but they hug him and say thank you
  • After that, they both add to the scrapbook together, filling it with memories