christmas baby penguin

Happy holidays my lovely darlings!

Someday I will do giveaways, but today is not that day. So instead, here’s what your friendly neighborhood evil doers want under the tree/for Christmas:

The Riddler: Bruce Wayne the hottie  Batman A puzzle book that takes him more than a minute to do

Scarecrow: Cash to pay for chemicals (you think fear toxin is made cheap?) A warmer costume for winter

The Mad Hatter: His dear Alice with a pretty bow in her hair, preferably not crying this time

Victor Zsasz: A coat maybe? The dude’s naked. He doesn’t care, but like???? Bro, how are you supposed to murder if your fingers fall off from frost bite? He’ll find a way He wants Batman and a shiny knife just for killing Bats, but he should probably get a coat.

Poison Ivy: Joker’s decapitated head on a stick  Joker’s girlfriend  Plant things

Harley Quinn: She just wants an actual Christmas tree. Puddin’ won’t get one in fear of Ivy neutering him. (She’s tried before, she’ll do it again.)

Killer Croc: Some love and acceptance my poor cinnamon roll  Some decent food. Maybe Santa can bring him milk and cookies instead of the other way around? The taste of corpses and sewer rats gets old fast, and it’s not like he can go to the market.

Hugo Strange: For people to believe him about Batman’s secret identity the fools

Hush: Bruce Wayne’s face 

Catwoman: A cat. Or twenty. (duh)

Penguin: A scarf. With penguins on it. Or another umbrella. With penguins on it. 

Joker: Ivy’s head on a stick  Batman’s secret identity  Batman’s head on a stick

Mr. Freeze: A cure for Nora.

Two Face: A double breasted coat (with pockets on the inside)

Black Mask: A new mask that makes breathing easier. It’s hard to be threatening when you’re breathing funny, unless you’re Darth Vader

Baby Doll: For people to take her seriously

IF I missed anyone that you’d like to know about, just pop by my ask box

ok thoughts on the special
  • That opening scene tho… the slow mo… the song… [insert pacha “just right” meme here]
  • “We may be married, but my body is mine.” I LOVE Kala being angry at Rajan for speaking to her mother, I love that whole conversation. GIRL YOU FUCKING TELL HIM
  • The music was so on point?? throughout the whole episode
  • I JUST LOVE HOW CLOSE THEY ALL ARE!!! the little one-on-one interactions just killed me… Sun and Capheus, Wolfie and Sun, Lito and Nomi…. i love seeing how their relationship deepens and evolves <3<3<3
  • I honestly love how Wolfie takes his shirt off at every party?? it’s his thing
  • The birthday dancing montage was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
  • The Sun/Soo-Jin feels are real, y'all.
  • I liked Sun’s speech about how sex isn’t something to be afraid of, but tbh I’d have liked if it had also been made clear that it’s ok not to want it? Like you can have beautiful, loving, fulfilling romantic relationships without ever having sex, and not wanting it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. I feel like Kala’s reluctance to have sex with Rajan wasn’t handled too well in that regard
  • I laughed so hard through the entirety of The Kala-Wolfgang-Rajan-Random Lady scene. just. jesus christ.
  • Bug’s face when Neets and Nomi invite him to spend Christmas with them?????
  • Mamá!!!! Baby penguin!!!!
  • Lana’s cameo near the end!

Basically I loved it, i’m crying, and I’m not ok