christmas angel


so yeah, here I am, I’ve been in mourning for the loss of my last grandmother, and basically I preferred to vent out my sorrow here,
and since we’re in christmas season I thought the typical angel you put on the top of the christmas tree is good -this one is kinda old-

—- maybe I’ve got a small story for it, let’s see

Types of People - Christmas edition

Snow angels: pure intentions, always says weirdly relevant things, smart but a bit naïve, laughs easily, bright eyes, shares food with you, doesn’t get angry a lot, listens to you when you get talked over

Cinnamon: a bookworm, likes neutral/brown shades, can feel purposeless, very organized, easily jealous, feels out of place, dislikes small talk, acts tough but is soft, loves their friends, thinks they’re inadequate

Fairy lights: carefree and fun-loving, loves both solitude and meeting people, always down to hang out, would surprise you with sweets if you’re sad, hugs you a lot, sometimes apathetic and moody

Gift ribbons: quiet at first but loud when you know them, doesn’t care about what others think, isn’t afraid of doing dares, speaks multiple languages, kind-hearted but can be competitive, a bit sad inside

Wishes: perfectionist, daydreams too much about their ideal life, complains a lot, doesn’t fall in love easily, wants to leave everything & start a new life, struggles to be motivated, in an existential crisis

Sorry that I haven’t been so active since my ask blog opened. I thought I might as well post this little thing for you guys that I forgot I did. Would you guys believe that these originally were my designs for Bendy and Alice? I decided to change them for my fanart as an exercise to draw outside of my comfort zone and it’s really helped me improve. I personally think I made the right choice to go with the rubber-hose look.

Anyways I’ve decided to make a schedule that may or may remain for the rest of the summer (if I get that job). I have commissions and that Benlice comic that I want to finish so I can focus solely on the ask blog. Which has been a blast so far you guys are awesome! I’m planning out how the comic will wrap up - with two more parts. As for my askblog I’ll say more on the actual blog.


Hi just dropping Adam’s its-bisty excited expression when he discusses Kylo Ren’s story in The Last Jedi here for all to enjoy!


Christmas @ the Summers' residence
  • Mrs. Summers: How come you're all not spending Christmas with your own families?
  • Kurt: My family is back in Germany with the circus
  • Warren: *sipping from a flask* My dad disowned me
  • Peter: *shoveling food in his mouth* I'm Jewish :)
  • Mrs. Summers: ...
  • Mr. Summers: ...
  • Scott: ...
  • Hank: ...
  • Alex: ...