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Fic: The Perfect Year

[The first segment of this fic was originally posted back in 2014, I’m posting the whole thing now as a completed one-shot.]

Summary: A very belated sequel to Mistletoe and WineAs Christmas comes to the quiet town of Storybrooke, school librarian Belle finds herself increasingly drawn to the reclusive Mr Gold. And what better time for Gold to make a new start than with a new year?

@woodelf68, sorry you had to wait two years for a conclusion to this fic…


I don’t need a crowded ballroom, everything I need is here.
If you’re with me, this year will be,
The Perfect Year

Lyrics from ‘The Perfect Year’ from Sunset Boulevard.


The Perfect Year

Christmas Eve. The most magical night of the year, when children up and down the country were shepherded off to bed by their frantic and frazzled parents, hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas in his sleigh overhead, like a shooting star silhouetted against the moon.

Christmas Eve, when carollers sang and continental Europe feasted and exchanged gifts. Soon the church in the little town of Storybrooke would open its doors for the crib service, where mulled wine flowed in force and festive spirit coated everything in a sense of warmth and togetherness.

Christmas Eve, the one night of the year that Gold hated above all others. He despised and loathed it more than he could describe, and yet, in his own grim way, he still celebrated it.

Dusk was falling, it was time to light the candles. The townsfolk often wondered at the lantern that hung outside his front door; only ever lit on one night of the year, but on that one night it was lit without fail, in all weathers. Tonight, the weather was simply cold. There was fresh snow on the ground from a brief flurry earlier in the afternoon, but it had since settled, leaving the air crisp, dry and frosty as he ventured onto the porch with matches in hand and took down the lantern from where it hung beside the front door.

“Mr Gold!”

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Ok, I have something more to show, but these aren’t really new things, just some old Zelda scraps, I believe all come from 2013. 

I didn’t really have power for Zelda fanart in 2014. Work ate a lot of my time - at work and at home (but I’m fine with that).  And then there was something on my mind that bothered me so much I wasn’t able to focus on my fandom anymore. Now it’s gone, or at least it should be. And I hope I’ll draw more Zelda stuff (and draw more for my self in general :D) in 2015.

Got a Wii U for Christmas and already ordered Hyrule Warriors - guess this will help me get the hype back :D 

{ Merry Christmas 2014 }

although this is a little rushed, i needed to draw something to mark my favourite holiday!!!
i hope that absolutely everyone has a wonderful Christmas time whatever you are doing, i wish i could give gifts to you all~

i will also try to get a spare moment to do a ‘follow forever’ type post tomorrow (or soon at least) to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful to me this year ♡♡♡

now i am going to bed to make sure Father Christmas can come and leave some gifts for my family…i am the only one left awake in the house OTL………….please bring me SHINee wrapped up in some cute bows…….

here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Christmas has come and it’s time to look back and say, “2014, you tried to troll me and break me, but you failed!”

That being said, this is about OQ and not at all about them at the same time. This ship is the reason this blog exists, and it’s also the reason why I’ve met all the fantabulous people I have since April.

If I could, I would list each one of the 248 blogs I follow (crazy number!), but this time is about friendship, love and admiration. I’m happy and grateful for each one of you who I follow and who follow me as well.

The front ten aka the ten people who decided to take place and live in my heart, what can I do about it?

adi-dion - queenoflocksley - herardentwish - ninzied - desperationandgin - repellomuggletum15 - badskin - rumplestiltskin - thiefqueeen - melazon

The league of happiness aka those people I refuse to unfollow because they simply make my days way too good to let go of them.

filledwithlight - emily31594 - someonethatiamnot - oncepromised - simplymaterial - prior-incantatem - afterfringe - bekksrich - coramilfs - dirtymonstaa - evilqueened - hope2x - inhislight - jessieruthmueller - jadeddiva - celticmoonbeams - k5renee - lanaptheevilpanda - mysterious-song - nephelite - onceuponawahey - parrilla-lana - fightinginalovewar - pixiedustdoesntlie - pixieclau - queenlocksley - qilliananderson - reginaoflocksley - reginasmills - rolandsbeanies - robinskisses - storybrooke - sassymajesty - sassernach - tragichearts - thequeenstolemyheart - sgtmac7 - villainandhero - willscarlets - ysu73 - captain-outlaw - cruelladevl - incessantstorytellers - intothelookingglassroom - spottedcurtains - reginashappiness - reginahastings - starscythe - lala-katelasagnamillsregina-millsoneresilientheartmacksmchale - katilayia - freifraufischer - parrilla-lana - oqfaves - oqislovely - caitsbalfe - lauraroslinforever - lanamparrillas - lanaslipscar - smolderandsassoutlawqueenouat - outllawqueen - outlawsqueens - outlaw-queen-true-love - outlawqueenluvr - outlawqueenlover - outlawqueenlove

If I forgot anyone, please accept my apology, and know that you’re special to me for sure.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


Okay Stormers, now that Christmas is over we can focus on New Year and I had this idea to put a shitload of Bastille memories of 2014 together so we can all look back on this amazing year and fangirl and be proud and cry and all that.

So I thought it might be rad if you all leave your favorite Bastille 2014 memory in my askbox. I’ll put all these memories together, so if enough people join we’ll have a Bastille year summary thingy with all the highlights of 2014.