Request from @oscorp: Scorbus at Christmastime!!!

I loved writing and might have to write something else about them on Christmas day bc they’re just too fucking adorable not to

“Albus! Wake up!” Scorpius shouted much too excitedly for it being 6:30 in the morning.

“Scorpius…why?” Albus groaned.

“Because we have have to go get a Christmas tree!”

Albus sighed and cracked an eye open to look up at the blond staring down at him, looking adorable.

“Scorp, in case you failed to notice, there are plenty of bloody trees around here. We don’t need to go and get one at this ungodly hour.”

“But it’s the first of December!” Scorpius whined.

Albus rolled his eyes at this, he was one of those people who like to decorate as early as possible. If Scorpius had his way, the house would have been decorated in September. Albus, on the other hand, would be perfectly content setting up decorations on Christmas Eve.

“Albus, if we don’t go, all the good trees will be gone! It’s our first Christmas living together and I want a nice tree!”

Albus stared up at Scorpius incredulously.

“Please,” Scorpius added and then set his face into a pout that he knew Albus could never deny.

Albus sighed and threw the blankets off of him.

“Fine,” he grumbled before heading into the bathroom to get ready.

He couldn’t help but chuckle when Scorpius, who Albus then noticed was already dressed for the occasion, bundled up from head to toe, practically squealed with glee.

20 minutes later, Albus was ready to go. Scorpius, however, was not pleased with his attire.

“Albus, would you please get into the Christmas spirit?!” He said exasperatedly before flicking his wand and turning Albus’s clothes Christmas colors and adding a reindeer to his jumper.

Albus just rolled his eyes but smiled. Scorpius grabbed his hand and they apparated together to a nearby forest.

They strolled around for a little over an hour, with Albus complaining the whole time that he was tired and didn’t get to have his morning coffee. Scorpius just ignored his complaints and continued to drag him along. Finally, he found the tree he wanted.

“What about this one?”

Albus snaked his arm around Scorpius’s waist. No matter how annoyed he was with the situation, he couldn’t deny that seeing Scorpius this happy was well worth the annoyance.

“Whatever you want, love.”

“This one, then, Albus! Please! It’s perfect!”

Albus leaned in to place a warm kiss to Scorpius’s cold cheek.

“Not as perfect as you.”

Scorpius turned to grin at him.

Albus waved his wand, cutting the tree down effortlessly, and then captured Scorpius’s lips in a kiss.

“This is going to be a great Christmas,” Scorpius breathed out, hot breath fanning Albus’s face, when they broke apart.

“Mm, the best Christmas, because I get to spend it with you.” Albus gave his boyfriend’s nose a featherlight kiss before waving his wand again, making the tree levitate in front of them, so they could take hold of it and apparate home.

When they arrived home, Scorpius insisted on setting up the tree and decorating it right away. Albus insisted on a nap.

“Scorp, c’mon, we were up early. Let’s get some rest and then we can do all that, okay?”

Scorpius, once again pouted, and stared longingly at his beloved tree. Albus sighed.

“Okay, love, how about this. Let’s put the tree up, then we’ll take a nap, and when we wake up we can decorate?”

“Okay!” Scorpius agreed with a big smile.

Albus thought the process of putting up the tree would be quite simple, considering they had wands that would do the work for them. But no, before they could even think about putting the tree up, Scorpius had to find the perfect spot for it.

After 30 minutes of the blond searching the entire house, he decided on a spot in the corner of their living room.

“This is the spot! It will look fantastic here!”

Albus rolled his eyes. That was the first spot Scorpius had looked, but he decided to keep the comment to himself.

“You’re right. Let’s get it up now.”

Together, they quickly magicked the tree into place. Scorpius made to grab for the the lights to string around it, but Albus caught his wrist.

“No, baby. You said we would take a nap once it was up.”

Scorpius looked put off, but then gave a yawn and couldn’t hide that he was tired. Albus smirked at him.

“Oh, alright,” Scorpius said and let Albus pull him into their bedroom.

They both changed into the comfy Christmas pajamas that Scorpius picked out for them and fell into bed, taking their well deserved nap.

They awoke two hours later, and Scorpius immediately pulled Albus out of the bed.

He padded back into their living room, Albus following behind groggily, but admiring the sight of his enthusiastic boyfriend.

“Come help me untangle these,” Scorpius whined and Albus chuckled and took the lights from him.

He untangled them in short time and Scorpius began to put them on the tree. Albus then got out the ornaments. They hung them all over the tree, Scorpius sighing at Albus and moving the ornament every time Albus didn’t place it in the perfect spot, and soon all that was left to do was put the star on.

“Do you want to put it on?” He asked Albus.

“No, I think it would only be appropriate for you to do it.” Albus smiled at him.

Scorpius thought for a moment and then made a decision.

“Let’s do it together!”

He grabbed Albus by the wrist and yanked him over by him. Together they placed the star perfectly on top of the tree.

Scorpius beamed at the sight.

“It looks wonderful, love. You did a great job,” Albus mumbled into his ear.

“I know,” Scorpius said jokingly.

“Brat,” Albus teased and then reached out and grabbed Scorpius’s sides to tickle him.

“Albus…stop,” Scorpius forced out between laughter.

Albus stopped and smiled.

“How about some hot cocoa and a Christmas movie?”

Scorpius’s face lit up at this.


Albus chuckled.

“Alright, you pick out a movie and get settled on the couch, and I’ll go make the cocoa.”

Albus retreated to the kitchen and soon returned a few minutes later with two steaming mugs. He handed one to Scorpius and then got comfortable on the couch behind him so Scorpius would be able to cuddle up to him. He leaned back against Albus’s chest just as the movie began to play. Albus reached his free hand around so it rested on Scorpius’s stomach. They both sipped their cocoa and enjoyed the movie.

When it was over, Scorpius was nearly asleep, as he had done a lot more work than Albus today. Albus vanished the mugs to the sink and picked a sleepy Scorpius up to carry him to their room.

Scorpius wrapped his arms around Albus’s neck and smiled up at him.

“Thank you for doing all of this with me today,” he murmured.

“Anything for you, my love.” Albus leaned down and placed a soft kiss to Scorpius’s forehead.

Scorpius breathed out, contentedly, and then rested his head on Albus’s shoulder as he carried him.

When they made it to the room, Albus gently placed his boyfriend in the bed, and made to move around to the other side, but Scorpius pulled him down on his side.

“Just stay right here,” he mumbled.

Albus chuckled and gently rubbed his thumb up and down Scorpius’s cheek.

“You’re too adorable. How on earth did I get so lucky?”

“No idea,” Scorpius said in just barely a whisper before sleep overtook him.

Albus smiled down at his sometimes arrogant, but always perfect boyfriend. He truly was the luckiest person on earth.