headcanon # 1

imagine the gang spending christmas together

- neil would bring everyone a santa hat, except todd, whom he brings a reindeer headband

- but then charlie steals it and uses some random red lipstick and draws a big dot on his nose and pretends to be rudolph

- DRUNK SINGING (because we all know charlie would spike everyone’s eggnog)

- but charlie would get more drunk then the rest oops

- knox would leave early to see chris, and give her the christmas present he got for her, which would be a beautiful necklace

- everyone got presents and got something they liked which is good!

- but when everyone passes out from all the food they ate neil gives todd a book of poetry he written for todd filled with love poems and even some photos of the two and TODD JUST TEARS UP FROM HAPPINESS but he kisses him to make it stop

🎄✨merry christmas everybody! i hope you have a great day! ✨🎄


Love this episode, SO CUTE!  (They’re so excited to see Santa, especially Garu)!

Steve gifts Tony with a kitten for Christmas. 

This happens when Steve has to travel out of New York for a convention because his artwork is doing incredibly well. While this is amazing, it means that Tony has to be left alone for the next four days and Steve won’t be back until the day after Christmas. They’ve never spent a Christmas apart since they got together and Tony wasn’t looking forward to it. 

Steve feels terrible for having to leave Tony by himself but he does remember Tony casually saying that they’d love if they got a pet. It has been mentioned more than a few times and Steve knows that Tony has been hinting towards this. Hoping that Steve would pick up on it and then they’d discuss about it to see if it’s possible or not. 

Well, Steve has been doing some thinking. 

They bid each other a warm and affectionate farewell, holding onto each other for a little bit too long before Sam actually has to drag Steve out the door. 

Then Tony’s alone. 

Come Christmas day, Tony has settled himself on the couch and has tuned into Home Alone when he receives at a knock at the door. 

Steve receives a request for Face Time from Tony and grins when he sees a happy and grinning Tony, holding a little black kitten to his chest. The kitten mewls before nuzzling into Tony’s neck and he just melts, cooing down at the little one and Steve has never missed home so much in his life. 

But he’ll be home soon and this is the last Christmas that they’ll spend apart, he’ll make sure of it. 

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MoonLilyShipping Christmas meme? ^_^

Of course! Going to use my own Moon here, Sora!

who wears the ugly christmas sweaters

There’s not really a whole lot of need to wear sweaters in Alola. That said, Lillie is busy working out her own sense of style and, well. Takes to them alarmingly enthusiastically.

who picks out the holiday movies and who makes the hot cocoa

Sora has a minor obsession with Tapu Cocoa. Lillie is catching up on movies, so she picks them out.

who starts the snowball fight

Assuming they’re up on Mount Lanakila at the time, SORA. Lillie’s never had a snowball fight and is a bit startled at first, but ends up very enthusiastic!

who drags the other under the mistletoe

See, they’re only babies, so. There’s one thing of mistletoe, Sora kind of… lurks under it for a while, then hastily plants one on Lillie’s cheek when she walks by. Then runs off blushing. Sora you dork.

who decorates the house

They both do! They have Sora’s house AND Kukui’s house to decorate, after all, and it’s a joint effort on behalf of everyone.

who hangs up the ornaments on the tree

While the grown-ups do the higher-up bits, the girls (and Gladion, and Hau, who does come over a lot) are the ones to pick out the ornaments and hang the lower ones.

who cooks christmas dinner

Sora’s mother, haha. Sora and Lillie… help. Kukui and Burnet also bring a few dishes over. Gladion attempts to make something and chars it to a crisp.

who invites the other to sing a christmas duet

Sora teaches Lillie all the songs :D

if they have any holiday traditions

They don’t have any yet. That said, they’ve got a lot of time to work them out!

who would start a food fight during baking

Lillie, surprisingly! She read about food fights in a book and thought it sounded fun :D (Kukui escalates.)

who would get drunk off of eggnog

Neither, because they are tiny babies. …Sora does get a pretty good sugar rush off her Tapu Cocoa, though!

(I got several requests involving ugly Christmas sweaters, but since my shoulder is still bothering me, this one was was easiest (and really fun) to answer. I hope nobody minds! Since there are pictures, I’m putting it all under Read More so that it isn’t too long.)

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