headcanon # 1

imagine the gang spending christmas together

- neil would bring everyone a santa hat, except todd, whom he brings a reindeer headband

- but then charlie steals it and uses some random red lipstick and draws a big dot on his nose and pretends to be rudolph

- DRUNK SINGING (because we all know charlie would spike everyone’s eggnog)

- but charlie would get more drunk then the rest oops

- knox would leave early to see chris, and give her the christmas present he got for her, which would be a beautiful necklace

- everyone got presents and got something they liked which is good!

- but when everyone passes out from all the food they ate neil gives todd a book of poetry he written for todd filled with love poems and even some photos of the two and TODD JUST TEARS UP FROM HAPPINESS but he kisses him to make it stop

🎄✨merry christmas everybody! i hope you have a great day! ✨🎄

Steve gifts Tony with a kitten for Christmas. 

This happens when Steve has to travel out of New York for a convention because his artwork is doing incredibly well. While this is amazing, it means that Tony has to be left alone for the next four days and Steve won’t be back until the day after Christmas. They’ve never spent a Christmas apart since they got together and Tony wasn’t looking forward to it. 

Steve feels terrible for having to leave Tony by himself but he does remember Tony casually saying that they’d love if they got a pet. It has been mentioned more than a few times and Steve knows that Tony has been hinting towards this. Hoping that Steve would pick up on it and then they’d discuss about it to see if it’s possible or not. 

Well, Steve has been doing some thinking. 

They bid each other a warm and affectionate farewell, holding onto each other for a little bit too long before Sam actually has to drag Steve out the door. 

Then Tony’s alone. 

Come Christmas day, Tony has settled himself on the couch and has tuned into Home Alone when he receives at a knock at the door. 

Steve receives a request for Face Time from Tony and grins when he sees a happy and grinning Tony, holding a little black kitten to his chest. The kitten mewls before nuzzling into Tony’s neck and he just melts, cooing down at the little one and Steve has never missed home so much in his life. 

But he’ll be home soon and this is the last Christmas that they’ll spend apart, he’ll make sure of it. 

Dusk. The breeze was slightly biting, taking a breath feeling sharp from the cold. The ground was shimmering with the lightest blanket of snow, a bit of a rare occurrence in Fitton around Christmas time, the sky alight with deep pinks and blues, turning quickly to the deepest purple. It was beautiful…

Douglas hated it.

“Why are we out here?” Douglas moans as Martin drags him by the hand way out into his back garden, “It’s freezing. You do know it’s December, yes? The 23rd, in fact, very far into the month, why can’t we be inside?”

“You’ll see.” Was all he said, the smile absolutely apparent in his voice.

Douglas could only just stare daggers into the back of Martin’s head.

“I’d rather be inside with my partner by the roaring fire, preferably with said partner half nude.”

“Oh, don’t be such a grump,” still that smile in his voice, “Oh! Close your eyes, close your eyes!”


“Just do it!”

With a great sigh, he closes his eyes as Martin pulls him just a little further, soon dropping his hand as he hears the continued light crunch of snow under Martin’s steps,

“Alright. Open!”

Blinking his eyes open; he’s greeted by Martin with arms open wide, presenting a little patch that was shoveled of all snow, a thick blanket in it’s place, candles here and there, accompanied by a small picnic basket and large thermos placed near by.

“… Martin?”

“Happy Christmas!” He’s absolutely grinning, Douglas feeling dumbfounded.

“What?” It seems as if Martin hasn’t heard him, his captain kneeling on the thick blanket, patting the space beside him in possible suggestion that Douglas join him,


“Yes?” He’s still grinning, looking absolutely elated with himself.

“What is all this?” Douglas blurts out without really meaning to. He usually had more finesse than that.

He really wishes that his mind had taken a moment before his mouth, for that pure joy across Martin’s face has simply melted away.

“Oh, um, w-well,” He stutters, that hand that was inviting Douglas to the cozy spot now in his lap with the other, wringing together as his cheeks become more red, Douglas believing it was more than just the cold causing it,

“I-I wanted to, to get you something for Christmas, as I knew you were going way overboard for me-”

“That’s not true!” Douglas interrupts, Martin’s eyebrows furrowing.

“Oh please, even when we say we’re not going to do anything big for one another,” He pauses a moment, taking a breath, “I know your crawl space is filled to the brim with not only presents for your daughters, but for me as well. I figured as much when you wouldn’t let me help you get back out from being stuck the other day.” Douglas furrows his own eyebrows, blushing at Martin’s truthful words.

“I just, well… I didn’t have too much extra money. So I came up with a, a little holiday picnic. B-Before Christmas Eve, as I didn’t want to interrupt your time with Verity and Hannah when they get here tomorrow… But if this isn’t your thing, then we can pack it up and -”

Without letting Martin finish his thought; Douglas swoops right down, knees cracking loudly on the way down, in order to lay a lovingly deep kiss upon Martin’s lips, arms wrapping tightly around one another, just sharing kiss after kiss, after kiss.

“You daft boy,” He murmurs to Martin, whom magically at some point, found his way into this lap, “I absolutely adore you, and I absolutely love this. Thank you.” He smiles, Martin blushing further,

“Why so far behind my back garden though?”

“… You can see a few planes taking off every now and again from the airfield.” He sheepishly smiles, Douglas chuckling warmly, quickly blowing a raspberry against Martin’s neck, he yelping in surprise, making Douglas laugh deeply against his neck.

“What’s in the thermos?” He murmurs after a long pause of just them holding one another, Martin’s slim body only providing so much heat.

“Hot chocolate. Would you like some?”

“God yes.”

But Martin just stays for a moment longer, a thoughtful, contemplative look shining bright,

“You, you know,” He starts, cheeks nearing the purple mark of blush-ness, “I, I have another part to this.”

“Really?” Douglas rumbles lowly, Martin shivering lightly, “Do tell, mon amour.”

Without a word, he reaches into his jacket, producing a little sprig…


Douglas just grins, laughing deep, lovingly.

“Happy Christmas, Martin.” Martin smiles, pecking Douglas’ lips sweetly.

“Happy Christmas, Douglas.”

* * ❤* *

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A very merry Christmas to the fabulous @mean-cannibals!  I was so excited to get you as my giftee for the @hannigramholidayexchange because I love your blog ^-^ I loved the ideas you suggested but I ended up doing something different, hope you don’t mind (I may end up drawing grumpy sick Hannibal in future, it sounds fun!).

Hannibal wants to send Jack & the FBI a taunting holiday card, but is grumpy when his murder husband refuses to do it unless Hannibal wears an ugly jumper and hat for the photo. 

Happy Hannibal Christmas!


Love this episode, SO CUTE!  (They’re so excited to see Santa, especially Garu)!


Call the Midwife - 2015 Christmas Special Trailer