DIY Light Up Fairy Dress Tutorial from Angela Clayton’s Costumery & Creations. This was originally a Christmas angel costume, but since Christmas has come and gone, this would make a beautiful cosplay fairy dress. This is a 2 part tutorial with a video showing the twinkling lights. Angela Clayton is also on Tumblr and if you like beautiful costumes I’d definitely follow her:

Matt Imagine (Santa is Real)

Matt Imagine (Santa is Real)
Request: Can you do a christmas imagine where Matt and (y/n) live in New York together and make it long and fluffy? Xx love your imagines xx
Of course you can beautiful anon. When I read this I got really giddy because I love Christmas! Thanks btw
Christmas was your favorite time of year and you knew Matt loved it too. You guys had been best friends for the longest of time you couldn’t even remember when you first met you were so young. Your parents had pictures of you two as babies together so you were pretty much best friends since birth. You two knew everything about each other you were so close. You guys were one of those cliché best friend groups that everyone wanted to have.
Your other friends didn’t really understand the friendship between you two and were always saying things like “You are so lucky to have a guy best friend,” or “I wish I had a guy best friend,” Which really didn’t sit too well with you. You weren’t best friends with Matt because he was a guy, you were best friends with him because he understood you in a way that no one else ever had, he just happened to be a guy.
But anyway, one of your Christmas traditions with Matt is to try and get the ugliest Christmas sweater and give it to the other to wear for the whole celebration. Your families celebrated Christmas together so what. But then you each had to get the other something they would like or need or understand only using a certain amount of money. You had a different price limit each year. This year it was $15.
You already had gotten the Christmas sweater you wanted Matt to wear. Well actually you had made it this year. It was inappropriate but your parents were cool with that kind of stuff which was nice.

The thing is though that it had been getting harder and harder lately to be the same around Matt. You were starting to fall for him again. Yeah. Again.
The first time was sophomore year of high school but you were able to push it away. You thought you had gotten rid of it but nope. It sometimes made it hard but you were trying desperately not to let your feelings ruin the friendship you had with Matt.
Yeah you know it’s so cliché. The girl has a crush on her best friend who she has known her whole life. Sometimes you would think about it and would occasionally come to the conclusion that it was inevitable to start liking someone who you hang around with all the time and share everything with. If you’re around someone that much you will either end up hating them or loving them right? But then you thought about Matt and you realized you were wrong. Matt couldn’t see you that way, it wasn’t like he saw you as his sister, he saw you as one of the guys, but like one of the guys that he could really talk to. All you could do was be happy with what you had.
So with the $15 you had you walked into Target to see what you could get Matt this year. You didn’t like trying to outdo the other in presents it was more like buying their favorite food or something small they have been wanting or some sort of inside joke. You two felt that it didn’t put pressure on the other and it was just fun. Well until now, because you didn’t know what to get him.
Well that’s not it, you knew exactly what to get him, that was the problem. You knew exactly what to get him but you knew that he would be expecting that and you wanted to change it up this year and try and go for the unexpected route.
You left target empty handed and headed home. This could either go really bad or as planned.
You decided to make him something special, or what you would hope would be special to him.
You got out all the old photographs of you and Matt and laid them all over the floor. You eventually had to narrow it down but you were able to put together a timeline of all the years you have been friends. You laid them out on a big board making sure to be extra careful before you glued them all down and started writing captions underneath each one. Then you started writing the Christmas card. Most of the time no one really knows what to say and so it’s just a Merry Christmas but you had so much going on in your brain. You got your notebook out and just started writing, not exactly sure where this was taking you.
Dear Matt,
I don’t know if dear is too much but whatever. I know this is different, we don’t usually do this kind of stuff but I don’ know I just wanted to switch it up a bit. So I didn’t buy you a present or a card I made you one.
We have been friends since like the beginning of our time and people say that ‘they have been best friends since forever’ but we actually have. We didn’t meet when we were two or anything, we met in our baby years like my mom told me that we first officially met when you were six months old and I was three months old.
I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this but we have been friends for a really long time Matt and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend, you have always been there for me. We have gotten into fights but that was when we were younger but now we understand each other. You don’t treat me like I’m helpless, you make me feel good about myself. I love hanging around you.
I know you’re probably wondering why I’m saying all of this stuff and frankly I’m wondering too but I really just wanted to let you know that…

You stopped writing. You were so close to writing it but you stopped yourself. You wanted to write it down but something was holding you back.
"I love you," You whispered. But you didn’t write it. Christmas was tomorrow and you had your present done but now you were having second thoughts on whether or not you were going to give it to him. If you didn’t then you would have no present to give. It was too late now, all the stores were closed.
You would call someone to talk to them about this kind of stuff but the only person who you ever did call was Matt. So that’s what you did.
"Hello y/n how are you on this fine christmas eve?" He asked in a funny voice which got you smiling in no time. You were head over heels.
"Um well I don’t know," You said into the phone not sure what to say.
"What’s wrong?" Matt’s voice now sounding worried.
"Can you just come over?" You asked.
"Sure," He said before hanging up. You were hit in the face with reality once you realized what you had just done.
"SHOOT!" You said to yourself. You quickly cleaned up all of your scrap pieces and hid the timeline board in your closet. You heard feet coming up the stairs when you saw the letter you had written. You quickly grabbed it and shoved it under your pillow. Wondering how Matt got here so fast? It gets even more cliché than you thought. He lives next door.
"Hey y/n what’s up?" He asks as he comes in and sits down on your bed. You were just praying he didn’t lay down and hear the crunch of paper underneath the pillow. Thankfully he didn’t. Yet.
"Well," You started as you sat down next to him in a position that kept him from laying down on the pillows. "Have you ever loved someone?" You said out of the blue. You tried holding back the surprised look on your face but weren’t doing too great. Matt was surprised too. He looked away for a second before he turned to face you. Oh man did he look good. He was only wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants but holy smokes was he hot. FOCUS y/n. Oh yeah.
"Yeah," He said but it was more like a breath he let out when he said it. He looked so hurt when he said it that it made your heart ache, not only because he probably hadn’t been in love with you but that it had hurt him that bad. "What about it?" He asked trying to change the subject. You and Matt talked about everything including your love life but he never mentioned anything about loving any of his past girlfriends so you were a little confused and hurt as to why you didn’t know about it.
"I don’t know I was just looking for advice," You mumbled.
"On what? How to deal with it or get over it?" He asked as he scratched the back of his neck.
"Well yeah but also like what do you do? How do I know that its right to try and get over it, what if I’m supposed to pursue it? How do I know what’s wrong and right?" You ask getting frustrated with yourself so you fall back onto your bed and you could hear the paper crinkle but you were praying that Matt didn’t hear it. Thankfully he didn’t. But he got up and laid down next to you, however this time you weren’t as fortunate considering Matt heard the paper and sat up. You were praying inside your head that he would let it go but he didn’t. He reached under the pillow and pulled out the crinkled sheet of notebook paper.
You quickly grabbed it from him and crumpled it up before throwing it in the trashcan.
"What was that for?" Matt asked confused.
"Nothing just scrap paper," You said hoping he would let it be.
"Then recycle it or re-use it," He said getting up to go get it out of the trashcan.
"Matt can we please not worry about paper right now. I don’t know what to do with myself," You complained and you knew you sounded like such a jerk right now but you were so conflicted.
"About what? Love? All I can tell you is that I’ve been in love before and it hurts and it stinks and you don’t know how to handle it, you get these weird desires to do stuff that you wouldn’t normally and it just messes up your brain," Matt rants. You looked at Matt with worried eyes.
"You stay up all night because you’re thinking too hard about things that will never happen, or you worry too much and overthink everything that has to do with them," You said quietly and Matt looked at you weirdly.
"Yeah," He said still standing.
"And it hurts," You said.
"Only if it’s all on your end," Matt said sitting down next to you.
"Well it is all on my end," You said sadly and Matt just looked defeated.
"Same here," He muttered. It was silent for a long time. "Who do you love?" He asked quietly and every hair on your body stood up.
"I can’t tell you his name," You said knowing that was stupid and that you told Matt everything but this time he let it slide. "Who are you in love with?" You asked.
"I can’t tell you her name either," He said with a sad smile and now you knew why. "I will you this, you would like her," He said with a smile.
"You would like him too," You said with a sad smile.
"Well that’s enough of depressing talk right? I gotta get home and finish wrapping your present, I think my Christmas sweater will beat yours," He said with a laugh before exiting your room. Well that didn’t really help.
*Christmas Morning*
You woke up and quickly realized you had no present for Matt. Well you’re just going to have to go with the timeline board and no card. You got dressed in something simple knowing you would be putting an ugly christmas sweater over it soon. When you entered the kitchen you saw that the Espinosas were already here.
"Y/n lovely to see you. Merry Christmas," Mrs. Espinosa said.
"Merry Christmas to you too," You said with a smile giving her a small kiss on the cheek and a hug. You greeted the rest of Matt’s family before the two of you went up to your room to exchange presents.
You always exchange presents in your room because the one time you did it in front of your parents they just didn’t understand and it was just a lot of questions you didn’t want to answer.
"Okay let’s do the sweaters first," Matt said excitedly and you smiled. You were confident your sweater was way worse than anything he could have gotten.
"On the count of three we will open the presents. 1, 2, 3!" You shouted and the both of you ripped open the wrapped sweater. You couldn’t stop laughing at yours. Matt practically had the same idea and it was home made.

Matt was laughing at his too.

"I knew you would like that," You told him with raised eyebrows.
"Oh I love it," He said sarcastically with a smile that could cure cancer. Not to quote John Green or anything. "Now it’s time for presents. I’ll go first," He said as he cleared his throat and pulled out a small box from behind him and handed it to you.
You looked at it hesitantly not sure what it would be. It had a lid on it and you lifted it up slowly to find a bunch of letters filed neatly in order of color. You looked up at Matt with a smile.
"I know how you like things to be color coordinated," He said with a small shrug and a sheepish smile. You still had no idea what it was. You lifted the first card out and it said.
Open Me….when you’re Happy
You looked at Matt and nodded and you opened it up.

Dear y/n,
I don’t know if dear is too much but whatever. I knew you would open this card first because it was the first one in the box and you couldn’t mess up the colors. I also knew that you would be happy because you love Christmas so much how could you not be happy on Christmas. But this box is full of open me when you’re…cards. So any time that you feel sad, excited, etc. you can open one of these cards. Granted I didn’t know what emotion you would be feeling and in what order so the cards will get out of order at some point, but I know that you will open them all up at some point. I hope you’re okay with me switching it up a little bit for Christmas.
Your heart skipped a beat when you saw the word ‘Love’ but you knew it didn’t mean anything because you two said love to each other all the time, just never in the way you wished.”Well now it is my turn,” You said with a big smile feeling slightly relieved. You walked over to your closet. “Close your eyes!” You shouted and you heard a laugh but you knew he had them closed. You brought the board out and set it in front of him and told him to open them. When he did you watched carefully for his facial expression. The smile that was on his face was all the presents in the world wrapped into one it was so beautiful. What made you even happier was the fact that your gift was the reason for that smile.
"I love it," He said as he looked at it and read the captions, laughing a bit.
"I hope you would," You said with a smile. He looked up from it and surprised you with a huge hug which you gladly returned. This is what you wanted. To hold Matt in your arms. But not as friends, you wanted more than that. Is that selfish? You had to pull away before it got awkward.
"We should put on the sweaters now," Matt said with a smirk. Oh these were the best ones yet. You pulled them over your heads carefully before laughing at how ridiculous the other looked. You wanted to tell him. You wanted to tell him multiple times today but you just couldn’t. You were too afraid. It didn’t feel right. You know that if you wait for the right time you will be waiting forever y/n. My mind said to me. Sometimes you hated how she was right. Let’s just get through the day first.
And that’s exactly what you did. You went about Christmas as normal. You stayed in the hideous sweaters all day long while opening presents from everyone and giving presents. However it was still in the back of your mind.
Once Christmas was over and everyone was stuffed with food you and Matt retired to your room as usual. You two always had a sleepover at your house on Christmas. You had gotten your shower and were sitting on your bed thinking to yourself about what to do. Next time you see him you have to tell him. Okay, yeah. You were going to tell him. You went to go fix your hair but then you just let it go and fell back onto your bed in your black tank top and sweatpants. You closed your eyes and put your hands on your forehead trying to get yourself under control when you heard the door open and someone walk in. You didn’t open your eyes or anything because you knew you would back down if you looked at him too afraid to lose him so your eyes remained glued to the ceiling.
"Matt?" You asked out and he hummed back. "I have to tell you something. Promise me you won’t laugh or leave?" You asked and it was silent. You sat up and looked at him but almost had a heart attack when you saw him in just a towel. Hair wet and tousled and water droplets falling down his torso down to where his towel was wrapped around his hips and the most sexiest way you had ever seen. You couldn’t help but ogle as you felt the blood rush to your face.
"Y/n you have seen me shirtless before," Matt teased but he turned his body towards you so you could get a better look.
"OH SHUT UP!" You said as you buried your face in your hands trying to make the blushing go away. You could hear him laughing as he walked over to you.
"You said you had something to say to me," He said and your heart beat accelerated. You can’t back out now y/n you made a deal. I know! Ugh. You took a deep breath before sitting up and looking Matt in the eye. Matt could sense the seriousness and the playfulness in his eyes fell away. Deep breaths y/n you can do this. Rip it off like a band aid.
"Okay, I’m just going to say it. Matt you know I have known you forever and we have been best friends practically since birth, but I have a confession to make," At this you could see Matt’s body tense and the worry cloud his eyes. You took another deep breath before you spoke again. "I’m in love with you," You said and you didn’t feel the way you thought you would. You didn’t feel relieved. There was so much tension in the air. Yeah you had this nice weight off of your shoulder now that he knew but he was unresponsive. His answer could make or break your friendship and that’s what you were worried about.
Matt stared at you and you couldn’t read his expression.
"Matt please say something," You begged. He looked up at the ceiling for a second before looking back at you. He sat down next to you and you couldn’t take it anymore your heart was beating uncontrollably you had no idea why he wasn’t answering. You opened your mouth to say something but no words ever came out. It took you a moment to figure out why. Matt was kissing you. His wet hands were running up and down your sides as his tongue begged for entrance which you willingly gave to him. He pulled you close to him like he would never see you or kiss you again in his life. Your hands went from around his neck to running through his hair. His lips left yours and he left trails of kisses on your jawline going to your neck. As he did this you realized he was still in just a towel and you blushed but your hands went down to his chest as you ran your nails down his abdomen and felt his abs. Matt was sucking on your neck and it was so hard not to moan. Your hands traveled to his back as you pulled him closer, scratching his back in the process. You thought you had hurt him but instead you got a throaty groan from Matt turning you on even more. Matt’s lips met yours again but only briefly before he pulled away much to your disliking. You both were out of breath.
"I’m sorry," He said as he stood up and put on a pair of boxers and sweatpants behind the towel.
"For what?" You asked and Matt walked back over to you, still shirtless but with pants on.
"For just kissing you out of nowhere, I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself," He said as he sat down next to you.
"I just told you I love you and you’re apologizing for kissing me?" You asked him with an eyebrow raised which caused him to chuckle.
"I’m not apologizing for the kiss itself, I have been dying to do that for so long. I’m apologizing for waiting this long. For never saying I love you when I had the chance. For last night when you asked about it. I should have told you but I was just too afraid," He said as he sat down next to you.
"So what are you saying?" You asked trying to hold back the smile.
"I think you know what I’m saying," Matt said with a smirk as he moved closer to you.
"I do I just want to hear you say it," You whispered to him. You were now sitting across from each other with maybe four inches apart from your lips and his. You saw him smile before they opened.
"I love you," He whispered to you and you closed your eyes relishing in the sound of Matt’s voice. "Oh god I love you," You heard him say again and you opened your eyes to look at him. Your hands went to cup his face as you brought it closer to you.
"I love you too," You said to him. This felt amazing. This was relief, this was free. Matt smiled and his hands seized your waist and he picked you up and held you in the air before lowering you so that your legs could wrap around his torso. His hand came up to brush a few stray hairs out of your face and you blushed.
"I don’t know what I did to deserve you but thank you God. Oh I love you so much, I love your laugh, your smile, how your closet is color coordinated, how the word spare makes you think of bananas. I love everything about you, even the fact that you suck at math," He said with a smile as he laid you down on your bed before hovering over you with a smile on his face. You paused before pushing him back lightly so that he was sitting and you moved so that you were sitting on his lap facing him. You looked him in the eyes and you could see it all, the love the lust, how could there not be lust you have practically moved all around your bedroom proclaiming your love for the other and he is shirtless.
"I love you, I love how you’re not afraid to be yourself, how you’ve never made me feel helpless, you treat everyone with respect even if you don’t know them, you give them the benefit of the doubt, I love that you can’t sing, I love that you love your family, I love that you can make people laugh, I love your smile a lot. I love everything about you I can’t even begin to explain it," You said trying to rack your brain for more words. You felt Matt’s lips touch yours and you could feel the butterflies in your stomach rising upwards. But as soon as they touched they left. Matt sat you down on the bed and got down on the floor. You were really confused as to what was happening until you saw him kneeling on one knee and you couldn’t hide your smile.
"Y/n I have known you forever and I have been in love with you since we were fourteen, would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend," He said with a cheeky smile.
"Yes I would," You said with the biggest smile on your face ever as you hugged Matt. You two just stood there hugging each other not wanting to let go. Eventually you climbed into your bed and fell asleep cuddled up next to Matt but not before you heard this.
"You were all I’ve wanted for Christmas for three years now y/n. I guess Santa is real, you just gotta be patient."
I hope that was long and fluffy enough. I don’t know if that was enough christmas like stuff in there! Let me know what you think!
-simplicational’s queen


Request: hey may you write an imagine with Thomas Brodie Sangster and its snowing outside and you go outside and play in it and he comes out and tells you that your adorable and its really cute


“Thomas!” I shouted as I stared out the window, I was snowing, the ground was completely covered in a thick layer of beautiful white snow. “Thomas! It’s snowing!” Thomas was upstairs in the shower, he probably didn’t hear me. I bit my lip as I grabbed my jacket, hat and mittens before heading out.

It wasn’t my first time seeing snow, but I’ve always had a thing for it. I immediately ran outside as if I were a little girl again, I twirled around as the snow fell on top of me. “Adorable” I heard him say behind me.

I looked at him and smiled, he was wearing his jacket too as he walked towards me. Thomas had this smile on that made me want to melt, despite the cold weather. “You’re joking” He shook his head and wrapped his arms around me “You’re absolutely adorable” I pecked his lips

“There are a lot more adorable girls than me” Thomas grinned “You’re like a snowflake, you’re unique and no one can ever be compared to you. You’re beautiful Y/N and no other girl will ever make me feel this way” I smiled and kissed him before hitting the side of his head with a snowball that I had been holding behind my back.

We both started laughing as I ducked out from his grasp but he quickly pulled me down to the snowy ground. We couldn’t stop laughing, “You’ve got snow right over.. here!” Thomas started tickling me as I squirmed and giggled like a little girl. “Thomasssss!!! Stop iiiiit!” He finally stopped tickling me and kissed me instead.

“Hey,” I looked up at him as he started smiling at me again, “I love you snowflake” I grinned at the new nickname “I love you too Tommy”

So this is a very exciting time for me. This is my posting on my “food blog”. Hope you enjoy!

Ever since I can remember, food has been the love of my life, and so far, no one has taken its place. It all started this one time when my mom gave me the thumbs up and allowed me to bake my first cake ALONE. Since then, my love for the kitchen has grown in so many ways. I have learned what tastes good with what, how much seasoning is actually needed, and that, just like all of life’s other lessons, less is definitely more. Obviously, I was not dropped down from the food gods and given this knowledge of food from Zeus himself. I have had so many struggles in the kitchen, like adding too much salt to a certain dish or too much water to the icing sugar while baking, but I have found that the kitchen is the only place where I don’t mind the struggle. I push myself further in the kitchen than most people do at the gym… I, might be one of those people as well, but that’s for a different story. Some of you might be wondering why I created this blog, and, to be completely honest, I am not even sure why, myself. All I know is that my love for food has grown so much in the last while that I just always feel like cooking/baking and spreading the love of food. Since I can’t cook for each and every human being on the planet, I thought there was no better way to spread that love than by starting a blog! 

I’m starting with my favourite, and most definitely easy, salad. But salad is such a boring word for this master piece. It’s magnificent, it’ll send your taste buds into overdrive, leave you hanging on that last piece because you just don’t want it to end, and finally to licking the bowl clean when you’re done. (Just to clarify, my ego is NO WHERE NEAR that big to speak so highly of myself or anything that I make,  but it adds a little spice for effect) I have never been a “salad person”. I never would go out to a restaurant and think “hmm, I’ll just have a salad”. I obviously would have had it on the side but never just as a meal. Recently, I have found that my taste buds have changed and they found a different calling in the form of arugula, sliced chicken breast, tomato slices, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar. Each ingredient tastes amazing on their own, but put them together? OH BROTHER, you have literally just given your taste buds an extremely early (not to mention, healthy) Christmas present. Yes the taste is amazing, but what makes this meal even better, is that it only takes 5 minutes to prepare… aside from cooking the chicken, but that does not take too long either!

This salad is just the beginning for what I have to offer. I love to bake anything and everything, but, for now, you’ll just have to wait and see what I have in store for you next time!

xoxo Food Lovers Hot Spot

The signs as Holidays

Aries: St Patrick’s day
Taurus: Thanksgiving day
Gemini: April Fool’s Day
Cancer: Veterans day
Leo: New Year’s Day
Virgo: Labor Day
Libra: Valentine’s day
Scorpio: Halloween
Sagittarius: Kwanzaa
Capricorn: Independence day
Aquarius: Your birthday
Pisces: Christmas

  • Santa :What do you want for Christmas kid?
  • Me :I want all my OTPs to be canon
  • Santa :...
  • Me :...
  • Santa :...
  • Me :...
  • Santa :Why don't you want a unicorn like everyone else? I'm Santa not Jesus.