We took the drunk train home.

They were all absolutely infatuated with him and whispering about how much they wanted to pet him and then shushing each other saying “no that’s rude you can’t! just leave him alone!” so I told them they can pet him if they want and they were absolutely overwhelmed with happiness, while simultaneously being very concerned for his well-being, continually asking if I was very sure that it was okay and that I should please please tell them if I need them to leave him alone.

Basically, it was a great ending to a VERY long day. Sometimes people are really great.

“That’s gay, Sirius.”

“I know.”

((OOC: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! (Though I did draw this specifically for TT… MERRY CHRISTMAS @asktheboywholived) I LOVED drawing this! And I had great reference from one of my favorite sketch artists @shittilydrawing ! Their stuff is just FANTASTIC and this pose was so PERFEEECT *SOBS*))