Realized I forgot to post this here too. Every year I draw and print up a holiday card. Then (though I forgot to last year) open it up to see if anyone would like to buy some to send out some holiday cheer!

These are the cards I have left in stock. Previous years have sold out.

Feel free to contact me k9arts[at] if you are interested.

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the-gremlin-man  asked:

Dearest Father Angel, I have a question that hopefully you can shed some insight on and I'd like to be the first to ask before you're flooded with questions like this in December. What is your opinion on the fabled "War on Christmas"? To me it's just an attempt to stroke the persecution-complex many fundamentalists seem to have. If I tell you "happy holidays" it's not an attempt to destroy Christmas, I'm just not assuming I know what you celebrate. And don't get me started on the coffee cups.


Perhaps the issue with coffee mugs is a bit overboard, as is the phrase “War” on Christmas. 

However, I would not dismiss the creeping secularization of a religious holiday to being a mere fable or urban legend. 

The obvious root and reason for celebrating December 25th is because of the birth of Christ, which in the Catholic Church in England was called “Christ’s Mass.” When I was growing up, it was quite common for non-Christians and even atheists to say “Merry Christmas” to people, even strangers on the street.

The tree was the “Christmas tree” and the vacation was for “Christmas holiday” (again, from the English term “Holy Day”). We had “Christmas play” in school, or Christmas concerts. Gifts were called “Christmas presents” and our songs were “Christmas carols.”

If a cultural time, or a cultural event, starts off as non-religious, non-ethnic or otherwise neutral and secular event, then using neutral or secular terms is fine. We have “Summer vacation” which is a generic reference to the months after school gets out. We have “Earth Day” which is dedicated to the environment in general, and not to environmentalists from one group only. 

However, it is cultural appropriation and erasure when a very specific, in this case a specific religious event, is eclipsed with a secular or neutral vocabulary and attitude which actively removes the proper title. For instance, do we call Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday “Celebrate Diversity Day” so as not to offend non-blacks? When Muslims are greeted at Ramadan, do we hide the word “Ramadan” and instead say, “Greetings for Fast and Prayer Day” in order to not offend non-Muslims?

This is the problem with the “Happy Holidays” mantra. It is a cultural appropriation by secularists, or the sensitivity brigade, of what is a cherished Christian celebration. Christians are corrected, or told that they are being insensitive, for drawing attention to their own holiday. 

If some wished to say Happy Holidays, or Winter Vacations, and did not impose this on others, that would be fine. But for some, they are shut down for wanting to say, at Christmas, “Merry Christmas.” The attitude is that it is now obligatory *not* to say “Merry Christmas.”

In Israel, what do you think they call the days of the celebration of Hanukkah? Surprisingly, they call it Hanukkah LOL. They don’t take Hanukkah, a specifically Jewish time, for a Jewish event in the Jewish religion, and paste over it, with other names and other phrases which have nothing to do with their religion and culture. They do not allow their Jewish, public celebrations to be erased with secular or neutral phrases.

To use another example, if you tell a Mexican, on May 5th, “Happy Taco Day”, they will not be amused. Yes, it is true, that not all people celebrate the Cinco de Mayo. Yes, it is true, that some who are not Mexican, might not like being told, “Happy Cinco de Mayo.” 

But to move to erase or make the ethnicity of the day invisible, by referring to the day by a food or other title (”Happy May Season”) so that everyone feels included, just makes Mexicans feel offended and everyone else more bullied into sensitivity training which is not that sensitive after all. If Mexicans get offended by such erasure, it is not a “persecution complex” but an insistence that their significant contributions not be made invisible. 

There is a massive and impacting influence from Christians, and from the Christian way of celebrating the birth of Christ, which should be honored, recognized, and highlighted at December 25th and the “12 Days of Christmas.” To expunge and become hyper allergic to the specificity of the holiday because of its religious roots is to practice erasure while hiding behind a false notion of sensitivity. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Christmas with Taehyung would include:

° him forcing you to dress up in couple christmas outfits

° purposely putting mistletoe EVERYWHERE so he has an excuse to kiss you

° “Tae, you don’t need to put mistletoe everywhere you know, we’re a cou-”

° “Shush Y/N”, *kisses you*

° You melting every time he kisses you

° Making Christmas desserts together

° The members coming over uninvited but you both don’t mind

° they’re practically family

° spending the morning with the members and then going off to spend Xmas with Tae’s family

° they love you of course

° Tae’s younger brother always trying to steal you from him lol

° when he’s like 10 years younger (A/N: don’t know how old Tae’s brother is so just put a random number there lol XD hope u guys dm :p)

° going back to your house with him

° You getting some loooovvviiinnngggggg *wink wink* *nudge nudge* 😏😏😏

° You waking up to Tae’s smirky/smiley face

° “I love you so much”

° “I love you too Tae”

A/N: Hope you guys liked it😘😘😘

I was feeling really Christmasy lol :p

Seasons of Love


the leaves fall apart

as we fall together.

the October rain

leaves you drenched

but me dry,

with your coat around my shoulders

and your hand in mine.


the world is coated in

a layer of ice

but this white Christmas

can’t reach me.

there’s nothing between us

but ugly sweaters and



the sun rises and with it, life,

but somehow our spark is dying.

you don’t protect me

from April showers

nor pick bouquets of

yellow May flowers



I’m cold.
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of swatching the new holiday Kat Von D palette it’s soooo shiny and it’s so pigmented… plus for everyone who knows me there’s a shade called Rapture!!!! Like why is this palette made for me 🕷🖤❤️🎮