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If I was a teacher after a holiday… by Thomas Sanders

hello again dear friends!!! a lot of you have asked me how to stay productive during holidays + this is just a tiny masterpost to help you make the most out of your holidays :]

  • wake up early!!! this helps you get stuff done
  • also don’t sleep too late at night [unless it’s christmas eve or new year’s eve then i understand why you’re still up]
  • take time for yourself!!! practice your hobbies, take baths, go on vacation, sleep a little bit more…take a day to do whatever you may feel like doing, holidays shouldn’t be stressful [here are some ideas]
  • finish that book you wanted to finish or start a new one!! remember life is not just studying all the time
  • prioritise what you need to do + get your homework done asap!!! do the trickiest tasks first so you just have simpler ones left to do [if any]
  • revise!! this will help you just in case you have any important exams coming up after the holidays or just to keep your mind refreshed on the material you did in class
  • make a list of goals you want to accomplish next year!!
  • find time to go shop for gifts [if you do that sort of thing]
  • keep in contact with your family and friends!!! the holidays are the best time you get to talk to your family and friends, hang out with your friends and visit your relatives
  • organise your desk/room etc!! this helps you to free your mind and helps you stay productive [plus it’ll be prepared for the next scholastic term]
  • try to fit in time to exercise or go for a nice walk
  • avoid procrastination!! don’t waste your time no matter how good it may feel, you’ll thank yourself later [check out some apps here to accomplish this]
  • if you have any school projects, try to get most of them done during the holidays!! lord knows you’ll have a lot to do during the school year so any little extra work will help
  • try making your decorations instead of buying them [here are some ideas]
  • create shopping lists in advance!! these will help you make sure to get what you need and avoid buying what you don’t need [be it food, gifts, decorations etc.]
  • do some online shopping!! as you might be well aware of, january is the perfect time to treat yourself, take advantage of those sales

+ my masterposts

this is just about everything i wanted to say so i hope this helped a lot of you out!! happy holidays + remember to make the most of them while you have them <3

-helena xx

I have had so much trouble doing anything but nothing this winter break, but I really ought to make progress on my BA thesis. Simultaneously, I want to enjoy break as much as I can! Here’s some tips etc. that I have uncovered in my attempt to motivate myself and relax this winter break.

  • Make a study schedule - you deserve a break and should take one, so I’d say keep it vague and leave yourself plenty of free time, but it does make it easier to do things once you set goals. What I do is set one goal per day. Once I get that out of the way, I have freedom!, but if I just can’t one day, it’s okay because it won’t be too bad to do two the next. Over the course of a few weeks, it’ll all get done, so it’s alright!
  • Make a list of what you want to get out of break - not just what you want to get done. For example, I’m prioritizing relaxing. I’m feeling pretty burnt out, and the worst thing is to still feel that way when the quarter starts. Like, ideally, I wanna be borderline bored and just really want to study again once school starts back up. During break, I want to do some reading for fun, cook some new recipes, and hang out with old friends.
  • Clean up your space, and maybe do a bit of decorating. Make your study space comfortable and cheery, and soon you will find it too hard to resist that ~studyblr aesthetic~ and you will give in to temptation and crack open your textbook. Or so I like to tell myself.

Prepare for Next Quarter/Semester - even if they’re not the most pressing matters, taking some small steps can get you in a productive mood, and at least get something out the way!

  • Look up the syllabi for your classes. Download readings and/or buy textbooks (and if you’re really productive start reading them!)
  • Set up your notebooks. I use a composition notebook for each class, so over break I like to buy them, set up a table of contents, number the pages, etc. Then, if I’m feeling productive, I might even start taking notes in them…
  • Watch some relevant lectures on iTunes U, Yale Open Courses, or MIT Open Courseware.
  • Practice a language on Duolingo – there are now 15 languages available for English speakers, and more coming soon!

Winter & Christmas Playlists

Cozy Things - because it’s cold and consequently perfect cozy study weather, so might as well complete the ambiance.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do with your break, and happy holidays!!

  • *Sitting in the living room, reading a book*
  • *Makes sad, emotional noises*
  • Me:Sorry. It’s just that people are fighting and I’m like, guys please just get along because I love you all so much and it’s making me sad
  • Friend:*In absolute sincere, sympathetic tone* I really hope they work everything out.
  • Me:You say that like you’re talking about real people.
  • Friend:It doesn’t matter if the characters are real. Your emotions are real.
  • The emotions are real even if the characters aren’t.
  • This is important.