Couple things, here.

Yesterday, I gave myself a manicure and threw on my wedding rings- two things that rarely happen (I normally just wear a simple rose gold band because it’s just easier with Wells). I kept staring at my hands all day because they felt so new. 

How awesome is that blue and cream Jonathan Adler knit hat?! It’s slouches just right and it felt warm and cozy. It’s $45, which feels cheap for Jonathan Adler, no? I feel like all of his stuff is, at minimum, $95. 

If you wander over to Chicago’s Christkindlmarket, find the vendor serving up these Snow Balls (by the indoor beer tent). They are warm, powdered sugar-topped doughnuts and they are remarkable. Look how serious I am about eating them.

And finally, do you ever go places where there is a house photographer? Someone walks around, snaps a quick picture, and then on your way out the door they slap said picture in a plastic frame and try to sell it to you for like $15? Well, yesterday at The Drake that happened. Only I took one look at the photo of me + my sis in front of that beautiful ballroom and thought, “Hmmm…this is pretty good. We are both dressed up, have makeup on, and there are no kids climbing all over us. I think I’ll take it.”

So I did. And I’m glad. 


A Mistletoe Kissing Contraption at Christkindlmarket. Pretty funny.


Christkindlmarket Meetup 2013!
December 21, 2013

First meetup since before my cosplay hiatus! It kind of fell apart because we all got split up but I still had fun and I hope everyone else did, too. I really love the way I look in my Hungary wig and I really liked how it looked with my sweater ^^’