It was announced yesterday that the city’s official Christmas tree will be moved from Daley Plaza, where it has lived for 48 years, to Millennium Park. 

No word on what will become of the Christkindlmarket.

I’m torn about this. I love the tradition of going to Daley Plaza during the holidays, mingling with the crowds, drinking Glühwein, all in the shadow of the massive tree. However, I know that before the tree was in the Loop, it lived in Grant Park, so this is going back to it’s roots.

What are your thoughts on this?


A Mistletoe Kissing Contraption at Christkindlmarket. Pretty funny.


photos from christkindlmarket today :) as you can see I was mainly interested in the food. the whole thing was so fantastic though… so many cool trinkets like hand-painted christmas ornaments, hand-carved figurines, nesting dolls, jewelry, beer steins… of course, everything was very expensive and I didn’t have much use for any of it, so I didn’t buy anything.

BUT I did share some delicious potato pancakes and an apple strudel with my mom, and we all stood by the crepe booth and watched the handsome French gentlemen making crepes for about 5 minutes.

will definitely be going back next year! (and I’ll be able to try the Gluehwein)


Christkindlmarket Meetup 2013!
December 21, 2013

First meetup since before my cosplay hiatus! It kind of fell apart because we all got split up but I still had fun and I hope everyone else did, too. I really love the way I look in my Hungary wig and I really liked how it looked with my sweater ^^’


Mistletoe Kissing Contraption