I love fan art.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the scenes my readers have created, the way they envision my characters. Fan art has brought me to tears before. It has introduced me to some of my favorite artists. I even have an oil painting made by a reader hanging on my wall. Some of the best fan art is on tumblr. And I knew tumblr was the perfect place to find people to work with on a special project: the Limited Edition of my upcoming book, The Body Electric.

Read on to discover how I used tumblr to find artists for a very special version of my newest book, and how to get your own copies of all this art and more:

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Elder from Across the Universe

This is one of a series of four portraits by artist Christine Tyler in the tradition of Alphonse Mucha. Just as Mucha used symbolism in his portraits, Christine has added so many layers of symbolism into these portraits. 

If you’ve read Across the Universe, you can probably spot some of them in this portrait of Elder–but read on to see if you can catch all the different symbols hidden in the image! 

And coming soon: portraits of Ella and Jack, the main characters in Beth Revis’s newest sci fi novel, The Body Electric!

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An absolutely ADORABLE video of an unboxing of The Body Electric on WogsVlogs!