Reconstruction of ....

my face , my body and my personality . I mean hello , I have been motherfucking teased at for what all my life ? So , before this year ends , I’m gonna look all beautiful and I’m gonna make those my ex-boyfriends regret that they broke up with me . So , right now I’m looking for beauty tips by christinetofu because she is a goddess ! I wanna look as pretty as her and have a body like her . 

Mark my words , I will post pictures of me on my Graduation Day .  

my follow saturday that I took it off google lol :-)))

well follow these kawaii desu blogs ;3; <333333333

christinetofu  asked:

yah do you mind if i totally steal your song LMAO it's so good and kawaii le ponponpon yanowatimeen

lmao gurl what did you say towards the end??? XDDD

It’s not my song you can do what you want

But lemme say this

Never… ever say Yiruma’s music is “kawaii”

It’s GOOD but it’s far more than that. His music is beautiful and moving and I wouldn’t mind so much if you said that instead of “Kawaii le ponosiejosgjosjef hoij" 

yeah ok

just wanted to let that out

good night to you