New YouTuber Sunday

It’s the second New YouTuber Sunday! This week (and, like, the past month) I’ve been obsessed with polandbananas20, also known as Christine Riccio.

Reasons why I love her:

  • She’s a hilarious story teller. Whenever I watch her Story Time videos, my mom yells from another room, “WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?” and I have to explain why a  video about a girl being awkward at her improv class made me fall off the couch from sheer hysterics. 
  • She has a SECOND CHANNEL dedicated to BOOKS. And it’s not one of those second channels that is all 30 second videos taken on an iPhone. These are thoughtful book reviews, book related tags, and hilarious skits about  reading. Seriously, this is a quality channel.
  • She also has a THIRD channel, which looks AWESOME (I haven’t really watched much of it yet). 
  • She often has a mug in her hand during videos. 
  • She is more than happy to tell you about some hilariously awkward thing that happened to her.
  • Her sibling tag made me laugh harder than I had at a video in a very, very long time. (Watch it NOW: )