We felt like, together, we were a force of nature,“ Stevie says. “And we made a pact, probably in our first rehearsal, that we would never accept being treated as second-class citizens in the music business. That when we walked into a room we would be so fantastic and so strong and so smart that none of the uber-rockstar group of men would look through us. And they never did.”

Stevie on Christine & the bond they shared.

I’ve been thinking about love never dies a lot (because what else would I do with my time) and even though it’s not the best I really wish there was more content about Gustave in the fandom.

Like imagine how cool of a little kid he must be, being the Phantoms son. Imagine all the mischief and trouble he gets in but in a good way, because he’s a sweet kid.

Imagine him as like a toddler somehow able to always escape his crib like it’s nothing. Or being a little older and always inventing the coolest gadgets and trinkets ever.

Just imagine how proud Christine would be of her son.