I’m so sick of this stigma that theatre geeks’ favorite musicals can’t be High School Musical or Les Mis or Wicked or Phantom or Hamilton or any other popular musicals. Like. There is a reason it is popular, and that’s because it’s good.

Me: pft love isn’t real it doesn’t exist

Also Me: Watches pride and prejudice 2005 ending and cries, Cries while reading Jane Eyre, Heart melts when Anne and Gilbert speak, reads every Jane Austen novel and imagines myself as the protagonist, Cries at the ending of the phantom of the opera chanting my angel of music why, Ends up day dreaming about me ending up with someone like Mr. Darcy, Gilbert Blythe, or  Henry Tilney, heart melts at the reading of shakespeare, ends up getting sad over bronte sister novels

Me: Yeah love is dumb -begins to sniffle- 


favorite duos (of all time and kind): christine daaé & erik (the phantom), the phantom of the opera.
↳ “in sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came. that voice which calls to me and speaks my name. and do i dream again, for now i find the phantom of the opera is there, inside my mind.”


Christine is takin’ out the trash… 

A little fun from last weekend… Bless @tranquilchaos28 for laying there while these were taken. They’re such a good sport when it comes to humouring the ideas which pop into my head… 

Christine: @sashadechagny
Erik: @tranquilchaos28
Fabric and embroidery: @enchantedseastudio
Mask: @longshoremasks