Video detailing the cleaning of Christine’s wedding dress and the quick change involved with it.

Full video of this.


All “Phantom of the Opera” productions has some details unique to them. In West End they do very cool Christmas curtain call costumes:

  • Christine’s wedding dress gets a red bow in the back, sometimes red rosettas at the sleeves, and a veil with crown of holly instead of flowers.
  • The Phantom wears an especially decorated glitter mask, and often a special holly bowtie as well.
  • The ballet girls has been seen in many different twists to their Degas costumes. Raindeer costumes, snowmen, ice skaters. They did the ice skater costume this year.

The costumes of Christine and Meg in:

  1. Hannibal (slavegirl ballet costumes)
  2. Angel of Music (Degas / Elissa)
  3. Angel of Music (Degas / dressing gown)
  4. Il Muto (Jeweler’s Maid / Countess)
  5. Masquerade (Star Princess / Meg Maid)
  6. Don Juan Rehearsal (Degas / Wishing dress)
  7. Don Juan Triumphant (Aminta / Gypsy girl)
  8. Final Lair (Boy costume / Wedding dress)

Ideally I should have had a Sylvan Glade/Serafimo one as well, but I couldn’t find any in my files. If anyone have one, I’d be happy to add it to the set!


Sweet holy Moses.

I found Christine costume sketches I made around 2000. It’s how I planned to make my costumes, before I started sewing. Some turned out pretty much as planned, others totally not… But I rather like these sketches, as I never continued with any sort of drawing and this was a nice blast from the past.

And apparently I was really REALLY into the Aminta costume…