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An AU that popped into my head and will not leave

A small town on the coast of France has been buzzing with talk of a mysterious masked Sorcerer that dwells in an unknown location somewhere within the depths of one of the various dark caves along the rocky shore. Christine Daaé, left orphaned and impoverished, loves hopelessly from afar her childhood friend; the famous and wealthy, Prince Raoul de Chagny. Doubting that he would ever remember those evenings playing together on the sandy shores and his heroic rescuing of her beloved red scarf, Christine believes she would never have a chance with someone of such an elite status. Christine catches wind of the tales of the powerful Sorcerer who grants wishes to those who attempt to seek him out, but only those which he deems worthy. Desperate for a chance to earn The Prince’s love, Christine treks to the Sorcerer’s rumored dwelling place. 

Christine owns very little, and certainly nothing that anyone would deem impressive. As a result, she meekly strives to earn the Sorcerer’s attention the only way she knows how: through song. Upon reaching the Sorcerer’s supposed abode, Christine sings with all of the passion that she has left, going through multiple arias that her father had taught her before his passing. She uses her voice to portray her desperation, the love which she fears can never be returned. Christine is met with nothing other than the sound of waves crashing in the distance and, thinking herself foolish, turns to leave. She stops short, however, when she hears a soft, nearly hypnotic voice singing beautifully in a tongue she does not recognize. She peers into the darkness of the cave, searching for the owner of the entrancing voice and finds two eerily bright yellow eyes peering back at her.

Her first instinct is to be frightened, but the melodic voice washes over her and she finds that she is rather tranquil. The voice urges her closer and she obeys, seemingly in a daze. “Why do you seek my guidance, child?” The words are uttered softly from the darkness. Christine explains her hopeless love to the shadow with the unsettling, glowing eyes. Christine pours her heart out to this unknown creature, unaware of the scheming taking place within the mind of the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer listens to her explain her desires, listens to her pleas and vows that she will do anything that she is able. The shadow ponders the wild-haired girl’s words for a moment, and Christine waits with baited breath, expecting him to turn her away. “I will help you gain this boy’s love, little one. But as you know, I shall expect something in return.”, the voice murmurs and Christine’s heart leaps. “Anything, Monsieur…”, Christine says in disbelief. “I shall ask for a very minuscule form of payment. I ask for nothing other than your voice. Your voice, to be mine and mine alone; to coax, to tutor, to possess. None other than I shall ever receive the gift of hearing it.”

Christine would then agree, although with a strong feeling of ill-omen. Christine would be mute around everyone other than Erik. Erik would keep his word and help Christine earn the love of the Prince de Chagny. Things get increasingly complicated, however, when Erik becomes enchanted by the beautiful song-bird and realizes he wants more than just her voice as his own. A sort of love-triangle ensues, Erik deals with questions of morality, there is a lot of pining, unrequited feelings all around, angst, etc etc. The endgame would be definitely E/C. And yes, Erik would be a real Sorcerer. Because why the heck not? And yes, this is largely inspired by me listening to @lordjazor ’s audio of Erik singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” because I’m lame like that

  • Raoul: Christine... please marry me!
  • Christine: Woah woah dude... it's been like ten years and you've literally just come back into my life, i don't even know if i know you anymore...
  • Raoul: Yeh but i saved your scarf
  • Christine: it was a fucking scarf Raoul come back to me with a box of chocolates and then we'll see what happens

All I want is freedom. A world with no more night.
And you, always beside me. To hold me and to hide me.

Christine Daaé | the-porcelain-princess
Raoul de Chagny | the-flying-grayson

Christmas R/C headcanons
  • Raoul always makes cookies. He and Christine end up eating more cookie dough than gets made into cookies.
  • They both light candles for their parents, Philippe, Papa and Mamma Valerius, and for Erik. Neither of them like the reminder but Christine thinks it’s necessary.
  • Raoul always goes overboard and decorates every inch of the cottage. He always had extravagant Christmases growing up, and even though they don’t have a lot of money, he’ll decorate with tree branches, newspaper pictures, pinecones, paper garlands, anything he can find.
  • They try to combine French and Swedish traditions. To honor Christine’s heritage, they decorate with straw, celebrate St. Lucia’s Day, keep the tree up until January 13th, make Swedish goodies, and exchange half the presents on Christmas Eve. Raoul makes a bûche de Noël and they burn a yule log. 
  • Raoul always gets Christine a new scarf (usually red), among other things.
  • Raoul saved up for their second Christmas together and bought Christine a piano. She used it to teach music lessons and it eventually paid for itself several times over.
  • Christine told Raoul she was pregnant for the first time on their fifth Christmas together.
  • Raoul usually cries over something Christine or his children give him.
  • Christine loves getting an orange in her stocking. They are her favorite fruit, and hard to come by in Norway.
  • Christine usually gets a little tipsy and emotional over how much she loves Raoul.
  • Raoul doesn’t drink because he is a lightweight, but he always gets emotional too.
  • Raoul made his daughters  a doll house one year. His son ended up using it the most. 
  • On their first Christmas, they didn’t have a lot of money, but they saved up. Christine got Raoul a new pair of warm pajamas. Raoul bought Christine a red scarf, and a secondhand locket with locks of the recently deceased Mamma Valerius’s hair, Papa Valerius’s hair, her father’s hair, and her mother’s hair (hair jewelry was huge in the Victorian era). 

anonymous asked:

Can I ask what is the usual poses of photos that Broadway publishes? Like I know there is the arm wrestling one in the motn, like you said, one of Raoul and Christine looking at each other on rooftop. Can you make a list, if it's not too much to ask?

Apart from the absolute obvious (MOTN pose, the Phantom at the organ, boat scene, Christine with red scarf in the Mausoleum scene), the classical and basically always-photographed US/Broadway photos include:

1. Christine with the scarf in “Think of Me”:

2. Christine and Raoul in “Little Lotte” (preferably with Raoul’s hand on Christine’s shoulder, and her hand on top of that):

3. Christine trying to look enchanted in the First Lair:

4. Christine waking up in the boat/bed, pulling a bit in the Phantom’s cloak:

5. The infamous “arm wrestling pose”:

6. The Rooftop pose (and here it’s almost mandatory for Raoul to touch Christine’s chin or cheek):

7. Christine with the open Don Juan score:

8. Christine clinging to said Don Juan score as her life depended on it:

9. Christine looking distressed in “Twisted Every Way”, while displaying the blue Wishing dress in the best possible way:

10. Raoul, with the sheer force of his mighty hand stopping the Phantom in his track, to protect Christine:

siobhanssadlers  asked:

Oh and I also have been searching for a photo. It is the one where Stevie is wearing that one sleeved blouse and Christine takes Stevie's scarf wraps it around Stevie's face. I am almost certain there is a picture of that, I know I have seen it and I am dying to find it.

Hi, here are 2 pics of Christine messing with Stevie’s scarf:

I’ll post a set of Christine and Mick tomorrow :)