christine's coat

the phantom of the opera crew play never have i ever

it’s a slow day at the opera house and everyone is bored out of their minds
christine: hey let’s play a game
christine: it’s called ‘never have i ever’
meg: ok sounds cool
raoul: alright
erik: *appears* i’m in
christine: woah erik what are you doing here
erik: i’m going to play the game
christine: …ok
madame giry: i will chaperone
meg: mom we don’t need a chaperone
meg: plus erik is like fifty-something
madame giry: shut up meg
christine: ok, i’ll start. never have i ever kissed a boy
meg: a boy? what about a girl?
madame giry: *cluthces cross*
christine: girls don’t count. i said boy
christine: i haven’t
meg: i haven’t
raoul and erik:
meg: wait, raoul and erik, you guys have kissed boys?
raoul: …yes
meg: who?
raoul: *blushes* each other
madame giry: *clutches cross harder*
christine: ugh *hands meg twenty francs*
meg: told ya
erik: it was an accident you insolent chorus girl
meg: yeah, sure-
christine: ok ok. next up is erik then.
erik: ok. hmmm. never have i ever slept with someone.
meg: i’m not surprised
erik: *pulls punjab out of coat*
christine: stop! everyone just answer, please
madame giry: *sigh* i have
madame giry: you dipshit how do you think i made you?
raoul: anyway. i haven’t
meg: no surprise there either
meg: i have
madame giry: *faints*
christine: i have
raoul: *faints*
erik: *faints*
meg: what do you think they’d do if they found out it was me

Adventures in Babysitting

Title: Adventures in Babysitting

Pairing: Aubrey x Reader

Based off of this anon request:

Can you do an Aubrey x Christine where he’s babysitting her and tells her he’s going to propose to reader who is also her aunt 

I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting XOXOXO

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Please read this, especially if you live in the New York Area.

Eleventh grader Christine (Jiwoo) Kang has been missing since 8:00 P.M. on Friday, January 2, 2015. Christine left her house at 12 Robin Hill Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583, wearing a mint green flannel top with white flannel pajama pants that had a pink and mint green snowflake design.  She was wearing tan UGG boots and no coat. Christine is 16 years old; she is approximately 5'6’’ and 120lbs., and she has long black hair.

Christine’s parents are working with the Greenburgh Police.  If you have any information, please contact Greenburgh Police at 914-682-5300.

Please signal boost this even if it “clashes” with your blog. This is more important than your aesthetic or fandoms.