Answering shameful tweets about women’s football

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And now here you have some wise words:

“When tackled, they get up and play on. They don’t pretend to be hurt. They don’t dive. They don’t get opponents sent off. They don’t wrestle at corner kicks. Worst of all, they don’t hassle the match officials. As any fool who has watched the men’s Premiership knows, that is not the way to play football.

Ladies, please continue playing and loving this beautiful sport. We are doing a fantastic job in this (supposed) “men’s world”.


Congrats to @sincy12 …and happy for @nadineangerer1 and Germany. However, a true example of 🇨🇦 coming out on top of 🇩🇪…


Part of the prestige and tradition of the beautiful game; it’s a tradition that other sports have copied. The sport of soccer worldwide has only one captain. Vice captains will take over the band when the captain is subbed out, injured, or card suspended. But there is only one captain on the field at a time.

A captain is the coach on the field. She represents the team as a whole to answer or dispute any officiating within the game. A captain has earned the respect of her teammates. A captain will lead by example and doesn’t use a band as an attempt to stroke her ego. A captain will lead her team and pick them up when they are down. A captain wears the armband on her left sleeve. a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve.   

To Kat Reynolds: for stepping up in a big way, creating offense and staying tough on defense, and providing a veteran presence and leadership that is unparalleled

To Emily Menges: for being a source of solid ground, for taking the captains armband when half of the roster was away and wearing it with pride and demonstrating the qualities it encompasses. For the resilience in the back where recognition isn’t as easily given, and playing in every minute without giving up

To Kat Williamson: for fighting so hard to continue to contribute to this organization, for pushing yourself from an early injury to return to help the team succeed when it needed it most

To Mana Shim: for unparalleled bravery after an emotional roller coaster, for never giving up and never surrendering whether starting or off the bench, and for the strength and determination after such heartbreak

To Lindsey Horan: for always being in the right place at the right time, for coming in clutch when the team needed clutch, and for the impact your presence had on the field. For the constant runs, the headers, and the non stop fight until the very end

To Nadia Nadim: for power and grit every minute on the field, for stepping up on the wing while still making an impact down the middle, for composure and poise in the box and on the spot

To Allie Long: for being the backbone of this organization from day one, for holding strong in an incredibly talented midfield and working harder and harder every day to achieve your dreams.

To Dagny Brynjarsdottir: for an incredible first season in America, for a constant airborne presence while still being there on the ground for crosses or through balls. For taking on a big role in a big way

To Christine Sinclair, our captain: for the unmistakable leadership and passion for the game itself, for your teammates, and for everyone on the field. For being a game changer, a playmaker, a finisher and a cheerleader on the field

To Kendall Johnson: for clawing back to keep a spot on a roster that’s loaded with talent, and for being around even if not on the field as a calming loving presence

To Emily Sonnett: for a fantastic year for anyone, much less a rookie. For neutralizing threats like Alex Morgan and Christen Press, for coming up big in the semifinal, and for a soccer mind that sees the field better than anyone else

To Tobin Heath: for being a catalyst, a playmaker, a game changer, and everything in between. For a season so wonderful it’s hard for me to put into words how incredible you did and the impact you had on this team both on and off the field, with the club or away on NT duty. For an ever loving passion for the game and every second of every match

To Michelle Betos: for being a rock, a brick wall, and making saves a goalie can only dream of, for keeping us in so many games that could easily have gotten away from us, for being such a calming presence in the back that settles things down when it gets too crazy. For the leadership of a defense that held so strong for so long

To Hayley Raso: for making things happen, for runs up and down the flank that couldn’t be replicated, for making things happen right when they needed to, and for always being there at the right time

To Jennifer Skogerboe: for coming in at a time that was most crucial, for stepping up when so many players were away and really making sure they had a place to come back to

To AD Franch: for not giving up no matter what, and holding on in desperate situations when everything seemed to be going haywire. For being a Great Wall that made the hardest save look like a piece of cake

To Meghan Klingenberg: for being a constant reminder of what a defender can do, and what a good defender should be. For getting back to be there on defense but also making plays and being a catalyst for the offense.

To Mallory Weber: for stepping up in a brand new position when everyone was away and taking the opportunity to really shine and hold things together in the back, despite never having played there before

To Amandine Henry: for coming to play in America in the first place, thus growing the sport here as well as internationally, for being an immediate impact after playing a full season in France before coming here, and for being an ambassador for the sport

To Celeste Boureille: for continuing to learn and grow and get better and stronger to continue to impact an ever growing league and ever growing team

To Meg Morris: for a powerful few weeks on the field and for being the loudest cheerleader off the field, for strength and grit and determination through adversity

To the Portland Thorns: for a fantastic season and a wonderful ride, we as fans thank you. #BAONPDX

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