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We are open!

Hello fellow Outlander fans, and welcome!

A few of us fan artists have decided to get together and make art, and we need you! 

This blog is dedicated to making fanart based on your prompts and requests!

We all use different mediums and techniques - from photoshop to pencil, ink and paper - but we all put our heart into it. 

This blog is a blank page; what will you make of it?

– Mods Christine, Fiona and Silver

Please read our guidelines before sending requests.


Chrissy’s aesthetic: 2/???: Hugh doing weird things with his hands and face. MOTN edition.

🎶"It won’t cost much! JUST YOUR VOICE!“🎶

I just had to doodle something to match @lordjazor‘s snippet of Poor Unfortunate Souls

bonnie-wee-swordsman  asked:

I would personally love for each of the mods to introduce themselves! I know two of the three of you pretty well, but I think it would be great to hear from each of you about how you came to the fandom/ art in general, what your main blog is, and anything else you'd like to share! Mwah!!

Hi Bonnie! There are in fact 4 of us participating in the blog - we have little intros about ourselves in our mods page but we can expand a bit more on that :)

Christine - @rogermackenzie - I actually don’t post a lot of outlander >< on my personal blog bc I also run an outlander blog but I do tend to post all my art to my personal page. I think the fandom that brought me onto tumblr was Doctor Who about 5 years ago (yikes) and after being on the site for a while I became frustrated that I wasn’t seeing gifs of the shows and scenes I loved the most so I learned to make gifs via tumblr tutorials and it all kinda went from there! I’ve done edits a lot and tried my hand at graphics but don’t feel great at them so bye to those but then I got into recoloring B&W images and just looking at graphic trends and tutorials and trying all sorts of stuff basically ????? haha idk I just like testing different things and end up doing a lot of vector art mostly and some paintings and a pencil on paper project about a character’s hair - art tag


Silver - @ofbrochtuarach - I have a roleplay blog for Jamie, but no active “personal” blog. I came to the Outlander because it was in my Netflix suggestions, and a French youtuber had mentionned it and it sounded cool ^^ I was already drawing fanart then, though not regularly, often inspired from roleplay or fanfiction. I suck at getting inspired to I’m counting on you guys! As to how I started arting… 10 years ago, in Latin class, the girl sitting next to me gave me some useful tips, and I haven’t stopped drawing since!


Fiona - @outlanderedandoverhere - I joined tumblr after lurking for months on blogs like gotham’s, as I had been a lover of the books for most of my adult life. Initially very sceptical that a TV show could do justice to C and J, but had been thoroughly seduced by the time we reached the ‘well I suppose that means you’re coming with me scene ( damn you show Jamie and your sorcery), eventually opening my own blog because I wanted to contribute to the discussions! And then of course, came the DollFrasers…. As to the art, well I have been creative all my life, but had fallen out of just drawing for about twenty years, and then it may have even been a wee post of yours, Bonnie, where I think you waxed lyrical about fanart and how important it was and how we should all be more appreciative of it, that absolutely resonated with me and made something click inside my brain, and I suddenly decided I had to start drawing again. So thank you 😊 for that. This may be all your fault 😬


Ty - @wheelslain - I’m the black sheep of the mod group, because I’m not active in the Outlander fandom at all, technically speaking. I have seen the show, but I have no personal or RP blog that’s in any way related to it. I am a big fan of it, though, so I suppose I might be of some use on here (hopefully). I blame Silver for my involvement on this blog, because me being here is entirely her doing. Art-wise, I’ve been drawing for… god, don’t ask. 13 years sounds about right, mostly fanart for various things, along with a few pet projects of mine. It’s about time I put that to good use with a few prompts, so here I am~

versawyermoved  asked:

but like rich covering jake's tail with tinsel and michael and christine dyeing jeremy's wings silver and gold and pretty holiday colors during the holiday season?

the girls would totally wanna decorate jeremy’s wings but he wouldn’t let them lmao. jake on the other hand, 100% has rich wrap tinsel around his tail asdfgh


I tried to do a “What would Phantom of the Opera look like if Tim Burton Henry Selick made it?” but then I got weary of my initial sketches and didn’t care for it any longer. 

Feel free to use the last one as a coloring page or something!


BLISTERING early live version of Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

Live Kansas City 1977, Rumours Tour.


Shame there aren’t any other good quality live recordings of this masterpiece (apart from Milhaukee 1976).

The version off 'The Dance’ has NOTHING on this INFERNO of bitterness, anger, devastation and brutality.


4:30: Lindsey MASSACRES the crowd with his wailing, yet heavenly guitar solo. Mick SLAMS HARD on the drums. Christine CONVULSES on the Hammond organ. John just manages to keep up.

4:44:- give me just a chance, give me just a CHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCE!!!!!!!!!’ So much agony in those notes.

I get emotionally exhausted every time I hear this ending.

Bravo Stevie. Her best Fleetwood Mac song HANDS DOWN.

Imagine if this performance were recreated in an autobiographical movie of the band. Chiffonheads would faint in the cinema.


I finished this one a bit ago, but no opportunity to photograph and upload!

For those of you who love Phantom of the Opera (and especially the ALW musical) as much as I, I would like to present a non-replica Star Princess tiara done Valt-style!!!

While the Hannibal tiara had a lot of pieces and the replica Star Princess tiara had a lot of construction issues, this one was done in a more traditional style (traditional to how I make them) and so it wasn’t all that difficult. It just had some extra ornamental pieces. So, if anyone wants one of their own, you know where to come! I might even consider selling this one. (Although I love it… bur I can’t keep them ALL. Make me sell it.)

You can talk to me here in my Ask Box, at GraveGlamour on Etsy, or you can email me at!

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