christine ridgway


They really creep me out!
Where are their arms and legs??

I love the idea of Ford, the monster hunter, the inter-dimensional traveler, documenter of anomalies, the demon-fighter, having just the most IRRATIONAL fear of some small harmless animal like a spider or a snake. So I figured Grenda must have gone out of town and left her critters (Including a yellow python names Banana ;) ) with Mabel to babysit, Ford’s not crazy about a fanged noodle in his house.

(Disclaimer: I LOVE SNAKES a lot! Its a wonder I don’t have any) 

Today is my friend, Robert Lence’s birthday!

Robert has worked in nearly everyone large animation studio in the country such as Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Laika, Sony, Blue Sky and more. He worked on a bunch of my favorite films growing up from Toy Story, The Lion King, Shrek, and Beauty and the Beast. He has been an amazing help to me as I prepare my portfolio for my future career in the same field. 

Happy Birthday Robert!


Pay him, Beefcake!

Stan doesn’t like Carla’s raw egg concoctions in the morning. Luckily the one good thing about being surrounded by fellow broke friends is they’ll do just about anything for a quick buck. 


More Loose Gravity fun!!

This is based off the warehouse scene in Footloose where Ren goes to dance out his frustration. In Loose Gravity, Ford simply is looking for a place to try out dancing without being laughed at and get really into it! …..until he realized he’s not alone ;)