christine peters

MARVEL origin story rule: Hero gets the girl but can’t keep her.

Captain America and Peggy Carter

Loses her to time.

Iron Man and Pepper Potts

He just wasn’t ready yet.

Thor and Jane Foster

Divided by dimensions.

Hulk and Betty Ross

On the run with the monster within

Star Lord and Gamora

He dances and she doesn’t.

Ant-Man and Hope Van Dyne

Closest to actually keeping the girl so far but he’s full of shit.

Dr. Strange and Christine Palmer

…it’s complicated.


Maree Johnson, principal Christine in the Australian Tour, 1994-96

She was also one of the original u/s Christines in Australia, when the show opened in Melbourne in 1990. She’s listed in the 1990s programme as Innkeeper’s Wife/Christine u/s. So her career in Phantom seems to have stretched from 1990-96, when she left the tour - only to be continued in 2017, when starring as principal Madame Giry on Broadway!


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