christine mcvied


“Christine Perfect and John McVie first met at a Fleetwood Mac gig one night in early 1968. At the time, she admits she was more interested in Peter Green. ‘But John asked me if I wanted a drink and we sat down and had a few laughs before they went on stage. Then after the concert he came over and said ‘Shall I take you out to dinner sometime?’ I went ‘Whoa, I thought you were engaged or something.’ He said, ‘Nah it’s all over.’ I thought he was devastatingly attractive but it never occurred to me to look at him.”
When Fleetwood Mac returned from America, McVie proposed. They were married 10 days later and Christine announced in Melody Maker that she was retiring to become a housewife.”
-Christine McVie, Uncut Magazine

Don’t get me wrong, the SnL chemistry—the drama, the longing, the unfinished business—is imperative to Fleetwood Mac, and it fascinates me as much as the next fan. But, in my opinion, there’s something more genuine between John and Chris. Above hype and ego, and the need the need for muses and fantastical stories, you can always find John’s love for Chris and vice versa.

“Sure, I could make him happy tomorrow and say, ‘Yeah, John, I’ll come back to you.’ Then I would be miserable. I’m not that unselfish.”
-Christine McVie, 1977
“And bless her heart, Chris said, ‘I don’t want to be around this person.’ It was awful. You’re told by someone you adore and love that they don’t want you in their life any more.”
-John McVie