christine let me love you!



The first night I met Chris we slept together
You removed every article of my clothing as if what was underneath was a gift
You showed me your body as if it were the birthday gift you were given that you couldn’t wait to return
On silly drunken nights you always thought it was funny to try on each others clothes
I would smear makeup all over your face and we would fall asleep laughing
If I could go back I would not have laughed
I would have showed you how to correctly use eyeliner
We would have each put on lipstick and kissed each other all night until it felt right
My grandmother always told me God never makes mistakes
But what if he did
What if he never knew that the first time you would picture your perfect girl it would be you
The first time I met Christine was on a drunken night filled with so much sadness
You told me how you still wanted to hold my hand but not if I needed you to be a man
I had only one thing to say
How could you? How could you sleep in my bed every night Christine and not let me love you?
I never did get the chance to say goodbye to Chris but between me and Christine he never really did exist