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First Do No Harm


The crew of the USS Enterprise wishes you a happy Valentine's Day!

Credits for Uhura and Scotty’s lines go to enterprisedating

[reboot edition]

‘mica learns how to use clip studio paint’ prompts 2/?: @turing-testy​ asked for Chapel “looking on with her patented benevolent annoyance at Kirk and McCoy’s buffoonery”, but I changed it to Spock and McCoy because I firmly believe everything is better with Spock in it misread the prompt. 

In the Midst of Nothing

“We can give you some supplies if you want to suffer in solitude or shall we get you out of your misery now?”

Those are not the words Leonard McCoy wants to hear, standing pressed against a wall in a dark room after he just got rescued from Klingons.

So he looks up at his savior and sneers “fucking humanity has lost its mind,“ because in the wake of the dead coming back to life, how could they not?  

Warnings and tags: Zombie AU which means (minor) character death, zombie-typical violence and a teeny-tiny bit of gore.

Note: This has become my baby. Zombie AU’s give me life and I had a blast writing this. Shout-out to @wonders-of-the-enterprise for the amazing header, @grumpykate who made this awesome playlist! Also to @mccoymostly and @atari-writes for their help and feedback! With some of you guys also helping me out with my “help someone needs to be sick” question this has been a fandom-wide effort <3


Leonard’s running fast.

So fast

It’s heart-beat in his throat and blood pulsing through his body fast.

It’s feet almost flying over the cracked street, harsh breaths that don’t provide enough oxygen but the adrenaline keeps him going anyway.

Adrenaline and the basic instinct to survive push him, push his body to go, go, go! Never mind the fact he hasn’t eaten in two days and there’s a nasty gash on his leg.

Never mind

Because if he doesn’t run, he’ll die.

No, not die.

Death would be a blessing nowadays.

There’s wind cutting his skin, tangling his hair and tears stinging in his eyes.

Vision blurred, he doesn’t notice the sidewalk.

His foot catches and before he can even think he’s face-down against the hard, cold pavement. His breath knocked out of him, scrapes on his palms, his knees, fuck his leg!

Now that he doesn’t hear his own footsteps anymore it’s just his harsh, quick breaths and behind him shuffling feet and low, guttural groans.

He turns himself over despite his whole body aching, protesting but he has to, needs to turn, move, get out of here.

When he’s turned, though, he freezes. His eyes widen and a breathless gasp passes his lips.

A cold dread curls in his gut, a wildfire of fear thrumming through his veins because shit, they’re closer than he thought.

So close, too close!

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AOS Fic - Finally

Originally posted by cindyctw75

My contribution to the Jim Kirk Birthday Bash.

Posting now because tomorrow is gonna be killer for me. 

No real warnings, just a blatant disregard for canon and shameless pseudoscience. I am a creature of consistency. 

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk.

March 22, 2256

Len doesn’t think anything of it when Jim doesn’t stumble into his room at 3 am on March 22.

It crosses his mind that maybe things are going better with Ruth. He really isn’t bothered.

It’s a little weird when Jim isn’t sprawled on his couch when he finally finishes his day at the clinic. 

“Jim?” Len calls, dropping his pack on the floor.

Blessed silence greets him.

Len sighs and settles heavily into the cushions, toeing off his boots.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

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