christine is so beautiful

Benedict C.–in any role–in that deliciously breathless moment before the Kiss

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There is something so incredibly beautiful and positively touching about this moment. Aside from the obvious- this being an absolutely precious family scene for which most fandoms would kill. There is so much growth evidenced in this one seemingly simplistic admission from Brennan. Eleven years ago, she would never have been able to conceive that this is where her life would eventually take her. The world’s foremost forensic anthropologist, of course. But a loving wife and mother? Never. She truly has it all now. She is living her dream of being the best forensic anthropologist in the country world. But she was able to open her heart, and she now has more love in her life than she ever thought possible. Six years ago, you likely would have never heard this woman talk about her daughter becoming a car salesperson. But kids are unpredictable. So, parents have to live and learn- even the extraordinary Dr. Temperance Brennan. At the end of the day, she wants nothing more than her child’s happiness. Her only wish for Christine is that she be able to live out any dream she desires. However, you can bet that if Christine is going to become a car salesperson, Brennan expects her to be the world’s foremost car salesperson. After all, she comes from an extraordinary family. She will excel whether she becomes a salesperson, a scientist, or a hockey player. 

Phantom was surprisingly decent! The costuming, sets, lighting, and singing were superb.

With local productions, however, there are always minor quirks. For us, those included a long-haired Erik with the voice of Rob Evan, and a noticeably canned scream (as Christine fled from the exposed face of her maestro) that elicited a lot of muffled laughter from the audience.

There was also a table full of confused patrons behind me, who thought they had bought tickets to see the ALW musical and who whispered amongst themselves that: “This isn’t the same play!” The same table played the overture to said Webber musical during the intermission.

Phantom of the Opera characters as songs from Moulin Rouge because I am utter trash

Christine- Your Song (because it’s so sweet and beautiful and musically wonderful but not overbearingly dramatic)

Carlotta- Sparkling Diamonds (because it’s totally glitzy and diva-y and don’t try and tell me Carlotta wouldn’t be perfect singing the chorus of Material Girl)

Raoul- Elephant Love Medley (because it’s all about love and totally sweet even though it’s a little frantic at first)

Erik- Tango Du Roxanne (because he’s a dramatic butt who probably loves tangos and pretending like he knows better than everyone)

Daroga- Like a Virgin (because God knows his whole life is crazily trying to distract a lovesick maniac)



Erik was still as the woman measured him. She always did. She was so beautiful and… Well…

“Christine, correct?” He said one day as he tried on a jacket. He adjusted it and turned to her. “I have a job offer for you. Over 2000 dollars per day” he said and smiled.

“It’d include living with me. And being pampered and treated well.”


The life I always dreamed

Erik woke up in the middle of the night as he always did. A nightmare, he hated nightmares. He looked around the dark room and just barely made out the shape of his wife still soundly asleep next to him. He smiled softly and stroked her cheek, which caused her to wake up with a little grown of her own. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to wake you, go back to sleep love.” He whispered and kissed her forehead. My god he loved Christine more than anything in his life. “So beautiful.”