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Kim SoHyun and Son JunHo performing a medley of songs from The Phantom of the Opera in a television show

Has this been posted before and I’m late to the party? Because I’ve just watched it this morning and I still haven’t recovered.
P3 Christine Live: Amanda Delara "Gunerius" (Karpe Diem remix) Foto: Elise Vatsvåg og Patrick Arvidsson Klipp: Elise Vatsvåg

“Gunerius” (Karpe Diem remix) - Amanda Delara. The song that was played during the basketball scene with Sana and Yousef. 

Translation of the lyrics:

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What’s better than pixel art Christines? Cross-stitched Christines!!! (they’re so smol and beautiful)

My amazing amazing friend @rainbows-and-needles​ embroidered my artwork! and I might die from happiness  Go check her out! She is very talented and might take commissions if you hit her up!

Benedict C.–in any role–in that deliciously breathless moment before the Kiss

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rjdaae  asked:

This might have been asked before, but can you tell us some stuff about Erik and Christine's wedding in the Composer AU?

I was sure I had written more about their wedding, but when I searched my blog I couldn’t find anything! So I put this together anyway

  • Christine wears a simple but beautiful dress for the wedding. Erik designed it and had it made for her. Sorelli did her make-up, and Mamma took care of her hair.
  • They had agreed that they would not give each other wedding presents. But Erik is a man who cannot resist, and so he also designed a very nice, very delicate diamond necklace for her.
  • (On their honeymoon there was one night where Christine wore the necklace to bed and nothing else. The next morning Erik rolled over and kissed her and whispered, “You should always wear diamonds to bed.”)
  • Christine bought Erik diamond cufflinks on their honeymoon. He only ever wore them a handful of times, for anniversaries and Fabian’s baptism.
  • Farhad cried as he watched Erik and Christine share their first married kiss. Mamma linked arms with him and gave him a watery smile. The two of them have an understanding with each other.
  • Sorelli ended up with the bouquet, but she did never did marry Philippe.
  • Erik composed the music for their first dance. Of course he didn’t play it, but the night after the returned from their honeymoon he played it for her, and she sat on his piano bench with her head resting against his shoulder.

@mirrorblunight fr tho I saw war paint because my mom really wanted to and I literally almost fell asleep I had to physically force myself to keep my eyes open, and it was so unmemorable l don’t remember a single song because they were all so bleh. It was such a waste of money I could have seen DEH with that 😫😭
But I also saw Anastasia and holy fuck polar opposite, it was AMAZING Christy’s voice was so beautiful, Patty and Christine have nothing compared to her. Why war paint was nominated and Anastasia wasn’t is a mystery wtf are the Tonys doing??

Adventures in Babysitting

Title: Adventures in Babysitting

Pairing: Aubrey x Reader

Based off of this anon request:

Can you do an Aubrey x Christine where he’s babysitting her and tells her he’s going to propose to reader who is also her aunt 

I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting XOXOXO

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Phantom of the Opera characters as songs from Moulin Rouge because I am utter trash

Christine- Your Song (because it’s so sweet and beautiful and musically wonderful but not overbearingly dramatic)

Carlotta- Sparkling Diamonds (because it’s totally glitzy and diva-y and don’t try and tell me Carlotta wouldn’t be perfect singing the chorus of Material Girl)

Raoul- Elephant Love Medley (because it’s all about love and totally sweet even though it’s a little frantic at first)

Erik- Tango Du Roxanne (because he’s a dramatic butt who probably loves tangos and pretending like he knows better than everyone)

Daroga- Like a Virgin (because God knows his whole life is crazily trying to distract a lovesick maniac)




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Credit to my beautiful sis @lewis_christine - New Dance On Trailer (Video Is 2 Mins Long, I Spliced It)
Les Twins World Of Dance Ad
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